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Play my game? (Still a WIP)

Here is the link:
It is still a work in progress. The last two levels(4 and 5) have a basic land laid out, but there is nothing else. Click on the little floating info bubble in the lower left for controls and stuff. If you find any bugs, please let me know. I would also appreciate some constructive criticism, as this project is for a grade :)


  • This is pretty cool! All in all, it's a pretty solid idea for a game, but I suggest adding some music and sound effects, to make it more like an 8-bit game.
  • @CenteredLizard4 Thank you! I was planing on adding a soundtrack, yes, but I'm saving that for later.
  • hmm, its mediocre. maybe could add collecting sounds. Sound track. Maybe add more items? instead of just seeing grass and fish the whole time, if you get what I mean.
  • @Lyndon Bork That's true. Like a "bling" sound when you get the fish, or something
  • @Lyndon Bork Thanks for your input! I'm trying to get the actual game done before I add in anything else. The due date for this is coming up pretty soon, so I would like the game to be finished before I start adding in extra things like sounds.
  • edited October 11
    I don't mean to be mean, but here are my criticisms:

    -You said there were question and exclamation mark s
    -I would like to see four-frame animations
    - Doggo's animation isn't inline with his speed
    -Something isn't quite right with flying doggo's animation
    -Common mistake: the fish are solid so you bounce awkwardly of them
    - Flying doggo's are not smoothly bouncing each other

    Like I said, not to be mean, just my criticisms :)
  • @Superstarman Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it! I'll try and refine these later once I finish the actual game. You aren't being mean, just giving some pointers on things that I can improve :D.
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