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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • edited May 2019
    I really enjoy the look of your new review system @Crigence , and it looks amazing! Nice work!

    Also, I do not remember if I had advertised or not on this, as I haven't advertised in a while. However, if I had, I am sorry and I never meant any harm to you. If I had advertised, it was to alert anyone who submitted that this review wont be open for a while, and giving examples of other reviews for the time being. So yeah, if that counts, sorry.

    Anyways, I've been working on a game that has a shot at the front page for you to try! And yes, I gave this one difficulty! I've put in a lot of work and new programming I've never used before, so here it is! Can't wait to here what you think about it:


    Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

    EDIT: It is not finished, and far from being finished.
  • edited May 2019
    (Sorry, forgot to add screenshots!)

    (Seriously @grazer , is it THAT hard to add a delete button?)
  • @Crigence can you do mine next? Its A WIP
  • edited May 2019

    Thanks so much I'm glad you're back and doing reviews!
  • edited May 2019
    Thank you for the submission and your usual brand of kindness! Here's your review:
    +I really like the 2.5D perspective you've got going here!
    +The transparent water is just smart... That's all i've got to say on that!
    +I like how you took the time to animate almost EVERYTHING!
    +I'm not sure what i was expecting, but you play as a LITERAL box! That's actually kinda funny!
    +That data upload thing is VERY clever way to teach the player! Well done!
    +The switching blocks are kinda cool! I got something just like this in Bounce Jam!
    +I don't know why you can kill the ones with giant eyes, but that's a nice detail!

    -Did you have to make the resolution so small? I had to zoom in to get the screenshots!
    -Putting the changelog on the mainmenu is a bit strange. But i will admit that is a decent place to put it!
    -The background is a bit uninteresting, all things considered.
    -I know it's common sense NOT to jump onto sharp things: But all you mentioned is that WATER was its weakness! Not spikes or lasers!
    -Some collectables would be nice...
    -I know i say this in every platformer review i do: But some sprinting would be nice!
    -Annnddd the only other box in this whole game just teleported out of here without taking me. Thanks!
    -THE OTHER BOXES SAVE YOUR GAME? How was i supposed to know!?
    -If you jump on-top of a checkpoint boi: It does its dialog over and over again 3 extra times! Fix that please!
    -The levels are a bit too long for my tastes.
    --Why does the delete progress button look like a save button? Just make a trash can!

    Red block
    A Box is a surprisingly promising game, but it just lacks too many features right now for me to really want to play it again! I would suggest adding more interactive blocks and maybe a turret that shoots lasers as an enemy! But, for what it is: It's a great platforming game!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 4
    earSound - 3.5 (Good choices of music!)
    joystickControls - 3 (They're fine. but there should be more features!)
    angerDifficulty - 3.5
    gearStability - 4.5

    Final Score: 3.5/5, Better than average.
    This is a VERY promising game, it just needs more work!

    Make the background more interesting and make the levels shorter!
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  • edited May 2019
    Thanks for the feedback @Crigence , but I found some of the review to be a bit off on information:

    - All of the boxes (two story boxes at the moment) are checkpoints.
    - The eye boxes are supposed to be movable platforms to help reach higher places.
    - It says "checkpoint" in the corner to tell the player it saves.. For both boxes.

    Those just stuck out to me, however, I found it a bit funny how the screen was too big for the last review, and too small for this one :lol: However, thanks for the review, and I will use the suggestions!

    EDIT: To add some things, since I was in a rush to comment this, I have some other feedback on this review (Yes, I think I am reviewing your review right now :lol: ). One thing I've noticed for a while is that some of the negatives are just comments or suggestions. Maybe for those, instead of a (+) or a (-), put a (*) instead? That's all.

    ANOTHER EDIT: About the level thing, that's the reason why I added checkpoints :wink:
  • @rcreger
    Thanks for the corrections! Here's my review of your review of my review (This is getting out of hand...)

    *I changed "THE RED BLOCK" to "THE OTHER BLOCKS"
    *The way i got past the parts with the eye blocks was by using the wall jump glitch, so i had no idea XD
    *I didn't see that "Checkpoint" text in the corner. My bad!

    Also, thanks for the idea of splitting the comments up from the rest of the sections! Iv'e changed the review to use this idea and i'll be sure to keep using it from here on out! Thank you!

