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Help with a power-up

I'm making a Mario game ( and I'm having some issues with a mushroom. If you can at least fix one of these issues, I'll be happy.
#1: Carry over same health bar to big Mario.
#2: Big Mario is spawning in a little to the left of where you collect the mushroom.
Sorry if my behaivors are a little messy. Any help is much appreciated!


  • edited January 10
    I can help you with that
    (#1) make a separate block that holds the hp, when mario (or big mario) gets hurt, message the Hp block to lower the health.

    (i hope this helps!)
  • I haven't looked at your game, but just in case, if you are using Emit instead of Spawn, spawn works better. Just use position for this X and this y, and have that set the spawn position, so it spawns exactly on the same pixels as you were
  • That doesn't work though. The mushroom moves and if I set specific coordinates it will teleport you to where I set the coordinates and not where you were when you picked up the mushroom. Thanks for trying to help.
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