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  • This is my part 2 of my first game. is it good?
  • Thanks for submitting @sab00031 , like for the previous submission, I will try to get these reviews out by tomorrow! Have a great day!
  • edited May 2019
    My game is always under development so it might get future updates! In fact, I worked on the game all day.
  • Sorry for the wait @ISSYABOI , I've been trying to figure making checkpoints that I had completely forgot my review! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Firstly, please make a menu for the game. Also, maybe an in-game info to tell the player what exactly they are doing.
    2) For the first level with the.. Yin yang enemies? There should be walls on the outside of the room. At the moment, the character just falls out the side. Please fix this.
    3) No sound or music. These two things give the game more life.
    4) Speaking of giving a game life, try adding some more animations to this game. The more movement, the more eye catching it is.
    5) Looking at the visuals, they are mostly of FlowLab default art. The space man "BOI" could also look better. Also, for the animation, make it so that when the character is not moving, so does the animation.
    6) I like how firing the gun looks, and its bullet fire. For some reason, it just felt amusing :lol:
    7) I had realized that these levels are very short, and there is no camera movement. Try making the levels longer so that the player can play it more, and make it so there is camera movement so the player can see the level better.
    8) A pause button would suit very well for this game.
    9) The boss is pretty hard, but I have a question: Why a yin-yang symbol? What is the story here? What is happening? Try to include this in the game somehow.
    10) It was pretty cool how when you killed Crazy Yin-Yang that he broke and the background turned red. Very nice job!

    Was it just me, or was there a lot of boss battles? I wasn't sure what was going on in the total of this, but it was interesting. I think it would feel a lot better once there is more context to go along with it. There was a whole bunch of bosses, some challenging levels/ obstacles, but there isn't much more diversity. Perhaps more enemies.

    (Ratings out of 10) I feel this should be still in development, so I'll give this a 5.5/10 to a 6/10, mainly because of some diverse battles. Maybe make it so after the boss loses a certain amount of health, it does a different attack? I also found that the bosses get stuck sometimes. Try fixing the things I stated above, and I feel you'll get somewhere great! Thanks for submitting, and have a great day!
  • Okay @sab00031 , sorry to say that this one can only fit to be only 5 comments due to this being so small. But here is what I had thought:

    (This will consist of 5 comments due to lack of content)
    1) I suggest adding a menu to this, with credits, play button, controls, etc.
    2) Noticed that this does not have any music or sound. I also suggest adding these, so that it would bring out more activity during the game.
    3) For the art, I think it could be better. Some seems a bit rushed, and could use some fixing, and could also include some good animations to bring it some more life.
    4) Here's the reason why this review is only 5 comments: This game is really short. There is one level before the boss, and then a boss level. I'm not even sure what was going on. How did I get there? Where was I even at? Who am I? Who am I fighting? Try answering those questions in the game.
    5) In the boss level, I am not sure what I am trying to accomplish. In fact, I do not know how to attack. This is also why I suggested before to display controls in a menu.

    It was small, and need some more developing. Majorly, it felt unfinished. But anything can be fixed, and I can see this coming through much better. But at the moment, it is going to need a good amount of work. If you need any help, there is always the forums, which we're all happy to help!

    (Ratings out of 10) Now, at the moment, its rating is just over a 4.5/10, which I know seems very low, but it can improve, you just need to put in some extra work. Just try doing some of the suggestions, get some more reviews from other critics, and try also take there suggestions. That is why my motto is:

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger

    (it might be a bit incorrect, the motto, as I haven't used it in a while :lol: )
    But thanks for submitting, and I wish you luck! Have a great day!
  • Here are the competing games and users so far:

    - @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop
    - @my_name (<_>) 's Infinite game without a great name
    - @cthornock 's Block Run
    - @Simple_doge5 's "test"
    - @Bmarzi 's American Ninja Warrior
    - @TheForgotten 's Dog Walk
    - @ISSYABOI 's Universal Forces
    - @sab00031 New Game (it didn't have a title)

    Thanks to all of those who have submitted so far! This has been a great joy to me, and I will definitely do a second set of Game of the Week after a break! Keep on sending them in, because this will still be the first Game of the Week Championship!

