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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)

edited May 3 in Reviews
The Crigence Critique
Self-explanatory: Leave your Flowlab game here and i will give you a detailed analysis on what i think is good and bad about the game in the comments as well as favoriting your game! My reviews are also targeted towards readers, not just game devs! So i highly suggest reading the reviews if you want some cheap laughs!

If you want, you can also resend your game once you update it and i'll review it a second time! Please keep the amount of games you send me 3 or less. And PLEASE remember: This is just my opinion!

I also go by first-to-last when reviewing the games so if i don't review your game after a while, chances are i don't WANT to review your game, but in the event that happens i'll probably tell you about it!

If you want, you can also send me a video or series of screenshots of you playing the game as well! So, if the game doesn't work for me, i can just review what i see in the video! The score won't be AS accurate, but you still receive a fairer score than if you sent nothing in!
Trophy case (Flexing-central):

The Crigence Critique is currently the MOST VIEWED Discussion on all of Flowlab!
The Crigence Critique is basically the reason the "Reviews" section of the forum even exists!
Number of unique games reviewed so far: 45
List of reviewed games (First to last): Starblast 3, Survive the Zamboodles, A Stick Game, Doctor Who: A Little Evil (Demo), Johnny, DRIVE, Slime Slay, Zombie Beach Party, Terraria V3.2, Crimepocalypse (unfinished), CUBED (Lite), Dodge Bounce, Doggo, The Graveyard, Starblast 2, The Last Words, Robot Run. Sonic Undoing, Insanity Parkour, A Boy in Armor, Bounce, Miniventure, Outlaw, Kingdom Siege, Zero-G Delivery, Only One Way, Ship Survival, Potato Palace, Bloodstream Fighter, T̴h̸e̷ c̴u̶r̴s̵e̷d̷ r̶o̶o̸m̶, Plants vs zombies (flowlab edition) (ver.1.0), Temple Runner Retro, Infinite game without a great name, Top-down Seagull Showdown, Kid's Quest, New Game, A Box, Rise, Kyle and Sonic, Pigslet loses His Family! part one, GalacticoS, American Ninja Warrior, Kid's Quest 2, To the north

List of Favorites (Out-dated):
1st Favorite: A Stick Game |
2nd Favorite: Slime Slay |
3rd Favorite: CUBED (Lite) |
4th Favorite: Zero-G Delivery |
5th Favorite: A Boy in Armor |

I'm also planning on making a YouTube video about Flowlab games on my gaming channel (Link here) so i'd say first 15 to post are probably going to make it in!
If you want to try some of MY games, here's 1:
If you want to see MORE critiquing, check this out:


  • I’ve been working on it for over a year now, and I still got a ways to go.
  • edited January 2019
    Btw what’s ur YT name?
  • edited January 2019
    I have worked all long time on this game. I am still working on it. But it’s playable the save function is broken right now so I’m fixing it. If you think it’s to hard keep trying because my friends have been trying for 1 month and they finally beat level 1. Its called Johnny
  • I think this game is now ready enough to be reviewed.
  • These games (of mine) are also ready to be reviewed :smiley:
    Plants vs zombies flowlab edition
    Slime Slay (the best in my opinion)
  • I have fixed the save function for My game (Johnny!!!
  • Zombie Beach Party?

    My record is 38 zombies in 60 seconds. It takes some strategy ;)
  • Some people have run into copyright issues with flowlab and youtube.
  • Thanks to everyone for posting! I'm going to start reviewing every game now! (I'm checking out Starblast 3 as i type)
  • edited January 2019
    Well, i played the game! Here's the notes i took while doing so:

    +High quality graphics (For Flowlab standards)
    +Good music!
    +Pretty and unique style

    -Game froze upon going to the shop and clicking "Arena" (Could be my bad computer though)
    -Play, classic. high scores, special effects. What am i listing? Buttons that didn't work for me.
    -Every WASD key made me go up and shooting didn't work either. Keep in mind, i tried with the mouse AND arrow keys!

