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  • edited June 2019
    @rcreger , this is kind of a joke game. I was laughing the whole time I read the review, so you're still good in my book. I made it as a joke, so, yeah. Here's the next one.

    This one should be a bit better. None of these games even come close to the time I put in "Block Run", though.
  • Okay, good. That is a relief @cthornock :lol: I will get to the next game hopefully tomorrow (as stated in my latest announcement, a user can only post one game per day and expect it to be reviewed, unless I have high expectations to the game). Thanks for submitting, and have a great day!
  • It's not much, still playing with it, i just want feedback really lol. Here's what i have for luca's tale until my drawing tablet gets here.
  • I will most gladly review your game @leonknighte , as I look up to this game a lot with its fantastic graphics and art! Not to mention your addition with story elements, which I personally try to build my games off of storytelling! So thank you for submitting, expect it to come out today soon. Have a great day!
  • I was really excited to play your game @leonknighte , as it has been a while since I took a look at it! Even though it is still being worked on, I found it very enjoyable. Here is what I had thought:

    1) The intro story is very well-worded and gives a very great tone for the game! Though I found one typo: Strech should be Stretch. Other than that, it was beautifully worded.
    2) I really enjoyed the pieces of visual storytelling in the intro piece, as not too many games have it (mostly likely from lack of objects), and it makes this game feel so much better!
    3) I can definitely tell it is not done because there is literally an edge of the game :lol: Nothing bad, it's just that I can tell.
    4) The graphics and artwork are just fantastic! Not to mention the animations! All of this stuff must have taken a decent time to make, which just shows how much work that this game has received! Personally, I'd be exhausted to make those animations on FlowLab!
    5) I really enjoyed that you can interact with things such as the water and that.. Weird portal thing. I'm not sure what it was, but it looked cool.
    6) I really want to see what you have in mind for that skeleton.. And why he's guarding/blocking that tunnel. Probably something major for the plot.
    7) One thing that I somehow did not enjoy was that I could not go into the house. If I hit the door and I went to a level with a house interior, you have no idea how happy I would be to see that. If it's possible, try considering doing that for houses to make this feel even more open-world.
    8) Speaking of open-world, is this kind of open-world? The scope feels like it, but I am not completely sure. Can you do whatever you want?
    9) How did you make water reflections?! This is awesome! This is the first game on FlowLab that I've seen to take this much attention to detail! Fantastic job!
    10) I just found this dude standing outside of his house, and the thought occurred to me: Why not make a merchant? That would be really great for this game! You could go into a trader or something and buy and sell things! Just a thought..

    Overall, even though there is not much to go off of, this game was amazing! Just needs more content, perhaps maybe a sprint because it feels a bit slow, but that's just me. I'm also thinking that you should put in some more combat options, such as archery or something like a warhammer. Anyways, for all it is right now, it is a great looking game! Tons of potential!

    (Ratings out of 10) All of those were positive, yes, but I only rated what was there (which will boost your score a LOT), but I can see this game getting bigger and even better, if that's possible, over time. So I'll give this, for now, a 7.5/10 to the lower end of 8/10, so really, not bad! I'd average that to 7.5/10, which is very good for the little content it has at the moment, but it still has a big soul! Hope to see this one again, because it was fantastic! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • edited June 2019
    @rcreger I actually am in the process of adding all those things, and yes it will be completely open world. Everything takes an incredible amount of time as I am doing this alone, I just needed some opinions to go off of, whats the point of the effort if it is crap lol. Thanks for the typo, I had no idea lol. Running will be added soon and Im changing the emitted sword to rely on animation and tying together different ones to do combos and dodging and stuff like that. Anyway, appreciate the time, I wouldn't mind if the game got a bit of attention either.
  • Sounds fantastic @leonknighte , and I was thinking about the sword being emitted compared to what an animated one would look like. Also, combos?! You're going above and beyond with this game, and I will not be surprised if it makes the front page! Good luck, and I'm glad it helped!
  • I will try to get to your next game today @cthornock , thanks for submitting!
  • thx @rcreger ! It should be a bit better than the last game.
  • Okay, I almost forgot to review your game @cthornock , to be completely honest :lol: So thanks for commenting and reminding me. Here is what I had thought:

