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Make something happen when an input is not active

edited October 2018 in How To
Is it possible to have an action happen when the input isn’t there?

e.g. having an animation play whenever the player character isn’t touching the ground, but when the ground is currently touched it shouldn’t play the animation.


  • edited October 2018
    Currently raycasting is sort of bugged (it’s unfortunately been taking a bit for the patch to deploy) but you could probably use raycasting as it as outputs for when it hits something and when it misses something.

    So you could attach a raycast to the player, have it pointing down and make the raycast relatively short, then say ‘on miss -> play animation’ then ‘on hit -> stop animation’

    If you’re referring to doing a jump animation though then this would not be the way to do it, if not then go ahead and try this (if raycasting decides to work)
  • I’ve found a way to make it work with logic ports, by attaching the input to both the A and the B from a NAND port. But the collision signal is only sent on the moment it touches, is there also a possibility to have the collision signal constantly be sent as long as it’s touching?
  • Raycast would probably be your best bet
  • @ryan.knol - I agree that it sounds like you're looking for RayCast
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