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My attempt at a first person (unfinished!)(just started)
So I just started making this but you guys get the idea of what I'm doing. Any sort of help is appreciated!


  • This is good, but...

    When you shoot, it doesn't accurately hit.

    (I know you're new)
    P.S Please don't take this as hate.
  • I know it dosen't hit accurately because I don't know how to make it to where it hits where the cross hair is

    (i've technically am not new since I have been around for over a year)
    I don't take it as hate.
  • Thanks! (magma)dude! :smiley:

    (you can call me if you needed help!)
  • The simple way to do an FPS single player is to make a platformer game, only the SCREEN moves to show where your character is pointing.
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