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Better NPCs?

I'm adding the first NPC to my game, but it's not really smart. Yes, it knows how to use a gun, a vending machine, can change the channel on the radio, and has unique dialogue. But, it can be better. When the NPC gets hit by a bullet, it always goes to the player in violence simply because that's the most likely thing to shoot them. BUT, what if he gets shot by say, MR. HOUSE, or steps on a mine? Basically, I want the NPC to attack whatever attacked it instead of immediately assuming you did it...
If you guys feel like that's too easy and I'm just stupid, (which I am so I wouldn't be surprised) then I have a more challenging problem.
Is there a way to give the NPC 100 percent unique in it's dialogue? Like I can give it canvases, so say;
(Sentence starters:
Hey, stranger,

Sentence enders:
how ya' doing?
Why are you here?
Basically, I want it to have a random text generator from the quotes I give it...
Is either of these possible?


  • U would have to make a different NPC for each different dialogue
  • I can't do that....
    I play on the free version, so I have limited sprites, and just for the dialogue, it would take up the rest of my sprites...
    But thanks!
    Is there a way to do it with randoms and alerts?
  • There is an easy way to do this. First, copy, for example bullet, so your player shoots one kind and Mr. Mouse shoots another. For the dialogue, do a Randomized block connected to filters. If the Randomizer lands on 1, he says hi. If 2, Hey, ect.
  • The friend wizard in This Game
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