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A Stick Game

Hi everyone! I am working on a new game called A Stick Game (I dont actuality have a name for it lol) and i need people to tell me what is wrong with it, suggest new features, and just tell me how they like( or not). here is the link. Enjoy! (:


  • Also, I will be posting updates here thx
  • Update: Changed controls to more usable layout for Puffin browser
  • edited November 27
    The player animation is smooth. It's a nice start, but I'm having trouble finding all the keys or getting through the barrier blocks.
  • edited November 27
    Yes I need to make the hit object’s hit box bigger, I’ll change the controls back to what they were before. Sry about that. Thanks!
  • Update: Bug fixes, New Speed Run Animation, Control Change, Hit Object's hit box has been widened, Added Grass, Updated Graphics.
  • This is a really neat game, and I love how smooth the running animation is.
  • edited December 3
    Update: Added Level 2, Added Snow, Added Fast Run Animation, Added Fast Jump Animation, Bug Fixes.
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