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SB3’s final mode, and other stuff.

edited February 22 in General
This may be the very last gamemode for SB3, before I start making actual effort towards bug fixes. That being said, I am not actually going to tell you what I am up to, but I will be giving you some screenshots.

Yes, I did use the test level. And it’s still in that level so please don’t go there to avoid spoilers. If you do go there, please don’t come back and spoil it for everyone else!!


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    How about something similar to Guitar Hero as a gamemode?
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    @Crigence well, you’re actually half-correct with that thought. You see, this mode is Rhythm based so everything happens to the beat of the music

    Edit: I may not do the rhythm based thing being that it’s extremely hard
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Oh, i just saw the screenshots and something about it rang "Guitar Hero"!

    Also, i finally reviewed Starblast 2. You should go check that out!
  • Again, I would post some screenshots but vanilla sucks. I can’t post em
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    While I work on SB3’s final mode, I am going to bring back an old mechanic, and make some changes to it- Cores

    Oh boy... where do I even start with this? Ok, this old mechanic makes SB2 scores DESTROY SB3 scores. Here’s a small list of why:
    -Multiplier was gained a lot easier in SB2 than SB3, because in SB3, Multiplier slowly goes up as you stay alive, while in SB2, your Multiplier went up by one for every core you collected- and killed enemies ALWAYS drops a core.
    -Multiplier did not reset on death. In fact, it didn’t reset at all.
    -Multiplier in SB3 caps around 30, while there is no limit in Multiplier for SB2.

    Here’s the main changes that will be made to SB3.

    -Multiplier still naturally builds up as the game goes on, however collecting cores will buff it as well.
    -Multiplier will no longer reset on death, nor will it be represented by the white bar in the GUI, but will instead be represented by numbers.
    -Just like in its predecessor, cores will function as the currency in the shop.
    -The shop continue to be developed now that there will be a currency system
    -Cores will not be added to your funds UNTIL THE GAME ENDS.
    -Just like before, Cores fly into the ship for collection, however, until collision groups are possible, cores will block bullets while being collected- although it’s unlikely given their speed.
    -Cores affect multiplier, but multiplier will not affect the amount of cores you have. (In other words, you will generate multiplier but not cores, so Cores add to both your funds and multiplier, but they are both separate from eachother)
    -Cores were represented by white dots in SB2/NW. They even have the same sprite. Cores in SB3 will get a completely new sprite instead of a recycled one.


    I have a bunch of number sprites, and would like to use them in my game to keep track of multiplier, can an update possibly allow sets with the uploading of sprites to replace the characters?
  • This seems like a pretty large update @CrimsonBlackGames , and I like you at least attempting a rhythmic approach (Even if you may not be doing that anymore). I wouldn't have seen any rhythm games on FlowLab yet, neither have heard of anyone trying. Good luck!
  • edited February 22
    @rcreger the main thing is that I’m actually making all of the attacks sequential by using eases and timers more than anything, so all I have to do is adjust something until it’s all on beat.

    Thanks for the motivation
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    This will be great one everything is up (I didn't look at the level, like you said, I didn't want to spoil it, even for myself)! I actually can't wait to see how this goes, very exciting @CrimsonBlackGames !
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    It’s here!
    Cores make a clicking sound when you collect them. If it gets annoying, let me know.
  • VERY AWESOME @CrimsonBlackGames ! The graphics never fail, and the gameplay is perfect!
  • @rcreger thanks! Working mainly alone is hard. But if you throw enough effort in, people can see it.
  • It obviously had a lot of work in it @CrimsonBlackGames , but all of it seems to have paid off phenomenally!
  • edited February 24
    @rcreger when this final mode is done, I’m going to maintain SB3, and it will complete, for real.

    SB2 got featured, I wonder if 3 will make the cut.
  • It definitely would deserve it @CrimsonBlackGames !
  • edited February 26
    @grazer have a look at everything? I know the bug still exists but it can still be negated with the mouse
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