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  • edited June 2019
    I haven't made to many requests @ManiacPumpkin , but business was getting short. However, thanks for submitting! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very cool menu start! Though, I think it could be a little shorter, unless you're thinking about putting a logo in there or something. Either way, I thought it was neat!
    2) I'm not sure who or what the character is.. But I think this game is starting out great!
    3) Very nice and thanks for adding what the objective is in the bottom left! This makes there game feel so much more professional! Very nice work!
    4) I like the simplistic art, but it feels like it could have a bit more. The name: To the North, sounds serious, as the art and animations feel cartoon. Maybe it's just me.
    5) When you jump in front of a cloud, it is in front of you, and the sprite is a box. You might want to fix that.
    6) Speaking of this being in front or back, I feel the trees should be more to the back, which you can change in the properties.
    7) He.. Throws arrows? Maybe make it so you hold down Z, and it will determine how hard it will be shot (with a bow), because just the simple throw doesn't seem right. It would fit better if he was throwing a rock at it or something.
    8) I can not tell if you made the sprites yourself or not, because some sprites fit, and some don't. Are all of these yours, or are some of them not?
    9) The game, so far, is pretty short. I found where it ended, and all I can say is that there could be a bit more difficulty, and something for the game to call its own.
    10) Finally, I was wondering what type of game this is meant to be. A plat-former? Story? I think it is both at the moment.

    It is a great start for a game, and I can't wait to see what you do with it, for most of your games have been great when I had played them, some of which are a few of my favorites. It needs a little bit more backstory, such as how the player is there, who is the player, what is the player? I also think some sprites could need some fixing to fit together better. However, there was great components such as the objective tracker at the bottom helping the player, and I overall enjoyed the game. It just needs more.

    (Ratings out of 10) For all it is, and being just a demo (but a pretty decent one), I'll give it the lower side of 7/10, or a higher 6.5/10. That, of course, is for the moment, and I can see this game with great potential in the future. So, I wish you luck, and I'd really like to see this game again! Have a great day!

    EDIT: You are now my first contestant in the mini-GOTW Championship! Good luck!
  • Well the game isn't done yet and the arrow throwing is temporally because I will change that. I will add a cave level and the difficult get's way harder. The first level is more of a demo/tutorial.
  • Can you review my game, its still in progress I would like some tips please and a chance to win
    here is the link
  • Hey @rcreger

    I have finally finished Gravity Hop and would like a re-review. I feel like I just might have done did a good.
  • Thanks for letting me know @ManiacPumpkin , it is a really good start! Good luck!

    I will be getting to your games, @GrimStudios and @my_name (<_>) , hopefully by tomorrow, since I'll only be on FlowLab 2 hours max for quite a while. Thanks for submitting, and have a great day!
  • Okay, I'm ready to review @GrimStudioz , since yours came in first, yours is going to be reviewed first! Here is what I had thought:

    1) First thing, adding a menu of some kind would do great to show controls, settings, help, title, developer, and so much more. So some kind of that would make this feel more professional.
    2) The graphics look really good actually, though the ball does not seem as detailed as its surroundings, which I suggest adding in some shading to it. Other than that, fantastic!
    3) Speaking of the graphics, did you make those yourself, or did you get them off of online? I'd prefer it to be your, so if you did it yourself, then very nice work, and pretty impressive!
    4) One thing I noticed that this game lacked is the lack of movement, such as animations. Adding more animations will make this game feel more alive. For example, you could give the ball an idle animation besides that smile, which looks a little awkward. You can also apply animations to jump and death.
    5) The music is decent, and fits just fine. You could add in some more sound effects though, such as for the jump and coin collecting, maybe even when dying.
    6) Since this is a ball, if you add some bounce to the character, I think the illusion would pay off more. But as it is, it is a very good sprite.
    7) Personally, with the grass and rocks by the dirt block, the dirt looks a bit underwhelmed - the same can be said about the character. It just needs a bit.. More.
    8) The graphics remind me of one of my own games: A-Box, with some of the 2.5D graphics you have applied, especially to the ground. That being said, adding shading to the character will make it look even more of the 2.5D you want.
    9) I can see this has just (basically) begun, as the first level is still not finished. A very good start, but I think some story for this game would be great! It would be a good companion to the game along with the platforming style of the game.
    10) To be completely honest, I could not tell there was an animation for the coin. It just is not too noticeable. I suggest adding a sparkle effect in on corner of the coin to catch the players attention better. However, the animation you have does not look bad, so keep that, just add in something more eye catching to it.

    I enjoyed this very much, and a very good start for a game! I can not wait to see what you do with this one, and what you'll turn it into! I can see a possible story plat-former with a few puzzles with this one, but it can be whatever you want it to be. Just some more animations, sounds, level, and everything I stated above and it'd be an even better start! One of other thing: Can you make it so that it is more noticeable that the rocks are dangerous? Such as a warning sign, or something in the menu? Thanks!

