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  • And now onto @Crigence 's Bounce Jam! This will be my first re-review since I've revived this thread, so here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) Oh wow, you really updated that title screen! I never really appreciated before how you put everything in the game just in the menu - honestly genius way to show the player how things work!
    2) You've added new mechanics! I really like roll, it's just satisfying to have it bounce then just settle down and roll about! Frickin' nice job!
    3) The music is pretty good - is it a track from @Eric_Matyas ?
    4) More animations in things like the icons for the home or redo buttons would be good - there's a lot of things you can find to put animations in, think creatively!
    5) Honestly, really like these new updates! Only thing left to complain is just to update some sprites and animations, giving it that extra-good polished look, and this game is set for the world!

    The game is as good as it was before, and in many ways even better! Really enjoyable and addictive gameplay that is exciting and spontaneous! Has everything to like - just missing the key on some minor thing, but nothing that takes away from the enjoyment!

    I'm not sure of the last score, but this one ranges from 8.5/10 to a 9/10 (I was never good at specific scores - let it just be a 8.75/10 :lol: )! Just a really fun game, and the updates have been so good to it! Really glad that you added stuff to this brilliant game! Just needs a bit more! Anyways, nice to review a game from an ex-reviewer - probably not for long ;) - and it was nice to see you on again! Good luck with any further development and updates!
  • @rcreger wow thanks! I made all the sprites an animations and yeah, Ill add spinning to the boomerang as soon as possible. I might make a throwing animation and a jumping animation will be underway soon. Ok, and boomer-rang, yeah kinda a joke lol, im gonna change the name eventually, but for now im gonna keep it like that. Also, the key sprite should disappear, i also will update it soon, i just cant think of a design for it. But anyways, WOW, thanks for 7/10, youre awesome!
  • No probelm @praisetheyuppee ! Wow, I'm impressed with the sprites and how they're themed, which seems to be a struggle for some FlowLab users, so very impressive to me! Along with the throwing and jumping animation, to make the character feel more alive, maybe also add an idle animation into the bunch. And I was just curious about the title since the game itself feels more serious and post-apocalyptic than the title (which still suggest a story, since it's just a random platformer at the moment). Also, by key sprite, I mean the sprite that say the word "key", I feel that should disappear WITH the key.

    Anyways, your game deserved a 7/10, wasn't what I expected from the title, not gonna lie. Good luck!
  • im so confused by what you mean with the key. but thanks
  • I want to add story and side quests, but I want them randonly generated. I know I know, it's never been done kn flowlab and only executed twice well, but I want to so heh
  • Thanks for submitting @Polarbeer2019 - haven't seen you in a while! Sorry I got to this so late, but I can't review your game... For some reason, it won't let me play, and something in the site is glitching out. It's like the editing layer is overlapping into the game. This may be due to the large size of the screen, but I have no idea for certain of what it is.
  • That sounds interesting @meburningslime , I think it hasn't been done much on FlowLab (I think Rise, the game by @Johnny boy had side missions that auto-generated randomly depending on your level) is due to that it's pretty hard to do. But if you manage to do so, I'd like to see it! Also, you'll have to find a way for these missions to get increasingly difficult, such as at first you have to kill 5 enemies, then next time 10, and so on going up. Also make them varying and interesting, and give out rewards so that the player will want to do it (weapons, mods, skins, etc.).

    Hope that helps any! Good luck!
  • Or you could choose the sidequest difficulty for better rewards like in BOTW?
  • edited April 30
    @meburningslime , BOTW? I'm not sure what you're saying.

    I just figured out what you said...
  • The review is still open if someone would like their games reviewed:)

    Sorry if there is any inconvenience… If anyone was looking for a review at all XD
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