    The game was VERY buggy for me to the point where i could barely even play it! It does seem like it'd be a fun game though if i could actually play it correctly! Keep in mind, ALL the following scores are based off my experience:

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 5
    Music - 5
    Controls - 1
    Stability - 1

    Final Score: 3/5.
    Sorry for the rather harsh review, the glitches just REALLY brought the game down for me!
    I'd be happy to review the game again once those bugs i encountered have been fixed!

    Fix the bugs, or if this issue is somehow tied to my computer, optimize the game and keep working on it! ~Crigence
  • @MagmaDude100
    Played the game, here's what i took notes of:

    +Pretty good and responsive controls!
    +REALLY overpowered guns... Yeah i know i called that a positive.
    +Runs well
    ++I didn't find any functionality bugs (There WERE visual bugs here and there).

    -REALLY simple graphics (Reminds me of the Atari 2600)
    -For some reason, the main menu gear which normally means settings was help.
    -A death animation for the zombies would be nice!
    --What's the point of playing the game? Is there even a end?

    The game REALLY did feel like a Atari 2600 game (Take that as you like), and by that i mean there's no sense of direction, the simplicity is off the charts and it's really just junk-food in the form of a game. You won't get much out of playing it and it's just kind of there.

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 3
    Music - 2 (Yes, i know he's using the free version of Flowlab.)
    Controls - 3
    Stability - 4.5

    Final Score: 3/5.
    If you think this game has potential and want to see it grow, the creator of this game set up a Patreon where you can donate to him and help him finish the game! If you DO donate to him, tell him i sent you!

    Add a ending and different kinds of zombies! ~Crigence
  • edited January 2019
    Well that was... Interesting.

    +Decent graphics
    +Easy to understand gameplay
    +Pretty fun!
    ++I don't want to spoil it, as this genuinely caught me off-guard: But beware of level 3.

    -No main-menu, you just kind of jump right into the game!
    -The attacks are garbage! It's better just to avoid the enemies if you can!
    -No sprint button!
    -How was i supposed to know collecting all the keys would open that one door!?!

    For a game of its kind, A Stick Game is a surprisingly good game (Especially by Flowlab standards!)! It was genuinely fun to play and a pretty good way to kill time! If you got through all of your games and don't know what to play, try this out! There are worse ways you can be using your time.

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 3.5
    Music - 2.5
    Controls - 3
    Stability - 4.5

    Final Score: 4/5.

    Make what you need to do more obvious and then it's golden! ~Crigence
  • edited January 2019
    Alright, even though i barely know what Dr. Who is. Here's my notes:

    +Ok controls
    +Ok graphics (Despite them being mostly default in Flowlab)

    -How was i supposed to know those were lasers and they would hurt me?!
    -No menus at all
    -Lazy ending

    Like i said, i'm not really qualified to review a Dr. Who game but i AM qualified to review a Flowlab game so i did my best!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 2.5
    Music - 2.5
    Controls - 2.5
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 2.5/5.
    If i had to describe my opinion on it in 1 word: Mediocre.

  • edited January 2019
    WOW! thanks for the awesome review, I've already started work on fixing some of the negatives. In the meantime, if you feel like it or have the time to, can you please review my other game (side note: I know it's unfinished, but I just want to see what you think of it so far (I'm restricted to 5 levels btw)):
    Please and Thanks

    Also, when or if you have the YT channel up and running, I would like to know the name of it so I can give you a subscription =)
  • I completely understand your ratings, and there is not much of a story there, no. But what I was doing was trying to make a short platformed demo that was based off what I could do for free. Believe me, if I could, I definitely would have added so much more, but due to the restrictions the free access gives me, I couldn't. (Also, everything in the game has been tweaked in design. So it may be the default, but I made things more smoother, or added in details.) As of the lasers, I didn't have enough supplies to know how to make a warning before-hand. However, thanks for the review, and it should help me steer my game in a better direction. Thanks!
  • edited January 2019
    Alright, when i DO set my YouTube channel up i'll be sure to leave it here!