    (Ratings out of 10) For all it is at the moment, being practically a demo, but a very good demonstration of such. So I'll give this a straight out 7/10, which is a great score for a starting game, but is risky for me as I have NO IDEA what you are doing - so don't let me down :lol: I'm actually pretty excited to see what you do with this one, as I do not think I've reviewed one of your games before. But good luck, and have a great day!
  • Happy 100th Review!

    It took a while, but I met one of my FlowLab goals! 100 reviews! I am really happy to say I've done it! But it wont stop there - there is MUCH more to come! Keep on submitting, I'll be here! Thanks for all of the support, and have a great day!
  • Okay, now I can get to your game @my_name (<_>) ! Thanks for being patient - this new job is taking up all of my time :lol: Also, you're my 101st review! Well, anyways, here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    0.5) I think this is small, so this is jusy a 0.5, so, there is a typo just in the beginning, as it says, "Welcome to Graavity Hop", as you can see, there is an extra "e". Also, instead of saying "use" a skin, say "change" as skin. Sounds better. Aaand another typo was that one of the "next"'s say "nect".
    1) First thing - the menu seems a bit unorganized. I suggest spacing out the button a bit more, mainly the level select button.
    2) The spikes look much better, and look, actually, very original! Very nice with those, as they actually work very good with the surroundings! Great job!
    3) I really like the level select, and how each cover them is a different button, and has a specific one made for it, which shows you care and take time for this game. I really liked that!
    4) Speaking about the level select, I realized there is no music there, which is something really important for something such as a level select. I suggest something that sounds like a "Thinking" or "Decision" song, if you know what I mean.
    5) Finally, I'm not really sure about the skins, as I tried to click the player, it did not work for me. I looked at the code to see how it worked, but it still did not. This is, however, not my top priority for this game, as I had even enjoyed it without them.

    Still a fantastic game, with some great improvements! Once I get a higher class account, I'll be trying to do this with A-Box, and adding a puzzle mode, as I'd have more objects. This game, as always, was very fun to play, and an awesome puzzle game! I also still like the trail you made, which is something only your game has (I think)! This honestly deserves the front page!

    (Ratings out of 10) I do not need the last score, as this gets 9/10 to a 9.5/10 (lower side), which it really deserves! Just to let you know - it is very hard to get a 10/10, and only a couple of games ever got it from me. You can try to get one, but you have to really knock me out of the park. At the moment, it is a great game, getting the high score it got, but a 10/10 is an EPIC game.. Hard to do, but not impossible... But anyways, good luck, and have a great day! I'd like to see this game again if you do add some more stuff to it. Thanks for submitting!
  • Sorry about the typos, I no speells. When you start the game you don't have any skins, you need to beat the bonus levels quickly to unlock them. Thanks for the high review!
  • Oh, that actually makes the game even better @my_name (<_>) , because that means the player would actually have to do stuff to get skins! Nice job! Good luck with any more updates!
  • I'm speaking on Behave of @GrimStudioz and I would have replied later, but I was limited yesterday. The graphics were his because I saw him make them.
  • Oh, okay, thanks @ManiacPumpkin , and fantastic work @GrimStudioz ! So you guys work on games, physically, together?
  • Well, no. He's my brother and he was watching me check the forum and he wanted me to reply on behave of him.
  • Makes sense @ManiacPumpkin - one thing I noticed is that you seem a bit more active in the forums anyways, as I've only seen him here this one time in my review.
  • Actually, there are points of the year when I get on the forums a lot and there are other times when I don't get on at all for like a month. I've just been active lately on here.
  • hey i was wondering if you would like to review my game me and one of my friends have made its not complete but was wondering for ideas
  • Congratulations on 100 reviews! @rcreger
  • Oh okay @ManiacPumpkin , I just must have not noticed.

    I'll try to get to your game review today @TogsWorth , thanks for submitting!

    And thanks @Johnny boy , it took a while!
  • Okay, I'm going to get this review in @TogsWorth , and I have to say, it was pretty impressive! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Not too many song/sound based games on FlowLab, so this is something new, and honestly very fun to play! Nice work!
    2) For the credits, I suggest using a different font, possibly the one you've been using for the whole game, and also changing the background to something to possibly like the menu background with the purple look which looked a lot better. Also, maybe make it so the screen always is moving.
    3) Also, since this is a music game, probably don't use FlowLab default songs :lol: It'd be better if you used some of @Eric_Matyas ' music, which has a discussion in the "Announcements" section. Go check that out, because he makes some great pieces!
    4) Honestly, the graphics look very nice, and nothing that I've seen on FlowLab! No one has used this style before! But I have to ask: did you make the graphics? I always ask this if I like them.
    5) Possibly some more animations? Such as when your mouse is over the play or credits, they get larger? Maybe they blink when they're idle? Just something more.
    6) When in the player amount menu (there is only "1player" mode), when I click it, it doesn't go to the next menu, but just stays there. Also, it could use some music, and extra animations.
    7) I really like the loading screens! Even though there is nothing loading, it is still very good to look at and nice to have an individual level! Looks good!
    8) I suggest adding a timer in a corner to tell you when you'll win. Also, I found it to be pretty easy to play, so maybe add in some form of obstacle? Such as a red key, which if you click on, you lose?
    9) Another on difficulty - possibly make it so it goes faster when going on through each level, getting harder and harder while getting more into it. However, for what it is, it was very fun!
    10) I'm not sure why the letters go in the opposite direction, but I think that may be a development thing to 2player, which I think could be a great idea. One player uses arrows, the other uses WASD, and whoever lasts the longest wins.

