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Bored Reviews - Come and Get 'Em!



  • This is a game by @browngr , and it is called Fallout Anarchy. I have played many Bethesda games, but I haven't played Fallout as so much (Skyrim just is like the best :lol: ). This is what I had thought of it:

    1) Pretty sick menu! Some good animations in there, but, after a while, the sync between the two parts of the image gets a bit off.
    2) Very good description. It feels like a back of a game case!
    3) The intro is pretty good, but lacks some detail (Actually, same goes for the menu, it just needs some more). Also, you should make it possible to skip the intro thing, since it gets a bit annoying of it playing each time you die.
    4) When attacking "NPC-1 Scavenger 1", for some reason, I immediately die..?
    5) The animations lack, again, some detail, especially with the way the menu looked. Some of the textures, such of the ground and walls lack also detail. Basically everything just needs more detail and shading/lighting, and it will look MUCH better. But this still is decent, just needs some improving.
    6) I feel like there should be more to do in this, such as NPC's to talk to that will give you side quest's maybe a main quest, too. It just needs a bit more story with it, especially since it is Fallout based.
    7) You can only shoot left and right?.. Do you think you can make it go in all direction, because that would be a good gameplay help.
    8) The run animation is a bit slow, and sometimes glitches a bit. Also, try making an animation when you fire the gun.
    9) I like how you can actually change the channel of the music in this. Nice touch!
    10) It seems like you can die way too easily in this. And also, why would you have all the supplies in the beginning of the game? Could you make it so that you pick up the objects instead of already having them? It just seems like it would be more realistic.

    It does look like a lot of work had been put into this, so I am sorry for the review being pretty harsh, especially for my standards. I just felt even more work could have been put into it. There was, however, very good components in this, such as the music change (optionally), style of game, I forgot to mention as a positive of the shadow made for the character, which was a good design piece. And, of course, pretty good menu!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a Work in Progress 6.5/10, because it looks decent with just some confusing parts, and maybe some design things that just don't look proper. But other than that, great work! And I hope everything turns out great for this, and good luck!
  • First off, the intro is able to be skipped. In the description, it says that on the right, you can take the intro and on the left, you can skip it.
    The NPC Scavenger is extremely powerful. If you heard gunshots, then that's good because that's exactly what it was doing to you. By killing it, you get whiskey and his gun.
    I'm currently working on responsive and better dialogue for the NPCs as well, including more directional shooting.
    You know, you can also shoot the radio if you just plain don't want music?

    And also, it's extremely easy to die in the Fallout series. And that's VERY true in Fallout 3.
    But with all that explained, I'm actually pretty happy with my first rating.
  • I'm sorry, I must have missed the skip intro thing in the description @browngr . I was just wondering about that NPC, because you just start out the game not knowing how hard it is. But I think it is good that after killing the NPC you are rewarded with supplies.

    Some more directional shooting will help a lot. It is pretty hard to kill something without it, such as running away while shooting, you only can run left and right (At this moment, can't wait for more directions to come in).

    And I haven't played Fallout too often, so thank you for informing me (Though, when I did play, I haven't died yet. Maybe I just very rarely played it). And it isn't that bad of a rating, but you can do better. Good luck!
  • No problem @browngr .

    And if there is any other games you want me to review, everyone, just let me know!
  • Thanks for sending me another game @browngr ! Just keep on rolling in games, guys! I don't judge (Well, I do, but you know, don't be afraid for me to judge :lol: ). This is what I thought about it:

    1) Not as exciting as the Fallout Anarchy menu, but it is at least a menu! And it seems to have pretty fitting music.
    2) Sometimes you can get stuck on some blocks if you don't land on top. I'd wish you could just fall straight down when touching the side. Can you do that?
    3) I couldn't tell if those were spikes, could you put some in-game information so the player knows what it is and to watch out for them.
    4) Very unique style of game! I haven't seen a game like this on FlowLab, where you run away from a wall and get as far away before you get too close. Very nice!
    5) It took me a while to realize the things in the background were actually other buildings.. Could you try to find a way to figure it out more easier?
    6) The graphics look pretty decent, and fit the style of the game. But I feel the character just doesn't go with it.
    7) Wow.. That ending bit.. I had hope, and then, literally, you squished it.. I don't know if this is good or bad :lol:
    8) I feel you should be using the space bar to jump. It just seems better and more natural (I only say this since I keep on accidentally thinking that is the button to hit to jump).
    9) Um.. I don't know if you experienced this, but if you click level three, some wonky things happen in the level. Could you look into that?
    10) It feels like it would be tons of fun, but I just wish the jump amounts were a bit higher.