    Also, yes i am back and i'm going to try to get a review or 2 out today!
  • edited January 2019
    @Crigence yeah, the shooting and movement keys not wanting to work were all bugs caused by recent updates, as of now, ALL of my Starblast games are affected by those bugs. The one thing that really confused me is the play button and the others not working. Did you ever try using the quickplay menu (only appears in the title screen after your first session) The last time I played it all worked... @grazer can you look into this when you get the chance? (I emailed you)

    Edit: I took a look at my game and tested all of the buttons. They all seem to work. I do know that large games (SB3 I believe is 50+ mb) tend to not load completely in flowlab, so as a result some logic is missing, sometimes even the sprites can be missing and are replaced by red squares. Another notice is the official site’s version does lag far more than the other ports. In the url, (if you haven’t already) try replacing “play” with “embed” and it may work better.

    Thanks for the criticism! I’ll see what I can do.
    I may clone SB3 and rework it’s systems so that it can be played without the bugs. But that’s really hard now that my school indirectly blocked flowlab.

    I know my game is confusing and all, so i tried to piece together a tutorial back then so It probably needs updating.
  • edited January 2019
    @Johnny boy
    Well, you were half-right about the difficulty! Here's the notes i took:

    +Ok graphics
    +Ok controls (Minus getting stuck on walls)
    +What the heck is that one enemy? A coffee machine?
    +Okay, the one enemy that disappears now and then is actually kind of brilliant.
    +The "You hacker" system was pretty clever, though i easily disabled it. (Also it's not hacking, i just hit escape)

    -Lazy menus (I just realized how much i take notes of the menus...)
    -What's with those weird minion head things above some gaps? You just fall through them and they trick first time players into thinking they're bridges! Just get rid of them!
    -I know this is an engine issue, but you REALLY need to do something about the fact you get stuck on walls if you grind up against them! Make them shorter or something!
    -What's the point of the lever section in level 1? It just extends playtime in the most... Lazy way possible!
    -The spikes against the wall in level 2 are just... Lazy.

    My biggest problem with this game, is that yes, it is difficult: But it's not the fair kind of difficult! The character is WAY too slippery, most of the enemy and spike placement is just cheap (Like the ones between the coins) and this game all around just feels... Lazy.

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 2
    Music - 2 (That score is for repeating the same song that barely fits the level twice)
    Controls - 3
    Stability - 4.5 (I removed a .5 because every now and then "Johnny" just refuses to jump!)

    Final Score: 3/5.
    It's not a BAD game, it's just... Lazy.

    I really do not know for this one, all the complaints i had were in the notes. ~Crigence
  • edited January 2019
    I updated the description, take a look!
  • @Crigence thanks for reviewing my game. I know it’s not very good. It was my first game I made on Flowlab. I know it’s a little cheap. But I did that on purpose so that people can’t just beat it in a day. You have to practice to beat it.
  • I would love for you to review my game. The concept is simple, dodge objects as they bounce around a room. More objects are thrown in as time progresses. One problem it has is a lot of lag when there is a lot of objects on screen. I hope you enjoy playing it.
  • @JR 01
    I did my best to play your game, here's my notes:

    +Nice description!
    +Good music! (Even thought it's mostly default)
    +It looks pretty good!
    +At least the only menu that works (Credits) looks good!
    ++Unique style

    -I skipped into the game, i only got a white screen with text.
    -What's with the car expanding in the intro?
    --I got to the boot up menu, and i couldn't get in. I encountered a bug ALREADY!

    I'm starting to notice a trend with these great looking games, every time a game looks good: The functionality takes a nose dive (Starblast 3 is the other game i noticed this in)! Sorry if this sounds mean, but can you guys wait until you have an actual game to play before you send it to me?

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 4.5
    Music - 3.5
    Controls - 0 (There was nothing to control!
    Stability - 1

    Final Score: 3/5.
    You got the same score as Starblast 3 for a reason.

    Fix the bugs, or if this issue is somehow tied to my computer, optimize the game and keep working on it! ~Crigence
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