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Game review!

In depth, brutal and thorough!

What credits me to be doing this? absolutely nothing.
I'm quite bored and I'd like to give this a try.

If you're willing you can check out and like my game


  • @Simple_doge5 It is absolutely brilliant, the level design, the events, the overall aesthetic. I love it.

    Sometimes i got stuck in the first level, and I had to jump to move out of the way.

    I'd love to see bigger stages, the box size is a bit claustrophobic for a boss battle.

    8 Slimes out of 10
  • Give mine a shot and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  • edited February 5

    I love the cat/dog motif, it is very fun to play and I have only 3 things to say against it:

    1) The trees should be in the background and not colide with the dog, they don't help you traverse the level it's just annoying not to me able to jump while under it.

    2) The bones do absolutely nothing, in other collect-a-tons they give points or achivs, here they're irrelevant. Same as the cats.

    3) Talk about seamless transitions, the cats are useless, because you can release them to fight the dogs, but then you have a much faster cat to deal with... Pointless design.

    7 barks out of 10, minus barks because it feels like a great game with some limbs chopped off.
  • It is not done, but I'd like to get some feedback! Thanks! ! And if you want, you can try my older game that IS finished, ! Thanks again!
  • @rcreger Well it ain't much, but it's honest work. I love how peaceful it is.

    At first i was feeling like i wanted to kill something, old gamer reflex i guess, but then the music and the whole theme of the game took me over and knew this wasn't a hacking and slashing type of game, but a game of self discovery throught the journey of a little kid wearing his fathers suit of armor.
    The books are a great idea.
    The people feel a tiny bit too much like NPCS (I know I know)
    The ground and backdrop graphics don't suit this type of game, pretty sure you made them from scratch, but you can do so much better.

    5 Clouds out of a sunny sky
  • edited February 5
    @Daniel Folston , thanks for the review! And could you please suggest what some of the graphics should be like, for I don't know where to start (And I would like to be able to do it by hand so I can use my own art) And don't worry, if I have enough objects, I will add more to it (Not enemies, but more to the story, and there will be some sort of enemy in the end, but I won't reveal that yet) Thanks again!
  • @rcreger That sounds awesome, well for starters the background looks boring, the same old weirdly shaped cloud doing rounds, Maybe add different background objects, or even an animation or two.

    The ground feel off, specially when you have nice particles like the waterfalls. I don't get how the buildings work either, it's like a burrow, but made out of stone? is it a house? a shack? a castle? I don't know.
    And so on.
  • edited February 6
    This one is almost complete, I just need to add some characters in the store and it'll be done.
    Let know of what you think! DRIVE:
  • edited February 6
    @Daniel Folston , yeah, I understand where you're coming from, especially since you cannot see that tops of the castles/forts that would be a giveaway as of what they were. (Maybe I'll put in some dialogue to give some clarification in the game) And when you say "ground", do you mean the dirt or the grass? And finally, for the clouds, I was going for a look that wasn't realistic, but like clouds you would see in a fairy tale of a sort, and I was going to add animations so they appear to be rolling in the sky. Please tell me if some of this does not seem right in design! Thanks!
  • edited February 6
    @Daniel Folston
    You lookin for a compertition?
  • @Daniel Folston
    I don't really care, just try to keep your reviews different from mine so people send it in for different points of view!
  • @JR 01 Faithful clone of the Chrome T-rex game.

    Love the black and white aesthetic
    Love the Music and all the work "under the hood"

    I dislike the concept of Jumping Cars, but that's just me.

    5 Jumping Cars out of a Busy Street
  • edited February 6
    Thanks @Daniel Folston
    Yeah, the jumping car was an early concept that somehow develpoed into its own thing(ig to be its own compared from T-rex Chrome). ALLOT of work has been put into it lately and I'm actually almost finished with it. Thanks for the review!

    @Crigence, I'm trying to get a video together sooner or later so you could get a better view to re-review it.
  • Review this one again?
    i added a new level but im still going to polish it!
  • edited February 7
    @Simple_doge5 what changes you made? I feel it the same, except now for some reason i can't dmg the boss at the begining, maybe it's just me.
  • @Daniel Folston

    This is Old Super Mario Bros., the title alone should tell you what to expect!
  • @Daniel Folston
    1) i added a second level
    -the second level isnt entirely finished, since i only added the game mechanics
    -which i might add more props and decorations.
    2) since everyone could kill the first boss easily, i made it ONLY vulnerable after it attacks first
    -this means you must wait for it to attack before being able to deal damage to it.
    3) i also gave the first boss a second form, making it a bit harder
  • @Simple_doge5 The previous model was perfect for a boss fight, this feels like it's purposely difficult

    Excelent second level, the phase thing is amazing, very intimidating.
  • bosses aren't supposed to be easy in a game, they're meant to be difficult
  • @MagmaDude100 Not easy per se, but you can't punish your player for not knowing how your game works.
    I blasted the boss and thought the game was bugged when the damage didn't register. And you CAN do such thing but have some indication as to when, don't hand hold but inform your players.
  • Why aren't you getting as many people wanting reviews, @Daniel Folston ? I've updated my game, A Boy in Armor (Still not finished) and you might want to check it out. If changed the ground look and added more to the story, which Antony's story is drawing to an end: . Thanks!
  • edited February 12
    I'm absorbing them all in probably (Not flexing or anything, it's just what i think is going on)
  • You just flexed really hard, I felt it from here @Crigence
  • edited February 12
    @rcreger lol, i don't care, I do this to kill time. I love your game tbw, would kill to have a peek inside your development process

    It might be crazy of me to say, but I'd love to see some sort of resouce usage on your game, as you travel you become hungry or thirsty, your feet get tired and you need to rest, Nevermind I'm stealing my idea! lol
  • edited February 12
    I would think that would work better in your game, actually @Daniel Folston , since I don't want game play to get in the way of the story, and I want the player to worry about the character, and less of if they'll even be able to see the end of the story. But thanks for the idea!

    And I also like reviewing other peoples work on their games and pointing them in the right direction with opinions, and the more opinions the better for the person who is making the game, that's why I wondering if you were going to still be doing the reviews.
  • I don't know about you @rcreger but I play a GAME for the GAMEplay.
  • Depends on the game, now wouldn't that, @MagmaDude100 ? Like a TellTale game, you make choices and listen to the story, such as mine (Though I can't make different choices) is a story based game, where you take in as much information of a child's life.
  • @rcreger well @MagmaDude100 has a point there, it's pretty cool and artsy but it ain't much of a game,
    You just move to the right and talk to people.

    Also how do you expect people to find the red book at the top of the castle? I tried for a solid 15 minutes before going to the edit mode.
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