    I found it very unique, being the complete first I've seen on FlowLab, so great job on that! But some things just fell a bit short, or didn't match as good. Maybe even put in a bit more story in the game, such as right before the level starts, give a little message to set the scene.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a 6.5/10, being more in it's range, but still some of the stuff just didn't meet up. But there was still excellent and very original components that make this game stand out. You just need to make it even better! I wish you luck, and I hope everything works out well for you!
  • @rcreger
    A reviewers job is to judge!
  • This is going to be the first review in @Crigence 's format (I don't know if he'd want me to do it again). I've been wanting to review his game, Old Super Mario Bros. for a while. This is what I had thought about it (In positive (+) and negative (-) form):

    + Pretty good animations, and good variety of them, too!
    + Most of the graphics living up to the original game. Great work!
    + Decent obstacles, using some good timing.
    + Really cool way to use less objects (Hey, can you PM me how to do that?)
    + Pretty fun gameplay!
    + I like the different looks of different levels!

    * Ugh, negatives. You should all know I hate putting negatives.
    - Sometimes the character gets annoying stuck in some areas, I saw in your review that this is a "FlowLab issue", but is nonetheless, still a negative.
    - The ground texture in level one looks a bit underwhelmed compared to the others that have a bit more detail/shading.
    - The (Is it "Gust Flowers"?) could be really handy to reset before the checkpoints. Is there a reason why you didn't let these reset?
    - I know I don't know much about Mario, but could you possibly add more enemies?


    (I even tried to copy those lines :lol: ) You put a lot of work into this, trying to make it as true to the other games. That is why I actually had to think really hard for negatives. Not many games had made me do that. I'm happy to have reviewed your game, and the change of pace in my format (Though, personally, I wouldn't use this). You have some REALLY good parts in it too, and so many animations! (I love game art and its movements, and stuff like that).

    I am going to put both my score scale, and yours:

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 3.5
    Sound - 4
    Controls - 3.5
    Stability - 4.5 (For some reason, for level 2, it lagged just a bit)

    Final Score: 4.5/5
    Has been worked on very hard, definitely not in vein!

    Like you say, "Fix those negatives and you'll have a good game on your hands!", and I'll add, good luck!

    (My scale)
    (Ratings out of 10) I give this an 8.5/10. I just really want those "Gust Flowers" to reset, if you can. That is just about it. This has been fun. If I had done the review in my format, it may have been a lot longer, but one more thing, thanks for adding my level to your game! I had completely forgotten you did that! I suggest you take off that roof, though, for that was for an old glitch I fixed for my game, so you really don't need that :lol: , and would look better without it one. Thanks again, and, again, good luck!
  • Hi, @rcreger! I'm sorry to say that I can't make the character fall straight down if they get caught. Well, I can, but if I did, it would make the game impossible and I would have to completely rework the gravity and physics of the player.
    Also, if you read the description, you'll see why the graphics are so weird and basic.
    And it won't be too difficult to make it where there are more jumping options: Spacebar, up key, W
  • I know reworking physics is really hard @browngr , I had to trash a game when trying to do that once. I hope everything works out for this! I will check it time to time, because I like seeing other peoples games grow! Good luck!
  • Thank you very much @rcreger ! I had meant this to be very exploration driven (though some people didn't like that it was). I will try to put in gust flower resetting, and I was already thinking of putting in more enemies in this fantasy location. I'm not sure of what you mean by level 2 lagging "a bit" though (It's so laggy for me i don't even like editing it XD), and I don't think I have experienced it as lightly as you before. Please give me the details, and I'll look into it. Thanks!
  • Well, I'm not sure @Crigence , but it may be because some of the blocks have animations, which can make things have to go through more work. Sorry, that is all I could think of.

