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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • I like this game
  • Cool, another endless runner!
  • Hmmmm, I'm fairly sure the game was lagging for you @Crigence

    Also the tutorial is completely broken and will be remade

    Anyway, thanks for the opinion.
  • edited March 2019

    My reply to your review:

    * I didn't really like the background to the shop either.
    * I'll add a mute button.
    * I'll add a help button.
    * You can control how fast your going, It's called "control" i the shop, besides it's a runner and it's not really meant for someone to control the character.
    *Ummm, you not supposed to find the secret page through the editor, there's a secret way to find it.
    *Instant re-spawn would be nice, im tired of pressing R all the time. (ill accept your help)

    (sorry it took so long to reply, im on vacation)

    Edit: the level editor is supposed to be helpful because everything is set up for you, also so you dont have to go through the editor searching for blocks.
  • Did I tell you I added bushes to my game @Crigence ? It is really exciting, since I was able to make some more room by moving some programming around, and so I have a few more objects. Now the background isn't as boring!
  • Hi @Crigence Here's my game for the "top-down" themed mini jam. Art, music and gameplay are all new. The only thing not by me were the seagull photos, lol!

    Enjoy pooping on some cars in "Top-Down Seagull Showdown."
  • edited March 2019
    Another great minigame from the minigame god! Here's my notes:

    +This games premise (Besides being funny) is pretty unique!
    +"Press space to poop" i never thought I'd hear that in my life...
    +Custom music! Noice!
    +I like the games 80's looking logo! But, didn't your other game Zombie Beach Party already use that style before?
    +Those custom graphics are actually REALLY good! Nice work!
    +The detail of the seagull having a shadow is really neat!
    +The very aggressive car explosions are kinda funny!

    -What's with the pixelated text over real pictures in the startup? Which style are you going with?
    -It would be nice if you would shrink a bit when you dive to show you're getting farther away!
    -It would be kinda funny if the game over message would change depending on what score you got!
    -The title is way too long for its own good and the word "Showdown" makes it sound like a fighting game!
    -When you retry, the game lags a good deal more then from the main menu and i don't know why!
    -You tend to lose health for no reason sometimes!
    -You should make picking up trash easier, seeing as moving over to it and staying on it is kinda hard!
    -It's not as replayable as it could be!

    bumps carz

    Top-down Seagull Showdown is a great minigame that is sorta similar to as his other minigame Zombie Beach Party but with more seagull poopage! I could see some people getting a good hour of entertainment from this game... Before you realize it has a big lack of content! Seriously, add more environments or add power ups to keep it more interesting!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 4 (There's some great sprite-work in here!)
    Sound - 2.5 (The music is short and can get grating after a while)
    Controls - 2.5 (It would be nice if you could turn up the physics drag to make it less floaty!)
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 3.5/5.
    It's a good minigame, but it's shortcomings are a bit too great to get it a solid 4/5!

    Just fix the negatives i noted and add more content and it's golden! ~Crigence
  • @ToastMaster64
    Well, you should just make it so the character gets emitted from a invisible spawner object instead of resetting the whole level!

    This is what i did with my game Bounce Jam ( and it works pretty well! Whether you want to reset the coins or not as well is up to you!
  • Hey @Crigence , I submitted my game back in January and I think you must've skipped it. Here it is again:
  • edited March 2019
    @Biscuit Butter
    Sorry, i had the notes ready but i didn't finish the review (That happened 4 times now... I really gotta work on finishing reviews!) Anyway, here's my notes:

    +I like the simple graphics!
    +Pushing blocks AND falling through floors when you press down? Those are some things i haven't seen in a Flowlab game yet!
    +I like the puzzle at the beginning of level 2, but you should make it so you have to push the crate that's on your side onto the spikes jump over AND THEN reset!
    +The keys in the ice which you have to melt is a REALLY cool concept!

    -No jump animation
    -No menu
    -Before i realized i had my sound off, i hit the coin at the end of the stage multiple times thinking it wasn't registering my hit! Destroy it after you hit it and restrict the players movement!
    -The sun in the back of level 2 looks to much like a real platform! Make it smaller and move it out of the way!
    -If you push the box onto the slime from land, it won't bounce!
    -I know it's a combination of platformers and physics puzzlers, but you normally can't die in a puzzle game.
    -How come the boxes in Level 4 are violently shaking?
    -The music gets irritating after a while, a mute button would be nice!

    the final bus

    In-short: It's a really well-made physics-based puzzle game that i think most people here should play! If you want a game that will make you think and challenge your mind not your space-shooting or exploit-abusing: This is the game for you!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 3.5
    Sound - 2.5 (Add a mute button please!)
    Controls - 4 (I gave you 1+ more due to just how brilliant the box respawning system is!
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 4/5.
    Not bad, for a kid!

    Just fix the negatives i noted and it's golden! ~Crigence
  • here try my game please people its hard and fun, not on level 5 yet but level 4 is done. please keep your self self away from anything expensive
  • edited March 2019
    Um... @Crigence just to let you know almost all of us are kids..
  • @meburningslime
    I already know that, it's a riff on the fact it's called "Kid's Quest" and it makes it sound like someone called "Kid" made it.
  • Oh sorry for ruining your punny joke :lol:
  • Thanks for the review!
  • edited April 2019
  • edited March 2019
    @rcreger @meburningslime @Biscuit Butter @XxCarbotxX @ToastMaster64 @grazer

    I'm sure people probably noticed my several-day break and i'm sure people probably want clarity as to why i left:

    In-short i burned myself out on reviewing trying to keep up with my competitions quick reviews and i want to work on something else in the meantime.

    I've been working on my Steam Workshop (Of which i already had a pretty decent following!) and i've also been working on a video sharing website named Flickernet. If you wish to see it, it's right here:

    I don't know when i'll be back or frankly IF i'll be back but i WILL be checking notifications for about a week after this post. But goodbye for now! ~Crigence
  • Sad to so you go @Crigence :anguished: , but nonetheless, the site looks pretty neat! There isn't much content on it yet, but it should be starting to get up. Good luck!
  • @Crigence thanks for all you have contributed to both flowlab and flowjam, you have been a great help, and good look on your future!
  • Whyd you @ me you dont even like me
  • @meburningslime , I'm sure he is fine with you, just that he has some pretty rough criticism that may be hard to handle. Could be a little bit more tame, though @Crigence :lol:
  • Hey @Crigence , I just realized you just started putting links of the games you reviewed. That is a good idea! I've only done that for Game of the Week, which I guess could make it more rewarding to the developer to have their link featured by me. Great idea, though!
  • You've been a good competitor, @Crigence.
  • I like how no one is talking about how lit Flickernet is tho
  • Wait, is your YouTube channel ready for those game-reviews you have told us about in the description ready yet @Crigence ? I almost completely forgot about that :lol:
  • edited March 2019
    No, i still don't have a computer decent enough to record any good gameplay footage,

    However i AM getting a new PC this week that i know for a fact it's going to be better than the one i have now so i might start soon!

    Or, i could take pictures of the game and use that? Or i could recreate the environments and use that instead? Well, i'll do that if my new computer STILL isn't good enough to record gameplay footage.

    I'll will ALSO be uploading those game-reviews to my video sharing website Flickernet (Shameless plug)!
  • Shameless plugs...
    @microgamer1 that reminds me of something...
  • Oh yeah i forgot to mention: If anyone wants to contact me just go to Discord and put:


    into the "Add friend" box and then we can chat all we want there!
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