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my game is lagging like crazy and is unable to play my name of the game is called blocky parcore if u are going to try and fix the lag


  • edited November 5
    Hey @calebboy - post a link to your game, and let me know where in the game you're seeing lag.
  • edited November 5
    Hi @grazer! Can you look at mine too? Sorry for bothering you. I'm having the same problem...
  • Hey @browngr - I just played your game, and it seemed to be generally working ok. Can you explain what sort of issues you're having? Is there a specific part of the game or specific objects that seem laggy?
  • Okay, I guess it's my computer... The actual level itself was being really laggy, so laggy in fact that I had to test out new objects in an empty level......

    And P.S, did you like it? I mean you're @grazer, so it's a big thing to have the maker himself say he likes it.

  • Or not, that's fine too...
  • its good game... im getting lag to
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