    PS. There should only be 1 checkpoint per level, that's just a rule in platformers!
  • Welcome Back @Crigence and I am sorry for advertising my own review thread (if anything, it killed mine(I'll just stick with the game jams)). I don't have a game for you to review at the moment, I just wanted to say I was sorry for advertising.
  • edited May 2019
    I would also like to announce that soon, The Crigence Critique website is going to get a COMPLETE redesign using the skills iv'e received from creating Flickernet (Link here:

    I won't give much away now, but i will say this: It will be MUCH better visually!

    Thanks for the warm welcome back! ~Crigence
  • edited May 2019
    @Johnny boy
    Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the submission! Here's your review:
    +That's a VERY neat intro! Well done!
    +GREAT choices in music!
    +Nice credits sequence! But, shouldn't the names and titles be right on-top of eachother? (Just a nitpick!)
    +Wait, is that an EXPERIENCE SYSTEM? How long have you been working on this!?!
    +Good job with the shop! It's VERY high quality!
    +Control Customization! YES!
    ++Wait a second, something about those buzz-saws in space seems familiar... HOLY CRAP IS THIS OUTLAW!?!

    -The way the main menu is set-up is setting off my non-existent OCD. Shouldn't the buttons both be at the top?
    -Some of the text in the shop blends in to the background a bit too well.
    --The game is VERY laggy for me to the point where i could barely play!

    By itself, Rise is a pretty good endless "runner"! It just needs a biiiittttt more features... Compared to Outlaw however: THIS GAME IS GOD-TIER!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 3.5 (Not much to look at and there's a few hiccups here and there)
    soundSound - 4 (REALLY good choices of music!)
    joystickControls - 3
    angerDifficulty - 4 (From the little of it i could play, it DOES seem hard!)
    gearStability - 2

    Final Score: 4/5, Outstanding!.
    Just try to optimize the game and it's a great infinite runner!

    Add the sprites from the beta (Outlaw) as a bundle and try to optimize the game a bit!
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  • edited May 2019
    Thanks so much @Crigence I am still working on it and I’m making a new mode that will be medium in difficulty and probably won’t lag!
    Also I’m working on challenges which give you XP.

    You probably saw this but did You know if you click the settings button you can change your controls from Arrows to WASD
  • edited May 2019
    Also you gave me the same score as Outlaw?
  • I’ve already posted here, but it got pushed down the line a bit. Could you review GalacticoS? Thanks!
  • Yeah, I understand what you mean @Crigence , but I'm making it so there is only one play level so I don't use those up. This is not an ordinary platformer :wink:
  • edited May 2019
    Welcome back @Crigence

    Try my new game Gravity Hop

    Music and sound pending

    EDIT: link now works
  • @Johnny boy
    Firstly: Yeah, i DID see that you can switch the control scheme and i added a positive note about it to the review!

    Secondly: I forgot what score i gave Outlaw, and (At the time) i didn't feel like it quite deserved a 4 yet.

    But, if you ARE actually going to add all this great stuff you're talking about: Then i suppose that that's enough for a 4! Congratulations, not many games get 4's in The Crigence Critique!

    It's not even close to being finished.

    Cubed ripped it off.

    To look at the credits, click the C in the bottom left corner.
  • edited May 2019
    Well, it's certainly an... Interesting game. Here's your review:
    +I guess the logo doesn't look TOO bad!
    +This game is very... unnerving. Wait, is this ANOTHER hidden horror game like A Stick Game!?! Well, i'm not falling for THAT again!
    +I guess the fight with Metal Sonic was alright, at least it required timing.
    +Actually, most of the boss battles in this game are alright. Except the final one.

    -To be blunt: The main menu is a bit ugly. Do we really need that weird outline?
    -The resolution is a bit too small
    -HEADPHONE WARNING? All i wear is headphones! I'm going to have to mute the game.
    -Why does the keyhole have an upside down lock?
    - I haven't gotten into the game yet and i already found 4 things wrong with it!
    -Doesn't sonic normally have rings, not health points?
    -Green pipes? Do you even know what game you're making? If this is a joke game just say so!
    -What are those orange blocks and why did they kill me?
    -Why am i fighting a stock Flowlab sprite? Why am i here? WHAT'S THE STORY?
    -So, i'm FINALLY playing as sonic in like Level 5? That took a long time!
    -Why is there a giant portal at the end of Level 6? WHAT IS GOING ON!?
    -Why am i in space? Why did you use the same setting 3 times!?

    sonic story
    lez go
    This game is... Well, there's no beating around the bush: It's awful. There's no sense of direction and no way of figuring out what's going on, the graphics are barely Sonic-like and it's not even remotely fun to play!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 2 (Most of the graphics are barely like Sonic!)
    soundSound - 2.5 (I'm taking away .5 just for the headphone warning part!)
    joystickControls - 2.5
    angerDifficulty - 2 (Made by children for children, i guess.)
    gearStability - 4.5

    Final Score: 2/5, It's bad.
    I refuse to give this game a final statement.

