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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • Sorry I couldn't reply soon enough, But the menu of my game is supposed to be like an old arcade game. (technically the start button is sometimes referred to the ENTER key on the computer but you just click anywhere to start) Some of the bugs (Like the bone being outside of the map) are just mistakes that I accidentally left in the game. The new map is still being made and still in update.
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    Even after i got to play it without the lag: I personally still wouldn't recommend it. Here's my notes:

    +Have you being reading my reviews and noticed that i hate it when a game doesn't have a menu? If so: Good job!
    +Most of the lag HAS been cleared out!... Most.

    -"Press start" You know keyboards don't have start buttons right?
    -Once you press "Enter" the fade out into the game is REALLY slow!
    -I can see you kept the wall of 0's on the left!
    -This game throws too much stuff at you too quickly ESPECIALLY considering it has no tutorial or how to play menu!
    -...Why are there companion cubes and why is there an Aku-aku mask?
    -This games aiming system is garbage! Just make it so 1-0 select your weapon and your mouse aims and shoots for you! That way you can aim ANYWHERE at anytime!


    I'm sure to someone who plays a LOT of Terria you would probably love this game but to an outsider it throws insane bullshit at you with no warning! Is this how it feels like to play Minecraft without knowing anything about it?

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 3.5 (They seem to look close to the original, so i'm rating them off that!)
    Music - 3 (I STILL haven't fixed my audio so i defaulted to a 3)
    Controls - 2
    Stability - 4

    Final Score: 3/5.
    Now that the lag is gone... It's still not my type of game! But it's still an OK port!

    Please add a tutorial and do your best to make things less confusing for new players!
  • edited February 2019
    Were you asking me to review it or to play it-

    You know this is happening too much where i need to stop reviewing because i can't tell whether someone wants me to play or review the link. Can you guys either stop sending me games if you don't want me to review them or just make it PERFECTLY clear that it's just a game to play for fun? Thanks!
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    I just got started on a bullet hell type microgame, and I'm hoping to finish it and make many more microgames! What do you think of this one's start?
    I've got a good system base going for it and the transitions are pretty nice. And for clarification, I want you to play and review it based on it being a start. And don't worry, there will be WAY more attacks added, looping attacks, harder attack, just more stuff. This is me getting used to it.
  • @meburningslime really? I was for sure it had always been B then A, not A then B
  • Hey @Crigence can you REVIEW my game
    W, Space bar, Or up arrow, to jump.
    R to restart level. (If you get stuck then it automatically after awhile, but you should just press R)
    On the main menu there is a icon in the top left to reset your save, top right to go to shop.
    Click your character to go to the main menu.
    there's only 6 levels at the moment.
  • edited February 2019
    @ToastMaster64 Hold on, i'm currently trying to get through my list of games to review! I'll try to get to soon though!
  • edited February 2019
    @BitWit To the Wikipedia!

    Looks like we're both wrong.

    ↑↑↓↓← →← → B A ENTER
  • edited March 2019
  • For computer games, It's enter.
  • Cool, thanks @meburningslime! I'll make sure that is corrected in my game!
  • Hmmm...
    Looks like theres ANOTHER variation!

    ↑↑↓↓← →← → II I

    @Crigence, if you don't ask people how hard it should be, you might give a freebuild game a low score because theres no challenge.
  • Oh No!
    →←↓↑A B Start
    And on tmnt, you REVERSE it!
  • edited February 2019
    @Crigence I will add in a tutorial, but for the most part in the real game everything does happen super fast. For example, yes, just talking to the old man will summon the monstrosity of your life.

    PS have you noticed that ALL other arcade or console style games DO have a "Press Start" instead of "Press Enter"?
  • @Creeper Bones
    I'll tell the same thing to you as i did to @ToastMaster64 :

    Hold on, i'm currently trying to get through my list of games to review! I'll try to get to soon though!
  • @Crigence
    I see I'm not on the list of "trusted" reviewers, and I feel we just got a little salty with each other. I am not going to ask for a renewal, as it is your website, but can we please get along better?
  • @Crigence oh, The giant skeleton/old man thing is actually canon in terraria. But this only works at night.
  • @meburningslime
    Oh sorry it was a sort of knee-jerk reaction after the Kingdom Siege response! I'll put you back up in a bit.
  • Thanks! And sorry for bein salty.
  • Thanks to YOU!
  • I also just added a button which shows you more reviewers! Try clicking it and seeing what happens ;)
  • It's not showing up.
  • @meburningslime Why are you using actual blocks for the sky instead of just adding it as a background or setting the color in game level??
  • @ToastMaster64 because then I can use animations on them AND have them summon enemies.
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