    And I do remember saying "Though some people didn't like that it was" before in response of your review of my game, A Boy in Armor :lol: (Because people didn't care for story that much, for some reason). Just remembering some stuff, if you intended it or not.
  • edited February 2019
    Got my discussion in the reviews section @Crigence !
  • @rcreger storyline's great, but iv'e only cried during pokemon! WAAA!!!!
    (...Did i really just say that?...)
  • Are you talking about A Boy in Armor @meburningslime ? I'm not sure :lol:
  • Guys, start sending more games! I need something to DO! Or I will get bored... You won't like it when I'm bored..
  • I believe you... look up Kingdom Siege
  • Thank you for sending another one @meburningslime ! You apparently have a LOT of games :lol: ! This is what I thought about it:

    1) Very nice menu, but would be better if those other coins would disappear as well.
    2) Just to let you know, those lights a very seizure inducing (That wasn't a joke).
    3) Has the basic mechanics as The Graveyard had by @Latif , and it is nice you took inspiration from it! But some parts just fell flat, and the flashing light affect didn't match the theme at all, as well did the music.
    4) Why can't you pick up the hearts or skulls that are dropped once an enemy is killed?
    5) Used own art style, which I have realized in your games to be simple, but gives us an understanding of what is what.
    6) Maybe you should trying giving some different looks than having the same things from The Graveyard, like change some of the spawners from a gravestone to something else.
    7) I was not expecting Darth Vader to be involved with this :lol: I have also realized that you like to put in some humor with your games as well. Well done!
    8) Maybe give some backstory or info for the brave knight who has to deal with being controlled by our fumbling fingers.
    9) Some better animations would do a descent job for this game!
    10) I like, however, that you are able to shoot upward, since sometimes the skeletons and other enemies spawn on top of you.

    It was your own take on The Graveyard, one of FlowLab's best games. See, that is where you want to be careful, since we have an idea of what that is and what your's is. But nonetheless, it was almost as enjoyable as The Graveyard, though some of the graphics and gameplay did let me down.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 6/10, since it just needs some work, and was a bit confusing as of why the skull and heart icons would appear, but can't pick them up. And the themes in art and sound just didn't work with The Graveyard and kingdom theme. But, the light up effects would work for several other games you could make, like a runner (But you should probably put a warning in the description for the lights..). Good luck!
  • And @Toddt , do you want a re-review? And could you tell me if there are any updates? Thanks!
  • Alright @drivera , though you didn't post it on my discussion, I will still review it since I did see it in your discussion (You should try typing @ and the username of the person you are talking to so it is easier for us to understand). This is what I thought about it:

    1) What I noticed immediately is the lack of two major things: Sound and art. You should, one, add sound such as music, and effects in jumping, dying, etc. And two, try making some of your own art and some animations, such as a jump animation, or damaged animation.
    2) You should try to make it so that the spikes only affect if you land on top of them, not touch the side of them.
    3) There are quite a bit of typos in the description and more information of what are supposed to do. Maybe a story?
    4) You really need to make that when you die, you don't restart back to the beginning. I faced this issue before, and made it unnecessarily difficult.
    5) The first two levels feel repeated, but the last one stands out nicely. Though I don't understand why I'm dying from an invisible block there. Maybe it is just me.
    6) The different colors that go more of a red near the end shows that the difficulty is increasing. Nice touch!
    7) Some of the design of the obstacles just don't make sense, like the spikes floating. Just to let you know, it looks better when a spike is on top of a block.
    8) A menu would be nice with this, and would improve it a lot.
    9) Character looks decent, but I'm not sure what it is. Give us as a player more info.
    10) In the last level you made with the red color for the background, there is no wall from keeping the character in.

    The game just felt unfinished, majorly unfinished (Sorry if you had put a lot of work into it, it is just how it felt). It lacked several components that makes up the purpose of a game. But, either way, this game is a good start, and can been made into something. Just try to put some more creativity into it in art and sound, and possibly a neat menu.

    (Ratings out of 10) For now, till you give this for a re-review once things are more developed, I give this the first WIP rating. This is something for games that just haven't been able to yet spread out their wings and begin to fly. WIP ratings IS the rating, no something out of something, I just label this as WIP. It just needs more development, and then I will give it a proper rating. Thanks for letting look into it, it has much potential, so keep on working on it! Good luck!
  • (Game was sent through private message) This game was amazingly fun to play! Nice work @Crigence , for your first original game (Meaning that it wasn't based off another one, the other game was pretty good too). This is what I thought about it:

    1) Very neat intro for your game, and very creative! Was not expecting that!
    2) Though with the amazing intro, it lacks a bit of color in the title, and more options in the menu would be nice.
    3) Very fun gameplay, and feels original, like a mix of Geometry Dash and Flappy Bird!
    4) I just thought right now a pause button would be really nice.
    5) The bounce sound affect really fits in, and doesn't stand out abnormally. Great work!
    6) The simple art work seems to work for this game, though some more animations in the background, or maybe a death animation would work.
    7) Nice work with the rotation as the ball bounces! I didn't think I would enjoy that.
    8) Wait, is that a ball "toy" trying to get back to the dog? That is.. Interesting, but definitely original!
    9) Some more things to change gameplay, such as jump pads or something to that nature would be good in a change.
    10) The look of the spikes don't really match the terrain of the game. Do you think you could come up with a different style?

