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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • Damn, i really did destroyed my own game (slime slay) ._.
    or did i?
    i changed the art style of the second level like this.. old cartoon-e style or something.
  • and by that i meant like this "RaDiCaL" colors in the 80's (or 90's)
    kind of style, with a pinch of shakiness.
  • ... What, @Simple_doge5 ?.. No, I did not just see this, no, I wont believe this..
  • @Simple_doge5
    I don't know why you're telling me all this, but still: How the heck did you manage to destroy a game using visuals?
  • Hey can you re-review Terraria? V3.3 has fixed ALL the lag!!!!
  • edited February 2019
    Yeah, i'll start going down the list after the Starblast 3 re-review releases!
  • edited February 2019
    Anyway, the Starblast 3 re-review is almost done. Get ready.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Definitely better than the browser version! Here's my notes:

    +The desktop version seems to have fixed all the bugs! Loading times are even faster! I highly recommend this version instead!
    +I loved this game's style before, but now i love it even more! The neon space style really is good to look at!
    +Dat's a lotta gamemodes!
    +The outta control ship in the arena menu is kinda funny!
    +The game has really good music!
    +Great credits sequence...

    -Jesus! I just realized how abrupt the music change is from the main menu to the actual game menu! It goes from 0 to 100 fast!
    -Why is the button to change how the arena looks in the shop? And why is the button to leave said arena menu "Quit game"?
    -The game menu is surprisingly under-animated. It's almost like the game forgot it's neon style just for a bit here!
    -This is a suggestion: But how about giving a small description of the game modes when you scroll over them? You did it with the other buttons!
    -The game lags everytime i move.
    -Annnnnnnnnd the game crashed. How stable! I'll try it with low effects... Still crashed.
    -Really? No high scores menu? Come on, you're not limited to 5 levels like the rest of us!
    -Why does the quickstart menu violently shake? Just why?
    -One time when i started the game, the background didn't appear.


    I really didn't want to release this review and basically hash out the same exact review score i gave it before. I mean, on the desktop version i do appreciate that the game has FAR less bugs but it still crashes! As for why the game has so many bugs on the browser version, it's obvious why:

    Browsers, or at least Flash, aren't consistent enough to support Flowlab. Flowlab NEEDS to have a version of the editor for desktop or they at least need to make exporting games free! But, then again, we (hopefully) won't need to worry much about inconsistencies after the HTML5 version of Flowlab releases!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 4.5
    Sound - 4
    Controls - 2.5 (Even through the slideshow i was looking at, i could tell the controls COULD be better!)
    Stability - 2.5

    Final Score: 4/5.
    Same score, same game.

    Just make a version that gets rid of all the unnecessary special effects, that's most likely what's causing all the lag. ~Crigence
  • edited February 2019
    Am i supposed to be shot downwards when i stand on the floor that goes up? Also, what cartoony boss?


    ...Wait: Did you just say that to get me to play the game again? If so: Well played!
  • 1st question, no.
    you're supposed to avoid it and the platform will rise up, helping you shoot to boss :v
    2nd question, still no (maybe) XD
    damn i hope that was my actual intention XD
  • Hey Crigence, I just wanted my game to be reviewed by you because I have been working on it for a long time and I am going to remake the whole map along with new characters and items. If you could give me any feedback on what else I should add, then I would gratefully appreciate it. (Only One Way)
  • @SomeGuy542

    Hold on! I just got the big road-block (Starblast 3) out of the way and i'm just starting to get down the list!

    Trust me, i'll get to it soon!
  • @Simple_doge5 once I broke my Terraria with visuals! (Then again, i broke my game because of a lot of things...)
  • edited February 2019
    Sorry for taking so long! Here's my notes:

    +Am i playing as a garden gnome?
    +Bonus points for multiplayer even being a thing!
    +Timed blocks! That's something i haven't seen in a Flowlab platformer game yet!
    +After changing the jump amounts to 10 (Read the negative notes for that) the jumping was pretty good!
    +After changing the move amounts to 8 ( /\ ) the movement is some-what better!
    +...I somehow have to praise level 4 don't i? Umm, it looks unique?

    -I played the multiplayer with my brother and both players tend to get in the way of each other too much. (Especially in level 3) Mind trying to fix that?
    -The graphics are kinda lazy
    -How come the jumps are so wimpy? Don't tell me the jump amounts rely on FPS!?!
    -C'mon, at least TRY to make the slopes work! (Check my game Old Super Mario Bros. and look at the slopes if you need help!)
    -What's the point of the question mark block gun? It just limits your jump!
    -Annnnddd now the character is too slow... ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-
    -Blocks that you fall through is pretty cheap, even by this game's standards.
    -Remember level 3? Yeah, after this point the game suddenly gets way harder. At least be more gradual with the difficulty!
    -The water controls are T O R T U R E
    -Level 10 is straight up unbeatable without editing the stage!
    -Is this game mean't to be edited? I had to edit 4 levels in a row now!


    Just like Johnny, it's difficult, yeah: But not the fair kind of difficult! I personally never loved these trial and error types of games, they just feel like a complete waste of time! And, well, yeah, that's this game in a nutshell: A complete waste of time.

