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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • Im sorry @JR 01 i really like you as a person but I agree with @Crigence .
  • ...there are many things I could say... but I'm not here to agree, disagree, or state my opinion,
    everyone has different things they like and not all servers are made for everyone.

    Though I would like to note, I am fairly active on discord and I have a dedicated help section for Flowlab. The server has rarely ever been active, so active members are more welcomed. There are good days and there are bad days, but most days the server is quite. Its been like that way long before the server got destroyed and I became owner. I'm always bringing new things to the server and we have a suggestion area. There have been several changes since yesterday that you joined meburningslime. My goal is to get a more active community among Flowlab and other developers and to see Flowlab grow. It takes time, practices, updates, and changes to make and grow a better server. - I wish everyone the best
  • half your server is nsfw and everyone there isnt even on flowlab anymore
  • Well.. I dont have any NSFW channels if thats what your inferring.
    I have 1 channel with that label is for bloody or horrific games, but no actual NSFW is allowed.

    And yes, most users dont use Flowlab anymore, this is an old server that I obtained and rebuilding.
    If many of the old users start using Discord or return to Flowlab, they are still welcome to the server.
    But as always, active users are welcome!
  • Why Do I Keep Getting Notifications When No Ones Tagging Me Plus It Been Like 10 Days Since
    I Commented Here
  • @GrimProdutionZ, do you have this discussion starred?
    The star Icon at the top would be gold, this will give you notifications every time someone comments in that discussion.
  • Go easy on @JR 01 he is in college(I think) and i know how stressful it is because my sister goes to university and she always comes home exhausted.
  • edited April 29
    A friend of mine laughed when he read the "Punch-line" at the end of this archive i made, so i decided to make it public! Have fun!
  • @Crigence , I'm not sure for anyone else, but even when I zoom into it, I can't see it :/

    But nice to see you hear again. I've revived myself about a few days ago. Hopefully I'll be able to stay active here.
  • @rcreger
    I suggest downloading it to your computer and viewing it there if possible.

    I'd making a comment here saying "Nice to have you back for the 50th time" but i'm no better...
  • Its too compressed to see anything even after downloading it.
  • Ok, this one was uploaded directly to Flowlab and should be far less compressed! (I should've done this anyway but still)
    The 'Special' Extravaganza
  • @Crigence what happened here XD

    I agree that using the word "retarded" is now a word people aren't supposed to use nowadays as more people are sensitive to it. If he didn't not then, he'll know that eventually, and people are gonna do worse things than just argue when you say it.
  • Call me brutal, but i think people should just grow a spine already and stop being offended at words on a screen. Just saying
  • @Crigence totally, yes. Not everything is after you, and people should be allowed to say what they want. But with that in mind, the world we live in, it's impossible to say something ANYWHERE without things getting political or heated. I'm Christian, which is honestly hard to keep my faith in these times when people (most of the time, not saying everyone… See how I have to clear myself up haha) always bring me down just because of my religion. I usually just leave them to their thoughts and don't respond. It's nearly impossible to change someone's mind on the internet.

    Ah, I just went all over the place. But what I'm saying is that we should be able to speak what we want, but bullying and discrimination is just unacceptable. You know?
  • @rcreger
    I agree 100%. I personally just (Most of the time) speak my mind and take the heat if any comes my way, which is probably why The Crigence Critique got such a brutally honest reputation.

    You gotta have SOME thick skin if you're on the internet, after all! In-fact, i'd say overall the Flowlab community is one of the better places when it comes to 'thick skin'. Iv'e only seen a handful of people who can't take criticism and just write off their critics as childish trolls or something (Not naming names) but those guys are few and far between

    I just realized, i started rambling too...
  • @Crigence
    Yeah, I noticed haha I think people got used to it because everyone saw it as so strange in the beginning (I think I was one, a long time ago… *visible cringe*). A lot changed, but you're really known for speaking your opinion, which is what a review should be. But you not only did that, but also made it VERY entertaining, which is why your review is yet still the largest (mine is kind of dead at the moment…)

    I used to say whatever I wanted on the internet, but I just decided is that people usually don't listen. They're just there to fight, and want to be right even if they don't have close to no evidence to back them up. Most of the time they make their own. I've had a few people get offended by my reviews (which I was surprised as I tried to make it as polite and user friendly as possible), which I had a tactic of either no respond, or just restate that it's just an opinion and it's there to help them grow.

    And yeah, you thought you rambled haha
  • Speaking yout mind is more than fair @Crigence as you have displayed on this forum a lot, and as long as it is not an offensive Racial/Sexist(to girls AND Boys. Why should that only be used for girls? Boys get offended too?!)/Homophobic really I won't get offended.
  • @rcreger I noticed a LOT of people are talking about A-Box lately, what happened?

    I guess I was praising A-Box before it was even cool!
  • edited May 4
    @Crigence people are? Huh… I never noticed. I've been more active in the forum more of late, but nothing new besides me piling more updates on the game.

    And yeah, you gave it a 4/5 back when it wasn't even close to complete haha which I'm proud about since it's hard to get a decent rating from you :lol: man, that was so long ago, feels like years.

    NOTE: Did you ever get the good PC you always talked about then?
  • @rcreger
    Yes, actually!

    I got a pretty good gaming tower which iv'e been using for just under a year now. Iv'e been using it for just about everything, including making videos for Crigence n' GWAG and working on Bounce Jam. It's like 10x more powerful than the potato i was using before and is a LOT more suited to playing games!

    Speaking of which; i might come back to reviewing Flowlab games someday, but it's something i'd do casually and 'requests' would be seen more or less as suggestions, since reviewing every game request is just too damn stressful! I'd also just review whatever i want regardless of whether there's a request for it or not.

    I just realized i went on a massive rant...
  • @Crigence that's awesome!

    Really glad you got a better PC! I'm stuck on a slightly better laptop, though… Oh well. Also wondering if you got RTX, cuz there's some GREAT games out since 2019 that are beautiful with it. I haven't honestly looked at YouTube in a bit (I'm not checking right now… No I'm not….)

    And yeah, I don't think too many people would pile games on you anymore, reviews are tad dead, but that could just be because you left. Who knows, by it's been pretty chill on the forums, no Daniel Folstons in a while as far as I know. But yeah, feel free to review what you want, of course. It'd be great to have you back after I've been out for so long.

    And no, this is massive ^^


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