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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • @Crigence You've reviewed the original Kid's Quest awhile back. Well, I made a sequel. It's unfinished, but I want to hear what I could improve on.
    Game >
  • Kinda afraid to ask for a re review tbh
  • DO NOT PLAY SURVIVAL GAME ! MAJOR GLITCHES! Check Editor to see what is WRONG!
  • edited June 2019
    ATTENTION: Due to circumstances out of my control, I have no computer and WILL not have a computer until sometime in July! (I'm currently typing this out on my phone)

    Meaning I will not be able to play or review games! I hope you understand and please be patient with me! (Also no self-advertising, it is NOT welcome here!)
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  • Got it @Crigence - you won't see that from me. Good luck, and hope to see you soon!
  • m8 just ignoring @cthornock
    feel bad for ya's
  • Whoa, Crigence, your back! Hi!
  • Woah, meburningslime, your back too!

  • edited June 2019
    Hello everyone (Including @meburningslime!)

    Firstly, no. I don't have a computer but I DO know it is coming sometime in July!

    Anyway, I noticed that Flowlab currently has no way to really see new games and no way for devs to really hype their new game up!

    So, I had an idea to create a LIVE monthly presentation on Discord where creators can talk about and promote their games! (Yes, I DO know that I'm ripping off E3 XD)

    I'll start working on it when I get my new PC in July! Thanks for being patient with me!
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  • Here's my new game To the North:
    It's not complete, but I created everything within the game including textures (Not online or tutorial sprites).
    Only the first level has been made which is like a tutorial to the game so the difficulty is on easy and I will soon come up with the second level. I was wondering if the theme of the game is good and if I should continue on with it.
  • @ManiacPumpkin
    Thanks for the submission, but unfortunately I don't have a computer at the current moment (I'm using a phone to type this out).

    I'm going to get a new computer in about a month. So just hang tight until then!
  • edited June 2019
    Also, as long as I'm online:

    Should I revert back to reviewing games from first to last? Since the few people who have spoken up about it don't like the change and it's been screwing over @cthornock for about a week now!

    Depending on how people react to this response, I'll make the change when I get my computer back! Thanks for reading!
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  • Thank you @Crigence ! I think that this change will definitely help your reviewing way better.
  • I think it'd be more fair for the users that it goes back to the original way @Crigence .
  • its still very early in development. It doesn't work on some computers. It takes a while to load, but it will finish eventually. Thanks
  • Well i'm kinda late but here's my game'
    btw if anyone can help me figure out how to make it so you can't spam bullets that would be amazing.
  • Here's my multiplayer game "Water Gun fun."
    Also if anyone knows how to add a cooldown to a gun that would be great. Currently you can just spam your water gun at the other players until you win.
  • edited July 2019
    1K IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! The fallout level is the only working one so far, but it's coming along well. Trading is in progress, but you can still socialize with the people of Diamond city and even meet famous characters like Nick Valentine and Piper Wright!
    If you would check out what I have, that would be amazing. (=
  • edited August 2019
    I'm back, i got a really good computer and i'm ready to review! But before i continue business as usual, i have a question:

    Do people still want me to do reviews?

    I've noticed people seem to like it when i try to improve the site by pitching ideas and when i make games (Btw i'm going to be working on Bounce Jam again!)

    That content is also easier and funner to make as well. So, should i keep reviewing or focus on making games?

    Thanks for waiting for me!
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  • Honestly, @Crigence , my review is kind of down... But if you get this back to being successful, which it probably will in no time (people are really drawn to your reviews, even when it was closed), I'll also come here for my games to be reviewed. But yes, everyone, I'm done with reviews. I had my run, it was fun...

    But it is done. Thanks!
  • Hi crigence
    Im back as well just got here
    im prob just bursting in so ill go with it lolol so hi
  • @Simple_doge5
    I'm gonna skip your game since it's, well, barely a game. I'll revisit it if it ever gets actual content!
  • edited November 2019
    Welp, at least the credit clip was good. Here's your review:
    +Firstly, i like the SouthPaw Games credit clip at the start! Well done!

    -Secondly, this is a very... interesting title screen.
    -Stock Flowlab sprite, -50 respect
    -Jumping is just off, it doesn't feel like you have much momentum and its bit to high for my liking!
    -There's not much moving other than the player, the world feels kinda dead...
    -There's not much exciting stuff happening either, it's boring to play!
    -Would it kill you to make the water transparent?

    *The graphics remind me of that one game show where you run through an obstacle course and try to avoid falling down, and i don't know why...
    *"Better luck next year!" Is that how long its gonna take for you to make this a good game?

    Bad title, check. Bad title-SCREEN, check. Game-play more boring then watching paint dry, check. Yep, i can officially confirm this game is a waste of time! Don't play it.

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 2.5
    soundSound - 2.5 (There's 1 sound in the whole game)
    joystickControls - 2.5 (There's not much to screw up here)
    angerDifficulty - 1.5
    gearStability - 4.5

    Final Score: 2/5, It's bad.
    It's barely a game, honestly.

    Add a timer, make the game-play faster, embrace the fact it looks like an obstacle course game-show, do something!
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  • edited November 2019
    @Crigence I would really like feedback on this!

    The shop is not finished and there is only 2 levels so far but they are pretty long!
  • @Crigence This is probably like my first game [made in under a week as I posted this]
    and I would really want you to review it if you have the time!
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