    Like i said i never liked these trail and error games so take the scores with a pinch of salt:

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 2 (Mostly default in Flowlab)
    Sound - 1.5 (There barely is any!)
    Controls - 2.5
    Stability - 4

    Final Score: 2.5/5.
    Even "I Wanna be the Guy" would hate this game.

    Just fix the downsides, that's all i can think of. ~Crigence
  • @Daniel Folston fo you have something to ask?
  • edited February 2019
    I can see you take my critiques seriously! Here's my notes:

    +Why are the clouds shaped like earphones? (Damn! Everyone has Airpods but me!)
    +In all seriousness: I love how the title screen looks! It feels really medieval!
    +The music is pretty good!
    +The idea of clicking objects to learn more about them is a really good idea, it combines Point and Click games and platformer games!
    +Foot-steps? That's rare for a Flowlab game!
    +...Well, that's one depressing ending i must say!

    -Just realized i typed in 3 positive notes without a negative, let's fix that:
    -The levels are severely under-detailed, how about a tree or a bush?
    -I think the observation system should be like in Luigi's Mansion, where you can scan just about anything and hear what your character thinks of it! Even if it's something small like a torch or something!
    -Why are there random books lying around?
    -You can click the book you're reading and cause the message to overlap, can you fix that?
    -A RPG-like fighting system would be nice, instead of you just talking out your problems. It would fit the games style too! (Nevermind, i typed this in before i knew what the game was)
    -Is this kid really talking to a book? Well, then again, chatbots exist and that's basically us talking to computers!
    -Different message sounds for different people would be nice!
    --Uhhhh, am i supposed to die after talking to Wolfhang? If i go left i can just walk out of it...


    You know, there's 1 thing i managed to piece together throughout rcreger's 2 games and it's that rcreger's amazing at telling and creating a story/a concept! I don't think i was lost as to what's going on ONCE during the entire game! That's pretty impressive!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 3.5
    Sound - 3.5 (The footsteps got you bonus points!)
    Controls - 2.5 (A sprint button to get through the game faster would be nice, even though this game's largely about taking in the environment/story.)
    Stability - 4.5

    Final Score: 3.5/5.
    Flowlab story-telling at its finest.

    Fix the downsides and give the story have more depth! ~Crigence
  • edited February 2019
    Thank you very much @Crigence ! I had meant this to be very story driven (though some people didn't like that it was). I will try to put in a sprint, and I was already thinking of put a some trees, bushes, some natural monuments in this fantasy location. I'm not sure of what you mean as the messages "overlap" though, and I don't think I have experienced it before. Please give me the details, and I'll look into it. Thanks!

    Oh, and just remembering, the part with not dying with Wolfhang when moving in any direction before the animation finishes is because I can't a way so that you can make the character just stay put so it won't end the animation by a walking animation. If you know how to solve this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!

    EDIT: I have added a sprint ("S" sprint forward, "A" sprint backward) and fixed the thing where you can no longer get away from Wolfhang. Those are two things I fixed other than some art changes. I'm still deciding as of how I should make bushes or trees look, since I'm using all of my own art (Literally everything, if not modified, has been made by myself). Thanks for the review, again!
  • @Crigence i appreciate your review( and the easter egg) i added a few things to the game! here
  • @rcreger

    Just make the death animation have a higher priority then the walking animations, so the walking animation can't play then!
  • I added a second player!
    and changed the controls. (read the game's disc to know the controls)
    the second player is obviously going to be a local multiplayer :l
  • I'm still a bit new here @Crigence . How would I make the death animation a higher priority?
  • edited February 2019
    @rcreger click on the behavior that gives the death animation. There should be a number that has the word priority by it. Make that number higher.
  • edited February 2019
    Thank you so much @Biscuit Butter ! This helped a lot (Though I wish you weren't able to move when the animation is going, but you must be happy with what you got)!

    There's one thing down @Crigence !

    EDIT: I just added a sprint as well! "S" to sprint forward, and "A" to sprint backwards.
  • You can do that. If you use a toggle switch for movement, then make route 2 to move 0, and finally hook the animation to the toggle switch.
  • edited February 2019
    *Do keep in mind, this is a huge project so there's at least one weird NPC with no animation. /=
  • New map for my game is coming on 2-20-19.
  • Hi @Crigence, it is thee, @Polarbeer2019, I have come to ask you if you could view my link that I just sent you, it's my game D-day. Thank you and peace out.
  • Can't wait @SomeGuy542 ! Liked your game since the first time I played it! Was kind of hard to think of something bad of it :lol:
  • Hey, um.. This is awkward. But how'd you like your game, Old Super Mario Bros. to be reviewed @Crigence ? I just want to get something done since I've already reviewed all the games I've gotten so far. If you want to, just leave a link in my discussion: . Thanks! And good luck with that website, I'm actually excited to see what you do with it!
  • @rcreger I would actually like it if you reviewed my game! I mean, it's not like I can review it!

    I've actually tried to get my game reviewed before by @Daniel Folston , but (To my knowledge) He ignored it.
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