    1) Add a menu please! It helps a lot for games!
    2) Speaking of menus: This seems like a game that would have several different modes. Why not add some? It'd make this a lot more interesting!
    3) Most of the sprites are default FlowLab sprites. If you can, it'd be nice to see some more original sprite work and animations in this game.
    4) Speaking of sprites and animations: I think that some of the hand-made sprites could look better and be smoothed out, and some animations could be added.
    5) One thing I have to say is that this is much more fun to play and proves much more challenge for the player. Very nice job!
    6) When on the "You Lose" screen, I have no idea that "R" restarts the game. Try to find a way to tell the player this in-game (as most players are too lazy to look at the description :lol: ).
    7) In level two, I think it is very creative, but that's the only obstacle? I wasn't even sure it would hurt me. Maybe put a flashing skull above obstacles to show it's danger?
    8) Okay, you should not make it so you restart the game when you die, which is very annoying as the player, as I have learned for myself on my previous games.
    9) Levels 1,3, and 4 are just about the same, but I like how they use timing differently in each one. But maybe add some more spice to it? New sprite for the enemy? Something?
    10) More sound will bring this game more to life along with some more animations. You know I absolutely LOVE animations!

    This game is more of a relief to me - it was smarter and though out with stuff with some challenge. There was obviously downsides, but mostly playable. Just don't make it restart completely, add some sounds and extra animations, add something to tell the player "R" restarts (or change it to "Enter" or something more reasonable), make some original sprites, and it should be mostly set!

    (Ratings out of 10) Since I'm in a decent mood, this is going to be a 5.5/10 to a 6/10, reaching to the higher side, actually. It was easier for me to play, and overall more interesting with timing involved with the gameplay. So, much better than your last! Thanks for submitting! If you're going to submit another, just know I'll review yours (hopefully) tomorrow! Have a great day!
  • Thanks again @rcreger ! Yes, I'm going to submit another game. This game also has a sequel, which I will submit after this one gets reviewed.

    Have fun!
  • Okay, thanks @cthornock ! The next review will probably will either arrive earlier or way later than usual, due to me starting my job. I will try to get to it when I can, and thanks again for submitting! Have a fantastic day!
  • Congratulations! What job do you have?
  • Working at Subway @cthornock , it is just a starting job, but I think it is a great place to begin. Thanks for asking!
  • edited June 2019
    Oh my goodness @rcreger !!!! Subway is my absolute FAVORITE restaurant! No, LIE!!! Dude, what's your favorite sandwich? Mine is the Spicy Italian, with lettuce, olives, pickles, and mustard.
  • Mines a toasted BLT @cthornock , mainly because I really like bacon, especially with the cheese melted :lol: I think it is a bit funny seeing a conversation about Subway in a review.
  • Same here, but still @rcreger , I love Subway!
  • Hey @cthornock , the link leads me to a game called "New Game", are you sure this is the game?
  • No, must have put in the wrong URL. Here:
  • I will try to get to this by tomorrow @cthornock , as I am pretty much too tired to do this review today after doing training in Subway. I'll try to get it in tomorrow (though I also have work tomorrow... And the day after that...) so stay tuned! Thanks for being so patient! Have a great day!
  • Okay, I'm going to get to your game now @cthornock , which is Wobbly Bridge 1 (maybe take away the "1" to make it seem more professional). Here is what I had thought:

    1) First off, maybe not use a actual photo for the starting screen and use something more fitting to the style of the game - or change the look of the game more to fit the photo. Either one will do better.
    2) I have found several typos throughout this game which need fixing as it is really getting in the way of me enjoying the game :lol:
    3) Music and sound effects are a big one you should add and would give a big up for this game.
    4) More animations and background objects would be an even bigger up, so make sure to add some more objects throughout the game to make it more interesting.
    5) I found the gameplay pretty original, but using some simple mechanics, it would be great to also dd some power ups or challenges to the mix - maybe even more obstacles. However, very enjoyable to play! Nice work with that!
    6) I found it interesting how I, as the player, had to find ways of going through each course to not touch the water (which could also use an animation), which I found made this game pretty nice to play.
    7) I found there was a lack of different obstacles. Maybe throw in a moving platform - one that could be wobbly, and another that isn't - maybe some moving enemies, spikes, poles blocking your way, etc. Just something more than just the bridges.
    8) Updating the sprites to make them more original and nicer to look at would be also a great change - this should be done AFTER adding in some music, then do this, then animations.
    9) Why make it say "U R DEAD"? Maybe it is just the style of the game, but you should try to make the text more formal than that.
    10) On the "hard one" level, could you find a way to make it so the GUI doesn't reappear after you die? It's be a great relief for the player so they don't always have to click that.