    An excellent and pretty new start! I haven't seen that many, or any at all, of these types of games on FlowLab, so it's a good change! I suggest trying to find more fitting music to accompany the levels that are more energetic and fit more to a beat for the keys. Also, definitely fix the credits, the player amount select, and a lot of other things. I found that a lot of levels are not connected to go to the next level, which is VERY important for this game, in fact, all games.

    (Ratings out of 10) I liked most of the graphics (credits..) and when actually playing it, it was very enjoyable! But, there were several downsides you need to fix. So, for the time being, it is settled to the higher side of 6.5/10 to the lower end of 7/10, but once these things are all fixed, this will easily reach up to a 8/10, and once more is added, even higher! I really liked the originality in this game, see keep on working on this! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • Thanks for the feed back sorry about the levels we are currently working on better loading screens, 2 player and better 1 player so that may be why some thing are not working correctly we will take your advise on board and yes we made all graphics from scratch it took a good 3 days straight to make them all
  • edited June 2019
    PLEASE REVIEW MY GAME I want it on the front page so I need some criticism. its nowhere near done so i want to improve it now
  • That's fantastic @TogsWorth , and glad to hear you will continue on this project! This game has, I know I say this a lot, but I mean it, humongous potential! Good luck!

    And thanks for submitting @Moltenpig ! I will try to get the review in by today, if I can! Have a great day!
  • I've got to play this a little bit @Moltenpig , so now I think I can get on to the review! Sorry for it being a bit late. Here is what I had thought:

    1) At least you made a menu with a decent starting! But, after that, it doesn't do much. Maybe add in some animations with it?
    2) A lot of the character sprites look as though they were taken off of the internet. Sorry if you actually made them, which if you did, they look nice then!
    3) Is there only one option at the moment (story)? Because none of the others worked if they were supposed to.
    4) One tip is to use the same pixel style of the game throughout the whole game. Why I am saying this is because there is images of Shadow and regular Sonic instead of the pixel versions that were already there. I suggest making those pixelized to fit the theme better.
    5) First thing I noticed when actually playing the game was that the run animation only plays once, when you want the animation to loop.
    6) Are... They supposed to shoot bullets? When I picture Sonic, a bullet is not what comes to mind.
    7) Most levels, honestly, get a little boring with a lack of content. Maybe add in some more obstacles for the player to dodge? Maybe some platforming?
    8) Since this is a Sonic game, shouldn't there be a form of a sprint? It'd make it feel much more like the game it should be.
    9) The Sonic level takes a VERY long time to load, even in the editor (at least, for me). It could be because there is a ton of objects in one room.
    10) This game needs a lot more difficulty, because at one point I found myself just walking in one direction for a minute or so, which is long for gameplay of moving in one direction.

    Yeah, this needs more work, and I do understand you are still working on this, which is the bright side, since this can improve. Now, if you did not make your own sprites, and since you wanted to make the front page, it would be very unlikely to get there using sprites from online. So, I strongly suggest making your own throughout the entirety of the game.

    (Ratings out of 10) Like you said, it is still being worked on, so I don't think it'd be fair to give a complete score, so, for the time being, it is being given a WIP rating from me because it just feels very incomplete and lacking of content for me to go off of. Another suggestion to make it to the front page: try something more original. That does not mean quit this game. You can still possibly make it there with it if you make it great. But looking at all of the other games up there, they aren't based off of anything. But please, keep working on this! Submit back for a re-review once more content is applied! Good luck!
  • edited June 2019
    Game of the Week- Parva Quinque: Week One Contestants
    So far:

    @ManiacPumpkin 's To the North

    @GrimStudioz' Jumpy Red Ball

    @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop

    @TogsWorth 's Rythmatic

    @Moltenpig 's Sonic Adventure 3

    Thanks for who has participated (so far) in the latest Game of the Week! Remember, this is a mini, so it only lasts FIVE weeks with only FIVE GOTW contestant slots! So good luck, and have a great day!

    REMEMBER: The final day is this Saturday!

    Final day for the first Game of the Week for Parva Quinque is THIS Saturday! Remember, this started only a week ago, so anything further from a week ago will NOT count access in this Championship, unless submitted for a re-review!

    So good luck to all who is in it so far, and have a great day!
  • Announcement!

    Yeah, I'm not going to be on for a bit, so this review will be closed for a little while. Keep on submitting though, as once I m back, the reviewed games will all be part of the GOTW!

    Wish me luck as I wish you luck, and have a great day!
  • Noooooo! Why won't you be on?
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