    The final week is coming to an end, as I will announce Week Tens winner! Submissions will still have a show at the Championship, but not Week Ten. If you only submit for the Championship, your odds of winning is very small (so not suggested if that is what you're going for). But remember, Game of the Week will continue after about a week or two after the Championship, so don't worry!... There will be another one! (looking at you @Johnny boy :lol: )
  • I’m gettting really really really close to finishing the challenges how long till I have to send my game in?
  • This Monday is the last day of Week 10 @Johnny boy . You can still submit after, but you won't get any Game of the Week, you would be going against the Champions. Also, since this week was so long this is going to be a tough competition, so I will also create a score board for Week Ten and the Championship. Good luck, and I hope this is enough time!
  • edited May 2019
    Ok thanks I’ll try really hard to get the challenges done bye Monday.

    Also nothing is to hard for me!

    Couldn’t post right away because of the spam block.(Those things suck)
  • I wish you luck @Johnny boy ! I haven't seen your game in a while, so I can't wait to re-review and see what you've been up to! And I know nothing is too hard for you :lol:
  • I had 6 challenges done(I’m gonna add more later) and then I just tested it and it looks like it needs major fixing!!!

    Man these things take forever!
  • I know @Johnny boy , but you will get there! Also, I think I got the save to work, and even a delete save!
  • Nice job!
  • I also changed the title to A-Box to make it look nicer in the title screen, which is almost done, only have to add in some extra button, decorations, etc. You can check it out here:

    A-Box -

    It's been a ton of fun making this so far!
  • edited May 2019

    Power ups way way way way easier to get and no lag!

    Customable spikes!

    A ton of new skins!

    Bundles!(skins and spikes)!

    Credits(pretty polished)

    New intro (final intro)

    Sadly challenges aren’t done yet.

    New power up: lazer

    I am asking for a re-review,
    I might finish the challenges today but probably not so you can go ahead and do the re-review.


  • As always I’m still not done with it yet, but I will finish the challenges and mini games!
  • My last review was 8/10 or a little over.
  • Thanks for putting your last score, @Johnny boy , when looking at the comments, I was just about to type in "what was you last score", so thanks :lol: Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    NOTE: Firstly, from the last update, it will be a bit hard to fit it all into only five comments, but I'll do my best!

    1) First, for the review, I really like the movement of the title, and in fact, I used the thing when placing the mouse beside a icon that shows, with a label, what the icon represents. I actually used it from THIS game, so this was very helpful for even my work. Thanks!
    2) I went to look into the shop, and I found such a large variety of stuff! One thing I suggest is making the shop look more appealing, adding some decorations, etc. Another thing is that maybe make it so that you can select what to look at, so clicking on an icon will make you go to the different spikes, clicking on another icon will bring you to different skins, etc.
    3) I really liked the effect after you click the play button, and makes it feel much more professional! Very nice work with that!
    4) I may actually take a look at the credits as well, as I've been trying to find out a way to make a scrolling credits scene, which one was actually going to be included in A Boy in Armor, which did not work (this turned into the intro). Your game can help out a lot of developers, just showing how much work you've put into this! You've done a great job!
    5) When they are done, where are the challenges going to be placed? At first I was going to say "where were the challenges", but looking back at your submission, it states they are not done. Can't wait for them to come out, because it will make this even more entertaining!

    This game has been in development for quite a while, and the work shows! After all this work, it really paid off, and in the beginning I was even a little (just a little) doubtful of this game, but you just show as a hardworking developer, and doing anything to make you games better! There is some fixes, as I so think some sprites could be a small bit neater, but overall, fantastic!