    I really liked playing this game, and I actually played through the entire game because how fun it was to play. However, there was several downsides, which I think you can fix by fixing typos, updating sprites and animations, more obstacles, music and sound effects, and possibly a better menu and image for it. Once you do those, this game with be, as @Crigence would say, golden!

    (Ratings out of 10) The gameplay boosted this score all the way up to 6/10, as the lack of music and original sprites nearly destroyed the rating, but can be easily fixed with some more work and commitment. It really was fun to play, just more obstacles would do fantastic. Good luck, I'll be waiting for the next game tomorrow, and have a great day!
  • Thanks for submitting @cthornock , for the second game of Wobbly Bridge! First: Sequel is not spelled "sequal" :lol: Here is what I had thought:

    1) Yeah, there is still several typos in this one like the last one. Make sure to fix these, as it gets in the way of me liking the game.
    2) It is now appropriate to put a number after the title - as it is the second game. Never put "1" in front of the first game. It just does not work (unless a war game - such as WW1)
    3) Same thing: Try to stay away from actual pictures for the game. Like said previously, either make your own menu, or make everything more realistic.
    4) The sprites are exactly the same, with no improvements. I'm going to say "make them look neater" again.
    5) Speaking of sprites, add some more animations, especially to the water to give it more life!
    6) Aaaand speaking of giving the game life, add some music and sound effects as well, to, you know, give it more life!
    7) How did I drown from going to the top of the screen, not the bottom? Just make a roof, not a kill roof with the same GUI for the water.
    8) I know those were all negatives up there - but the gameplay is still pretty fun, though it is now getting more repetitive with the lack of different ways for challenge. Maybe make some cars driving across the bridge as well? Other people?
    9) Sprites are still overall plain and there is still nothing fascinating about the background. You need more stuff! You have education edition, use it well!
    10) This would be a great mode game - such as a speed round. Also, a great one for collectibles, with a possible store. There is so much you can do!

    It was fun to play, with many of the same negatives (it is almost the same game), but I have realized all of these missed opportunities! Do more with this game, especially with the edition you have, so use it well! Work on these games more!

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll have to lower the score from last time, as it is almost the same game! Spice it up a little bit, maybe a draw bridge level? Well, this is get a 5/10 to a 5.5/10 (more to the higher end), it just needs more to it. It is fun to play, but is VERY repetitive. You have many opportunities, so try to use them this time! Good luck, and hope to see these games again once they're more worked on!
  • thank you @rcreger ! This was the last one, I think. Thank you for all of the reviews!
  • No problem @cthornock - I just hope business does not slow down. You know what, since I am off this weekend, this is what I am going to do:

    Game of the Week Championship: Parva Quinque

    This is going to be a mini-championship, for those who have not heard, and each week is from Friday to Friday for submissions of a week. There will be a total of FIVE game of the week finalists, and a total of FIVE champions for this Championship. The first week (out of five) is going to begin... Now!

    So, yes, any submissions before this will NOT count in this Game of the Week, and will not be able to go into the Championship - until it is submitted. Good luck, and have a great day!
  • Come on guys, if there is no submissions, I'll have to move the Game of the Week over.. Again! Don't make me do it again :lol: I'm still open to reviews and re-reviews! So go ahead, all I can do is judge!
  • When Rise 2.0 is close to done i'll send it in.
  • Hope to see you soon @Johnny boy ! Good luck!
  • Well @rcreger , here's my new game.
    To the North:
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