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  • All auccounts under the search DeadLlamaOfficialTest or DeadLlamaOfficialTester, also, are my auccounts and hold MY games, if you would like to you could review them and if you comment which ones you rated and why the rating was the rating. I will be waiting! :D

    Sorry if I spelled alot of incorrect ways I was just excited to finish this and see what you guys would think about these games... :D :D :dissapointed:
  • edited May 2019
    So @rcreger, I made a prequel to Universal Forces, now that it's done, I can finally go back to making Universal Forces a better game. Also can you review it?
  • Thanks for the feedback on my review @todorrobot ! It was very enjoyable and overall new! Good luck!
  • Oookay @DeadLlamaOfficialTest12 ... I'm going to have to space these out, so don't expect these reviews to go in order of submission, as I may review other peoples games first (you submitted a lot :lol: ), but don't worry, I will get to them! Thanks for submitting!

    And of course I will @ISSYABOI , but I'm going to take off a little for today (I might still do one, knowing me), and I will try to get in the reviews as soon as possible. Thanks for submitting!
  • @rcreger here is a link to the flowlab fourm with a link to the application fourm in it:
  • I went to it @sho21 , but each time it says I need permission. Do you know how to do that?
  • Announcement!

    I'm taking a little break from reviewing for now, but I will be back with you all shortly! Now, me being off the review does not mean I'm the forums, so if you need any help, I'll most likely will still be here! Thanks, and have a great day!
  • Be back soon!
  • I will @Johnny boy ! When I come back, the next Championship is supposed to start. At least, I am hoping it will. Thanks!
  • i love this forum rcreger and i hope you come back soon cant wait for you to review my games. also just so the know the games that i put in the link for are my old auccounts so they were made very bad
  • @rcreger try this link:
    also i changed the one on flowlab
  • Thanks for submitting @kwells ! I will get to it once I'm off of my break!

    Thanks for letting me know @DeadLlamaOfficialTest12 , this will help with the reviews (once I get to them)!

    Check your inbox @sho21 , it is about that forms. Thanks!
  • by the way its in work in progress
  • Okay, due to the amount of time I have @DeadLlamaOfficialTest12 , please choose one account, or three games from different accounts, for me to review, as I will not have enough time to review all of these. Afterwards, just send one at a time. Thanks for your cooperation (I will wait for you to comment which games you want reviewed before I review anything)! Have a great day!

    And thank you for letting me know @kwells ! I will give you many suggestions on how to make it better! Good luck!
  • Okay, I'm back to pick up on reviews, but the Championship will have to wait till later. So here is @ISSYABOI 's The Story of Anti Yin-Yang! Here is what I had thought:

    1) So this is a prelude to the Universal Forces game, right? I just thought of something: What does Universal Forces mean? Who are they? How are they relevant?
    2) The menu could use some more detail and movement. Maybe even some options or settings? A Help button? Just give it some more.
    3) You're kind of thrown into the game. I'd like to see more of an intro telling me how to play, because at first I was really confused. Try answering the questions through the game: Why am I here? How did I get here? How do I have these powers? Those are just some.
    4) At the moment, the story is a bit weak. But it is all how you finish.
    5) Most of the sprites are custom made, but the ground blocks are kind of irritating since they are default and does not fit with it.
    6) Why are some of the buildings not even touching the ground? At least the background is interesting.
    7) Why am I fighting bearded guys in tank tops? What is going ON?
    8) The "Old Witch" sprite could look better, as compared to the character sprite, it doesn't look as good.
    9) Thank you for making a working walk animation! It looks pretty good, actually!
    10) I actually like most of the gameplay, and its diversity, but I just don't get the floating blocks. Give it some more earth to make it feel more real.

    This doesn't feel done yet, but just about every game on here is a work in progress. There was some ups, plenty of downs, but nothing bad enough to ruin the game. It just could be better. I can see some major potential with this game - if the right amount of work is applied.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a 5/10 at the moment. It has enough content to be given rating, but the content was not all good. However, don't worry. All of this can be fixed. I suggest just going through the review and marking them off as you correct these problems. Thanks for submitting, I hope this helps!
  • I will now get to your game @kwells , Kyle & Sonic! I haven't played this yet, but I've seen that this was a "fan game", so I will treat it as so. Here is what I had thought:

    1) The intro for the menu screen was pretty decent with the animation. Only thing is that the kid in the middle does not at all fit the art style of the logo.
    2) How are those things... Trees. It was so hard for me to tell that I had to go into the editor to see the object name, no offense. I just think they could look much better.
    3) The menu looks very unorganized and messy with most sprites not really fitting together. But nothing is too much to fix!
    4) Why does the music stop after a few seconds in the menu? I think some other sort of music should continue so it doesn't seem empty.
    5) I'm really confused with the "story". I know how it goes, but there is so little context a new player would have no idea what just happened :lol: Maybe put in some labels that disappear and appear to tell the player what the story is along with the scene (because it is a good way of using visual storytelling).
    6) The run and jump seem very over exaggerated, but is fun to control. On other thing: Why have the roof? You don't need that, as it makes it look sloppier.
    7) Well, at least you made most of your own sprites, which they aren't too bad, but again, like for the trees, they could be much better.
    8) Isn't .... The flagpole at the end Mario's thing? I don't think it matters, as this IS a fan game.
    9) After the intro story, I have no idea what the story is after that. Maybe add in an alert before every level so the player knows what happened?
    10) Why did you use a default sprite for a boss?! You were doing so well with your own..

    Well, it needs some work here and there. But I do have one question: Where is sonic? I had played through up to the first boss and into the next level, and I hadn't even seen him yet. Maybe make is presence more known through the game.

    (Ratings out of 10) Since it has plenty of content, I will give this a 5.5/10 to a 6/10 (leaning more towards 5.5/10), as I think it needs more effort. Not saying you didn't put effort in it, I'm saying it needs more. However, I found it to be fun at the moment to play, and can get further into development. I wish you luck, and I'd like to see your game again once more development is applied!
  • I've been asked to do this review by @JR 01 , so here is @Latif 's The Graveyard! I really liked this game before reviewing, so I've already given it a like. Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very nice intro that gives a visual of what the enemy is and what you use to stop them. This piece is very creative! Nice work!
    2) The menu looks amazing, and consists of a shop. Each of the buttons have animations to indicate the mouse is over it. So far, it looks amazing!
    3) The shop consists just skins which are purchasable when collecting bones. I suggest maybe more possible things to buy in the shop? Maybe skin packs?
    4) There is a large variety of enemies within in the game, with several different markers to tell the player where it is coming from. This looks very thought through and very polished!
    5) I think this would be even better if sometimes as skeleton will drop a power up with its bones, so the player can use it for something like a special bullet, a bomb, etc.
    6) The music fits amazingly well and holds the energy and speed of the game.
    7) The controls are easy to use, and very easy to memorize for a great gameplay experience. Very nice work with it!
    8) The sprites and animations for everything are fantastic, and the artwork does not fail as everything fits together in the same style. Fantastic!
    9) Maybe even more enemies? Such as a huge one, such as a giant or troll skeleton? Maybe even a dragon one? I've also been thinking maybe a ninja which can throw ninja stars, but also has a staff for close combat.
    10) The only other suggestion I can think of is more skins. I think some skins that are related to other games on FlowLab would make this game feel more involved with the community.

    This game was basically flawless and holds several hours of enjoyment and gameplay. You can go on and on with this game trying to buy skins and beating your latest high score. So yes, I think this game is great. No, fantastic. No, absolutely breath taking! Maybe too far, but it is awesome!

    (Ratings out of 10) Yeah, it is flawless. But the only game to get a 10/10 so far is one of the Starblast games, with its huge amount of content. If this had more modes, skins, power ups, and small stuff, it'd be there. But at the moment, 9/10 to 9.5/10. Everything thing is there, and what's there is brilliant. But there could be even more. I wish you luck, and thanks for (kind of) asking me to review this!
  • @rcreger That's very positive! Thank you! :grin:

    If you look at the behaviors in the graveyard it is just a mess. It's even hard to me to figure out how stuff works so I can modify it/add new features. There's no worse feeling than accidentally removing a line and you forget which one it was. There's a lot of stuff I want to add, but it's just not worth the time. I also thought about remaking the game, but that would be very time consuming as well. One reason why I don't like flow based programming is because it's hard to keep your game organized. Writing code is so much better and that's why I'm trying to shift away from flowlab (not from this community though).

