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Final Farewell to Zero-G Delivery

For a couple of months I have been working on a space shooter reminiscent to older arcade games called Zero-G Delivery. This game has been tons of fun to work on in my spare time and has offered a lot of insight into the world of game making (even if it barely scratches the surface of what most games are). However, now I am moving on to new projects, for I have done all that I really wanted to do with this one, and I need to focus more on my studies. My studies will take up most my time meaning that my new project will most likely not have the same speed of update releases as my old one did. This doesn't mean it will have any less quality though! ;) For those who would like to check out the older game the link is here ( I may come back to this game sometime, however, as previously stated, I would like to move on and work on new things. Thank all of you who played my game or helped me with any shortcomings I had while developing it and I hope that you enjoy a warm and happy New Year!


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