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New game for 2019

edited January 2019 in General
This game will be known, AND referred to, as "FlowLab Idle".
Yes, you read that right: Flowlab IDLE!

The first of it's kind to be made on FlowLab because, I think it's time we got one.
So, I've taken up the task of creating an Idle game on FlowLab.
Those who wish to help can do so, through one of two ways:
    Suggesting any changes/improvements which should be made, and/or any features which should be added, to me.
    Requesting to join my Dev team*, which will be made solely for development on the Idle game, and once we're done, more idle games for FlowLab to enjoy!
So, long story short: FlowLab will be getting it's own Idle game made on FlowLab, everyone is more than welcome to help me, and signup sheet is through here:
Signup Sheet

*NOTE: Whilst everyone can send a submission to me, they'll only be send through for CONSIDERATION, and those who think they can get into the Dev team just to mess around will not be accepted. Also, the Dev team will be taking things seriously, so any fooling around will HAVE to be done in your spare time (AKA, outside of game dev time).


  • edited January 2019
    I want to get hired. sent sign up form. I need something to do.
  • I'm done at signing my sheet.

    (Now i just need to wait)
  • Ok, i'll have a look. I'll be back to tell you IF you've been accepted or not ASAP.
  • Well, i've had a look. Yer both accepted! :+1: :joy:
  • edited January 2019
    I am interested in your offer, but I do have some major questions. First, what exactly will your team be doing? Will it be every part of the game or just portions you have lined up for them? Second, how will the team communicate and collaborate with each other? ( It goes without saying that you would need at least an indie plan to work with others on the same game) Also, do you have an idea of how long this project will take and the scope you have for the size of it as well? Lastly, how large do you plan on your team being? Thank you for considering all of these questions, and sorry if I come off as overbearing or annoying, but making a game can take a lot of work and time. Because of that, I would like to know what I am getting myself into before I sign up for a spot. (That is if I were to make it onto the team of course)
  • edited January 2019
    BitWit, lemme answer your questions the best I can:

    1. The team (Idle Development) will be focused on making Idle games on FlowLab. That's what we're doing, to make a series of games tied under the same genre that, like mentioned beforehand, is the same type of games which have yet to land on FlowLab.

    2. "Will it be every part of the game or just portions you have lined up for them?" - My answer: They can work on whatever area of the game(s) they want, but like the aforementioned response says, we're just committed to making Idle games on FlowLab.

    3. Collaboration is how we'll get the games made, but as for communication, then we'll see which social media(s) - ones that are still alive, mind you - we'll use.

    4. "Also, do you have an idea of how long this project will take and the scope you have for the size of it as well?" - By "this project", I assume you're talking about FlowLab Idle, in which case, we'll see if it can be done by the issued deadline (5th June 2019). As for the size of it, It will be a big project, considering that it's a IDLE game, and therefore the first of it's kind to be made on FlowLab.

    5. What I have in mind for team size is that, once it's big enough, I'll be doing what a familiar corporation - The Pokemon Company - and have the team split into two groups so we can get two games made at the same time. One dev team, two groups making games at the same time. Because I'd say that is a nice strategy to use in the game dev world, and I'll use it too.

    I hope this satisfies you BitWit. If not, then at least I tried.

    Just as a warning to everyone, though, if no invitation to the team turns up in 24-48 hours, then it's obvious that you were declined.
  • Ok, update time!

    Firstly, I will be working on 2 games at once, one of them, obviously, will be FlowLab Idle.
    The other one is a uniquely unique game, and, whilst others have dubbed their games "unique" or "uniquely unique", I use it in the big way.

    I know there has been RPGs and/or other games of similar genres popping up on FlowLab, yet I noticed that whilst there's been very few Idle games, another has yet to even land on FlowLab's runway. I'll keep it a secret for the time being, but for now, let's just say that it involves a lotta towers.


    Q: What's to happen to Idle Development?
    A: Well, since it's just the three of us, then I'm keeping that a thing for now. Don't worry, Idle Development ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

    Q: Y U No tell us wot genre iz?
    A: Read the above statement, dummy.

    Q: Where'd you get the idea for this?
    A: Interesting question, but credit for this idea shouldn't be for just me, someone else gave me the idea, so I'd say half credit for them. But they shall remain nameless for now.
  • I like your idea to add more idle games to flow lab. I love playing idle games and I even made one myself, but it is pretty poor quality. I would love to play something better. I look forward to playing your game when it comes out.
  • @B_Gamer can i join the dev team ? i know im late
  • @lolpinkshep Lemme get the papers sorted, so expect a result on Friday.
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