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The Crigence Collective - Coming soon!

As a sort of counter-part to The Crigence Critique: The Crigence Collective is going to be a collection of EVERY game i've ever reviewed and those people send me on it's discussion on a dedicated website where the game is given a far better and more detailed website to be on! The Crigence Critique is also going to get its own website! You can even swap between the two easily!

Just like The Crigence Critique: You can go on Flowlab and get kiiiiinnnddd of the same thing but largely worse. The Crigence Collective DISCUSSION on Flowlab is going to just feature links to the games while the website lets you play it there!

Here's what the games will get if they get posted on The Crigence Collective:

-A like and dislike bar
-A dedicated comment section
-A recommended bar so the players can see similar games from other people!
-A "Other games from this creator" bar where... Yeah!
-The creator can send in a custom thumbnail instead of using Flowlabs!
-And to top it all off, your Crigence Critique score is displayed next to your game!

All those benefits and more will be given to creators who submit their games to The Crigence Collective! I'll make a new discussion for when the website is actually finished! Thanks for your interest! It'll most likely be done before February is over!

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments!


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