    (Ratings out of 10) It took a while, but you convinced me to give an 8.5/10 to a 9/10! You've put tremendous work into this, and I've seen it progress, and improve, and grow, with you with it! Very fun and entertaining game many could say they could play for hours! Just wait till it is finished.... Anyways, thanks for letting me review, it was great fun for me, and have a great day!
  • Here are the competing users of Week Ten:

    - @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop
    - @my_name (<_>) 's Infinite game without a great name
    - @cthornock 's Block Run
    - @Simple_doge5 's "test"
    - @Bmarzi 's American Ninja Warrior
    - @TheForgotten 's Dog Walk
    - @ISSYABOI 's Universal Forces
    - @sab00031 New Game (it didn't have a title)
    - @Johnny boy 's Rise

    And here is the placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th):
    1st- @Johnny boy 's Rise
    2nd- @TheForgotten 's Dog Walk
    3rd- @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop
    4th- @my_name (<_>) 's Infinite game without a great name
    5th- @Simple_doge5 's "test"

    Thanks to all who have participated! This was the best week I've ever had!

    Game of the Week: Week Ten

    The final week has come, and what a great one! This was absolutely fantastic! @Johnny boy has been going for getting a Game of the Week, and now he is in the Championship! He really knocked out of the park with this game, Rise, which I'm sure all of you have heard of! It has a bunch of content, and more to come as he takes many suggestions from the users to put into the game, just for us! It has a bunch of skins, many great programming pieces, and some great effects! Just go and play this 8.5/10 to 9/10 rated game, Rise, right here:

    Now, give this game a like! And if you have already, why not play it again? This game is always fun play, and one of FlowLab's finest! Come and play, and have a great day, Johnny!
  • Game of the Week Championship: When is it?

    I am looking to set the Championship, this first Championship being called "Ante Decem", is to be set from next Monday to Wednesday, just to give me time, but I may still release the information on Monday, so be prepared! Here are the Champions:

    Week One: @JR 01 's DRIVE
    Week Two: @Creeper Bones ' Castle Jump
    Week Three: @CrimsonBlackGames ' Starblast 3
    Week Four: @SomeGuy542 's The Cursed Room
    Week Five: @Caleb Strawberry 3 's (and more) The Cowboy that did in fact go to space
    Week Six: @ToastMaster64 's The Thief At The Museum
    Week Seven: @meburningslime 's Terraria
    Week Eight: @ToastMaster64 's Temple Runner Retro
    Week Nine: @Biscuit Butter 's Kids Quest 2
    Week Ten: @Johnny boy 's Rise

    What a line up.. This will be a hard choice.. But you'll only get to find out till later, so stay tuned! Also, you can still submit reviews, but they will only count to the next Championship, which may start one to two weeks after this Championship.. Good luck.
  • It took a while @Johnny boy , but you definitely deserved this! You've worked really hard, so it was about time for me to give it to you! You did it: You knocked it out of the park!
  • edited May 2019
  • What do you think?

    I want you guys to vote on which game you think should win the Championship. Just a heads up, this does NOT determine the winner, but it gives me some insight of what you all think. Here are the contestants:

    Week One: @JR 01 's DRIVE
    Week Two: @Creeper Bones ' Castle Jump
    Week Three: @CrimsonBlackGames ' Starblast 3
    Week Four: @SomeGuy542 's The Cursed Room
    Week Five: @Caleb Strawberry 3 's (and more) The Cowboy that did in fact go to space
    Week Six: @ToastMaster64 's The Thief At The Museum
    Week Seven: @meburningslime 's Terraria
    Week Eight: @ToastMaster64 's Temple Runner Retro
    Week Nine: @Biscuit Butter 's Kids Quest 2
    Week Ten: @Johnny boy 's Rise

    I want you to comment your top three games on this list, and who know, maybe these could change my mind! If you want your statements to be more meaningful, feel free to tell me why you chose these games! Good luck contestants, this is gonna be rough!
  • @rcreger I'd say DRIVE or temple runner retro
  • Thanks @lolpinkshep for voting! Everyone, come do this! This gives me a LOT of feedback of who I should choose! Thanks!
  • I know I'm in the tournament, but DRIVE is a great game.
  • @rcreger I like both DRIVE and The Thief At The Museum
  • @Biscuit Butter , you can vote even if you're in the Championship, I just urge you don't use your own (you can, but you must choose another game with it). But thanks for voting, all of you!
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