    There's no saving it, just scrap the game entirely and work on something else.
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  • DeadLlamaOfficialTest12DeadLlamaOfficialTest12
    May 28 edited May 28
    All auccounts under the search DeadLlamaOfficialTest or DeadLlamaOfficialTester, also, are my auccounts and hold MY games, if you would like to you could review them and if you comment which ones you rated and why the rating was the rating. I will be waiting! :D

    Sorry if I spelled alot of incorrect ways I was just excited to finish this and see what you guys would think about these games... :D :D :D
  • @DeadLlamaOfficialTest12
    Sorry, i have a strict 3 games per person rule! Try to pick your top 3 favorites and i'll review those!
  • @Crigence Your gonna see a ton of new update to Rise!!!
  • well thx wil work on itits still in early early beta
  • sorry about bad gramer
  • @kwells I have to say -despite being part of the kyle and sonic game myself- that I agree with @Crigence on this one, the game is pretty messy at the moment, however, due to having worked on a lot of the game I feel obliged to explain some of the things there for you.
    1. This game is a fan-game, and there isnt really any one main character, and the creator decided to introduce some things from other games here too, although I did oppose that myself.
    2. The story is kinda confusing right now, but I managed to summarize it:

    Sonic was chasing Metal Sonic who had stolen the chaos emeralds (why he didnt use them to defeat sonic I don't know, maybe he knows about video game logic). Eventually they went through a portal into the world that Kyle and Jaco call home (kyle is the guy you play as in the beginning and Jaco appears later). Kyle, Jaco, and sonic form a small team to retrieve the chaos emeralds. so they move across the world in a relay fashion, but before kyle can get to sonic, he is intercepted by a monster, after escaping he is confronted by metal sonic, who seems to have already stashed the emeralds somewhere else, or maybe given them to someone? Anyways, Tails comes to Kyle's rescue, and help fight him with his ring blaster. After defeating Metal Sonic, Kyle meets up with sonic, and takes a break while sonic goes off himself, finding this world to be slightly similar to his own, he then runs into Metal Sonic. Knocks him over, and makes him spill the emeralds, they both race for them, but a portal appears that throws Sonic, Metal Sonic, and the emeralds into a space zone. Metal Sonic escapes and sonic has to explore the area to find the chaos emeralds, after finding them he figures out why Metal Sonic ran away, there is a wall of lava appoaching, so Sonic used his new-found speed to escape, in space he confronted Metal Sonic again. After seemingly defeating Metal Sonic, radiation in the area gave MEtal Sonic an overcharge, turning him red, after beating him he had to fight the death egg. Meanwhile, Jaco traveled the rest of the world, inspiring those who were affected by the corruption that came from the portal to help fight it, and to save the world.
    3. The 3 fights in the same background is because it's the same place
  • Only For Around 2 Maybe 3 Hours Need Some Help
  • It's Nowhere Near Done Though, It's Kinda Sucky
  • thanks sho21
  • edited May 2019
    @Gray Skull
    You weren't kidding about it being unfinished! Here's your review:
    +"Where's the wall!?!" Okay, a bit of self-deprecating humor is a nice touch!

    -"Get To The House, Go To Door" Why does everything start with a captial letter? That's not how you English!
    -I slide around instead of walking? Man, A Box has some competition!
    -The enviornments are REALLY undetailed! How about some shrubs or trees?
    -Why are the hallways SOO long!?!
    -Why are the text boxes bossing me around? Shouldn't you let your players decide what to do next?

    Get To House
    A Paper
    This game is, like you said: REALLY unfinished! This is like playing a game in the alpha stages of development, that's how unfinished this game is! But, this is a REVIEW, so i'm still going to have to compare it to other games!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 2.5 (Un-detailed environments)
    soundSound - 0 (There is none!)
    joystickControls - 2.5
    angerDifficulty - 1 (It's just jumping and walking)
    gearStability - 5

    Final Score: 2/5, It's bad.
    Seriously: Can everyone please just wait until your game is at least A GAME before sending it in?

    Keep working on it, it might become something NOT bad someday!
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