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  • Yeah, same with me. I'm going to Utah tomorrow to visit family. I'm going to be gone for the rest of June and I'm going to be back around July 30th.
  • I'm going on vacation for a while @Johnny boy . I'm not really sure when I'll be back.
  • Oh ok, Have Fun!
  • Thanks @Johnny boy !

    And good luck with your vacation as well @cthornock !

    Also, 30 pages!
  • Congratulations with 30 pages @rcreger
  • Thank you very much @ManiacPumpkin ! Good luck with "To the North"!
  • edited June 2019
    I've got a small window of time right now, so I am going to try to get in the first Parva Quinque GOTW in!

    Game of the Week - Parva Quinque: Week One

    The first week goes to: @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop !

    A very exciting game, with tons of puzzles and fantastic bosses! It has received many outstanding updates to make the players experience even better! Not to mention, it uses something that I have not seen much at all in ANY FlowLab games - gravity control! This game's core gameplay is based off of gravity puzzle solving!

    Now with unlockable levels, and skins, the experience for this game is better than ever! So, why not check it out?

    Gravity Hop:

    Go ahead and give it a like if you have not already! If you have, why not play it again? Also, I am sure the developer would appreciate any feedback given about this game! Have a fantastic day!
  • edited June 2019
    And yes, Bored Reviews is still closed.
  • Though Bored Reviews is closed, you may still submit games on this discussion. Once I am back to business, I will review your games thoroughly.

    Good luck, and have a fantastic day!
  • edited June 2019
    damn it im late, but whatever this was a school project to show kids how to make video games. short but fun. @rcreger
  • Thanks for submitting @lolpinkshep , and it has been quite a while! However, I will have to wait to resume actual reviews until this Monday so it would be more fair in the sense of the GOTW and its Championship counterpart.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to anyone, but I will still review them - just that it will at least start on Friday. So good luck, and have a great day!
  • Okay, it's Monday, so I'm going to review your game now @lolpinkshep ! And the name, "The Science Lab" gives an eerie feeling! But we'll see... Here is what I had thought:

    1) Firstly, I highly suggest adding a menu to the game to make it feel more professional of the sort. Also, an intro to go along with it would be cool too.
    2) I like the gameplay, and has a pretty decent difficulty, but having only one life, as I had found in A-Box, was sometimes too much for players, even though there was checkpoints. Some people like the difficulty, but some don't.
    3) I find the run animation to be quite funny, as it is a bit exaggerated, which is not a bad thing. Nice work!
    4) I also suggest adding more animations, such as to the moving slime enemies. Also, maybe making the slime at the bottom look more believable. You can check out A Boy in Armor to see some flow-like water FX I made, which also has transparency which you can use as well.
    5) Another thing is that you should add in some sound and music for it to feel a bit more complete - though it probably is not.
    6) I found the green drops to be a bit irritating as just the smallest touch can kill - with one hit. I, however, find no problem to restart, but some others may not enjoy restarting from one small hit. You can do one of two things, or both. One, add more lives. Two, add checkpoints. I did both in A-Box, which I think made it a bit more enjoyable and less difficult for the player.
    7) I think the graphics look a lot like the default you can get on FlowLab, so I suggest updating them. Also, try adding animations to as much things as you can to give it more movement/life.
    8) For some reason, when I tried playing the game and look into the editor, the game just... Disappeared, and its levels were blank. This may just be me, but it was strange.
    9) From the rest I saw, I think some more enemies to the mix would be great. Also, try doing something to make your game your own, something only YOUR game has to make it special.
    10) Finally, I think some more gameplay stuff, as like Crigence would say, maybe a sprint. I also suggest maybe a double jump.

    Fun, but needs more... Content. Maybe also a story, answering the questions such as "Who am I?" "Where is this set?" "What is my goal?" "What is the plot?" "Who is the enemy?". Those are good questions to answer in games such as this one, and this would seem like a good game to set up a story with, such as adding in some characters, background details, and some other objects.

    (Ratings out of 10) At the moment, I'll give this a 5.5/10 at the moment, though I do see this number rising once more content is applied, which I trust will be a good addition. The game has much potential, and it was enjoyable to play. It just needs more, which I suggest a menu, intro, more animations, more original sprites, more enemies, some characters, story arc, main antagonist, etc. Also, find a way to make it your own game, and not just another FlowLab platformer - though there is nothing wrong with that. Anyways, I wish you luck, and that you have a great day! Thanks for submitting!
  • edited July 2019
    @rcreger Rise is gonna be totally different when I send it in (in a while) I'm really hoping it gets a 10/10!
  • edited July 2019
    It has a high chance @Johnny boy - I know it isn't getting reviewed right now , but what was the last score so that I can have it in mind? It will help a lot.

