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A Wrinkle In Slime

edited October 15 in Play My Game
Hey, I pretty much made my new game good enough to play, and I need people to play it and leave feedback and update ideas. It would be awesome if you could slap a like on to the game cause it makes me feel good when I make something good enough for people to like and enjoy. Anyways, play my game, leave feedback, and leave update requests. This will probably be the official Discussion page for my game. So, anyways enjoy the game, and, yeah, have fun.
The Game link of awesomeness:

(also I'm going to change the loading screen, so yeah don't tell me it was copied from another game, cause I already know that)


  • Hey, this is a cool game! It's fun, and i like how it gets more challenging the more you play!

    Also, don't worry, I liked it.
  • Thanks man!
  • I enjoyed playing this game. Personally, I think it might benefit with slightly more randomness. Cool game!
  • okay, I'll make sure to add random spawners, maybe a bigger map
  • The game looks really good so far! My suggestion is to make the background more detailed. Those buildings could use windows, lol. But overall, the game looks really solid and with a few improvements, could become a really popular game on Flowlab.
  • okuy, thanks for the feedback!
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