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edited November 2018 in Play My Game
Looking for a cool game to play? Behold, my first top 5 list of games to play on Flowlab! This is a monthly pick, and this is my way of giving other players a chance to get more plays, + other programmers getting to see others' work. Comment about your thoughts! October's picks are:
By @CHicken noooggeet, the game, No Name, yes, No Name, is an awesome gaming experience with lots of gore and awesome graphics! If you're a weirdo and watch A.H.S or The Walking Dead, you'll love this!!! =D
By @CrimsonBlackGames, H(a)unted is an awesome FNAF inspired experience, which also inspired me to make FNAR. This game stuck with me, and was one of the first I played on Flowlab. But aside from my opinion, it is a great game with awesome controls and A WORKING CLOCK?! WHAAAAAA????
FIVE NIGHTS AT RANDALL'S. Of course I have to promote myself. Yet, although this is an abandoned project, it's still getting plays, and is well rated as a good game on Flowlab,
especially if you're looking for some horror to go with the recent Halloween! Or if you're just feeling spoopy. I am honestly very proud of this, and I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Ah, yes. Color Quest. A true classic by @Pokemario. This is one of my favorites, and truly has great gameplay and an awesome story. And jeezums, what an amazing intro!!!! =D
THE GRAVEYARD!!! The number one on this list, by @Latif, this is a true classic on Flowlab, and surely my favorite game on the whole site! For that reason, this gets the #1 spot on this month's list.


  • edited November 2018
    That's all for this month's list, I have a feeling you can spot the theme...(=,'
    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this list! Post your ideas for next month's list on this discussion, because this is where all the lists will be. So, join in and post one of your games or someone else's is fine too. And hey, you might get to be featured in November's list! =D
  • edited December 2018
    Hello fellow gamers! Time for the next TOP 5 GAMES!!!
    This game has a strikingly simple yet entertaining feel to it, which makes it not to under or overwhelming... A solid 4/5.
    4:Starblast 2
    I prefer the sequel over the original, and for good reason! This game amazed me through and through, and has so much to offer. I would recommend this game for anyone with a strong computer, and just feels like a quick and fun gaming experience!
    3: Example of a game
    Are you kidding me?! This is an example? This is truly a piece of art. A beautiful game with great graphics and gameplay. Come on, @Mametchi ! You gotta make this a full on game series. I love it. Keep up the great work.
    This game by IMAGIBUILDER STUDIOS, (me) is a followup to the popular game series by Bethesda, FALLOUT. In this one, you are an ex-member of Vault-Tec who was betrayed by the company alongside with his former friend, Robert House who secretly worked with Vault-Tec in the construction of Vault 111 do to a secret form of time-travel thought up and built by he and VT in secret. It is your job to rid the world of this corrupt government and all the nuclear warheads left in the world...
    1: 2-
    This game is honestly astounding.
    This piece of art very well deserves 1st place on my list for the simple reason that it is perfectly made. It has great interaction and an amazing storyline.
    Have any suggestions for the Jan. List? Post them on here! I am always checking, so your comments won't be ignored!
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