    Long story short, I will try to make some small updates to The Graveyard in the future, and some bug fixing because it got pretty broken after the html5 and physics update.
  • I wish you luck @Latif ! It is on the featured page for a reason!
  • No problem @kwells , my pleasure!
  • @latif if you think your code is a clutter, find the game "diamonsion assault" and find the player's code. its just a storm of blocks... i had trouble figuring out anything :lol:
  • edited June 2019
    It's very hard to keep the flow-based coding organized @soethan1 and @Latif .. I try to keep them in columns, and sort them by relevance per column (I could have just made a bundle, but I don't feel like it), such as all of the damage in one area, all of the saves in another, etc. The thing is, once you have made a piece of flow-code, when you try to move it, it comes out in clumps! Why does it do that? Why doesn't it just ALL move? ( @grazer :lol: )

    Anyhow, I am still taking submissions. The next Championship will not be till a while since I'm getting a job and things are going to be a bit more busy.. This summer is going to go by fast. I think I actually might start the Championship next school year (2019-2020) unless I find other time. Wish me luck, and have a fantastic day!
  • Keep the Boss the Boss!

    I've tried helping out other reviews before (not all very successful), but I need this review to be higher than mine, as this is the one of which made me decide to start my own! Yes, I mean @Crigence 's The Crigence Critique! If you guys can, keep on viewing it and checking out some of his reviews, even comment on a few like I do! He would really appreciate it!

    As you can see, my comments has risen.. A lot. Which does NOT mean go and spam comments in a review, but make each comment meaningful to the review system. I'd like to see him back above mine again, as I've been trying to compete with it, so now it's not as amusing.

    I have personally gone to his review to review even my games, and he holds some of the most high-quality reviews on this forum! Mine does not even compare to its level. He provides in depth reviews and some suggestions to go along with it! Just make sure your game is closer to the done side to submit.. He hates obviously unfinished games.

    So, why not check it out? Just click the link below to go to The Crigence Critique:

    Go on! This is one of the best reviews here, so use it while he's still on!

    P.S., I am still doing reviews... Just don't forget that :wink:
  • Here, since I have an education account, I might as well submit a few of the games I own. : Bodiless Ugandan : A Doggy Adventure : Wobbly Bridge 1 : Wobbly Bridge 2
  • I will get to these soon @cthornock , but please just submit one at a time. It makes it much more easy on my side. So please choose one of those for me to review at the moment, and I will get straight to it. Thanks for submitting, and have a great day!
  • Thanks for choosing one @cthornock ! It makes it much easier for me to focus on a review. I'm going to make an announcement about a lot of games being sent (call it spam if you want):


    If you desire to submit more than one game, please make sure to send only ONE game at a time, and save the other(s) for the next day(s) so I have room for other reviews. Thanks for the consideration, have a nice day!

    The next comment from me should be your review. Thanks again @cthornock !
  • Okay, this is going to be a small review as I do not really want to get in depth with this @cthornock .. Right off the bat, I really don't think this is any of your best games. Here is what I had thought:

    WARNING: Know this review is going to be.. Harsh. It isn't your fault. Just read to the end. Thanks!

    (Due to possible intense criticism, I'll only make this 5 comments)
    1) This is a game based off of a meme.. Okay. You can do fun stuff with that, but what is wrong with the controls? Why do I jump so high and have no idea where I am going to land? This does not feel anything as good to even Block Run. What happened?
    2) Seems mainly consisted of default sprites but some recolored, such as the spikes. You can do SO much better with this.
    3) When playing, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. There is no signs, no helpful alerts (except "find the way".. I did say helpful, though). All the info seems to be in the description and not the game, where it should be. I really don't feel like going in the description to learn everything. Let the game teach me.
    4) There seems to be very little content, especially the first two levels (the main ones I looked at), which you just go to one side. Thing is, when I go to the other side, I don't get there. I'm just jumping around. Also, why is the frame of the level kill me? Why not just make it solid so I just don't fall out?
    5) The story is very confusing for this game... I found a blue one which I'd think is a second player, or something that mimics my movements, but it doesn't even jump. It just moves back and forth. The only thing that I found to be just a LITTLE worth while was the alerts that offend even memes.

    *inhale* *exhale* .... Sorry for the harsh review. This may be even worse than @Crigence 's reviews in... Meanness? Or is it just how criticism works.. Just know, I don't usually do this sort of review, it just very lazy, and I'm a bit tired of lazy games. I've seen a lot, and I guess I just.. Had enough. Sorry again, but I'm going to go into the rating.

    (Ratings out of 10) Right now, I'll give this a 4/10 to a 4.5/10, on the lower end. I'm not going to call it bad, I'm saying it could be a LOT better. If you were going for something as a joke, I would suggest saying so in the beginning of the game or with your submission. Thanks for submitting, sorry for the very harsh review (hopefully this will be the only one), and good luck! Please don't hold this review against me, as it wasn't just you...
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