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DRIVE Update log

edited February 2 in Play My Game
Changes on 1/31/19:
- Added an actual help menu on the Home screen
- The Credits are now actual changing credits
- Added the Mute button
- Key inputs added for the ? and Mute
- Added Mute (Tip #7) on the loading screen
- Minor changes

The Mute button is now available!. You can click the mute button that will cut all music from the game, even in different levels. (Basically 8 but for touch screen)
The Mute button is available on all levels
Clicking on the ? (or T) will give you a drop down of the meaning of all the main icons when on the Home screen.
To use the Mute on keyboard, click Shift and Z or 8 to have a silent experience.
Credits now change so I can add more to what I want to say.

The game is nearly complete, so try the game and let me know what you think!
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