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Colors: Beta 1.0

edited December 2018 in Play My Game
Please help me in my journey to develop this game
Player1- W, A, D
Player2- Y, G, J
Player3- Arrow keys

Colors: Beta 1.0 :


  • Nice concept, the players really stick to the walls and its difficult to jump though, but I like it
  • thank you, pls give me more feedback, i would like to try to make this game really good.
  • hey Wybba, please explain what you mean that its hard to jump
  • I've had the same problem in my game sometimes, its not a big deal just a little annoying. When your player walks into a block, sometimes they cannot jump unless you move around first. I actually don't know how to fix this, it may just be an error with the collision trigger.
  • Change the player hitbox to a circle. That will solve your issue
  • OK! Thank you PixelPizza
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