    This was very enjoyable, even if it was not finished, it felt finished (Till you fell off the other side of the map :lol: ). The gameplay, the look, the intro, it felt nearly complete! This was very impressive of a game, and I can't wait to see it done!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this an amazing 7.5/10, which is very good since the game was just started! It felt smoothed out already! Once it is done, and some more choices are added, and some improvements here and there, with the extensions of the levels, this easily will get much higher! Good luck, and I actually can't wait!
  • edited April 2019
    I was able to play the flying car this time @JR 01 , and it was very enjoyable and very unique! And playing this again has made me realize more about it than before! Here is what I thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) Have those credits been there before? There are very well done!
    2) A counter for the points you earned for the level would be nice.
    3) The Hover Car teleport thing was amazing! I saw the pictures, and wasn't expecting it to turn out like that! Amazing!
    4) I saw in the editor some zombies.. Is this a future update?
    5) These animation never fail! They are very well made, and impress me every time!

    Very impressive updates! I enjoyed this even more than last time, and this game has always felt enjoyable! This is when I ask you, will there be even more updates?

    (Ratings out of 10) The last time I reviewed this, I gave this a 8.5/10 to a 9/10, but this easily gives a 9.5/10, and feels just about done! I can't wait to see what else this game has in store! I wish you luck, and that everything works out fine! Thanks!
  • Thanks @rcreger for the re-review;

    Yeah, I have several more updates I plan on doing by next month
    but overall making pretty good process with the game.

    Adding the point total would be a good addition, that'll probably be in next.

    I may asked for one more re-review when the game gets completely finished
    and released to the app store.
  • I'll be ready for it @JR 01 ! I can't wait to see this finished, and it is a great game on FlowLab! I would not be surprised if this goes into the featured area on the games! Good luck!
  • edited February 2019
    Due to the lack of games being sent (I don't know why, I don't bite :lol: ), even without response, I will re-review @Toddt 's game anyways. Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of only 5 comments)
    1) It was easier to play this time, thanks!
    2) It looks nice in-game. I didn't really notice.
    3) Not much has changed with the game, as far as I can see.
    4) I never realized how much I appreciated the rapid fire of the weapon. Nice work!
    5) Some more weapon choices would be cool, and so would skins, like you can have them and choose which one you want. Just a suggestion for giving the player more freedom.

    Not much has changed, so I don't know why you had asked me to play it again and give it a re-review, but I did the best I could. Just refer to my previous review and this to build on more to your game!

    (Ratings out of 10) There wasn't much more added, but my disposition has changed on this game to realize this deserves more of a 8/10 than a 7/10, so you've been upgraded! But add more, please! This game is pretty fun, and much more fun could come to it! Good luck!
  • edited March 2019
    Added this new feature to my review! Every week, I will be deciding which was the best game I had reviewed from the week, and post the creator, some info on the game, and a link for others to try!

    Keep sending, and you can make a Game of the Week by rcreger! Good luck!

    Game of the Week: Week One

    This week's Game of the Week belongs to @JR 01 , with the game DRIVE. Very well done game, very unique in FlowLab, and is a must play! It is a more better version of the Chrome Dinosaur Game, including a shop, sick animations, and tons of enjoyment!

    Here is where you can play it:

    If you haven't played this, you haven't experienced FlowLab's finest games!
    If you have, and didn't give it a like, shame on you! This shows tremendous effort!
    And if you have played it, given it a like, then why not play it again? Go on ahead!
  • Thanks @rcreger,
    DRIVE is almost finished and I'm hoping for it to be available in the app store in a few months.

    This game started and, for now, is currently using Flowlab free edition.
    More updates are to come but the game is mostly done. Many game ideas has come up while working on this game and can't wait to create more using Flowlab.
    Enjoy DRIVE everyone!
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