    Also, can't wait to see the new version, as it has been a while since I looked at it, and I'll make sure to wait until I see it! Right now, there is only one other competitor in this second GOTW Parva Quinque, and I do need another contestant before this week ends (Saturday), so, everyone, even you, if you can submit, it will be greatly appreciated! Good luck, and have a fantastic day!
  • Last score was 8.5/10
    To 9/10.
  • Okay thanks @Johnny boy , just give me the word when it's ready and I'd be happy to review! Good luck!
  • No problem @Johnny boy , also -

  • edited July 2019
    Guess What?! I'm back on the forums, but in Utah! It's been a long time, and I haven't been working on Block Run that much, please review it again @rcreger !

    Also, congratulations on 4K views @rcreger !
  • Thanks for submitting @cthornock , and I'll try to get the review in as soon as possible! Hope you have a wonderful time in Utah!

    Also, thanks, it took a while to get up to that!
  • Sorry it took a while, but I will get the review in now @cthornock - I've been being late for reviews later, so thanks for being patient! Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) I can see the intro, I suggest making it so all of the letters do the same effect that the large "C" does, as I thought it looked cool as it traced through the letter. Also, I had also noticed the loading felt too long, especially since it may actually not be loading.
    2) Not too much seemed to have changed in the overall gameplay and levels throughout the game, which is normal. I also still think adding in some modes, mini-games, etc., would be a fantastic addition, as shown in Gravity Hop.
    3) For the locked levels, when you click it, it still plays the level (for me), so you really should fix that/program it properly to lock.
    4) I still really think the "Cthornock" logo could look smoother, as some of the letters seem awkward and strange, and I think it could fit together much better. Actually, most of the fonts could look much better. You could just use a label instead.
    5) For the levels that have the launchers/shooters, the seem very underwhelmed and I don't see the win scenario, or how to win those levels. Maybe a flag or something?

    Thanks again, for submitting! It was fun to look at the progress you have made, but you still need to put more effort into it, as for right now, it feels too much like CUBED, even if you made it first. Because, if anything, CUBED looks better and grew off of this game, if, of course, he copied it. So, that is your competition, so try to blow it out of the water. Make some intense boss fights, possibly, something that separates it from CUBED and more of Block Run.

    (Ratings out of 10) I do not remember the last score, but basing the game of how it feels right now, at this moment, I feel it will stick in the 7/10 to 7.5/10. Sorry if the score may of shrunk - or grew, so not sorry if that happened - but that is the score at the moment. It is to the lower side of the average, but there can always be improvement, and I really like seeing growth in the games I reviewed. So, I wish you luck with the game and its development, and have a great 4th of July!
  • Here is the contestants of this weeks GOTW: Parva Quinque:

    - @lolpinkshep 's The Science Lab
    - @cthornock 's Block Run

    Yeah, there are only two right now, but it is still able to go through. However, I'd much prefer to have more competition, so if you want a chance to win this weeks GOTW, then please, quickly submit your game for this week! Remember, if you either win or lose the GOTW, you can still re-submit your game for a re-review - but if you won a previous GOTW: Parva Quinque, you are not able to compete in the next week.

    So good luck, and thanks to everyone who is participating! Have a Happy 4th of July!
  • One more day until the second GOTW: Parva Quinque winner is announced! Get ready, and good luck!
  • Maybe next GOTW or the one after that I’ll send in.
  • Thanks for letting me know of the possible time line @Johnny boy !

    Anyways, sorry for being late! Something unexpected came up, but I will get the GOTW winner out today!

    Game of the Week - Parva Quinque: Week Two

    The second week goes to: @cthornock 's Block Run !

    It has been receiving steady updates, and runs pretty easy! Of course, it did not have much competition, but out of the two, this one was still a bit better. Very close to the predecessor, CUBED by @Greggo , with a few original takes. It is still a work in progress, and the fonts and some sprites need some work, but for what it is, a very fun play!

    A work in progress game with some nice qualities! So why not check it out?

    Block Run:

    Go ahead and give it a like if you have not already! If you have, why not play it again? Also, I am sure the developer would appreciate any feedback given about this game! Have a fantastic day!
  • @rcreger, I would like a review for the new version of DRIVE.
    This version is what's used to export the game to the App stores.
    There has been many changes and adjustments to the game to work better on mobile.
    Only click controls

    DRIVE mobile:
  • Thanks for submitting @JR 01 - and since this is technically a new game, this will not be a re-review. Expect the review to come out soon!
  • I've been very excited for your new versions of DRIVE @JR 01 , and I'm happy to review it! This game is very nice and polished, and I like seeing it going somewhere! Here is what I had thought:

    1) I liked the first, empty, loading screen, and made it feel very professional. However, the one after the logo shows up saying, "Loading, please wait", I don't think you need the extra text, since it is a bit self explanatory for what is happening. However, if you want to keep it, I think it would look better if it was a bit smaller, and maybe the alphas with make slowly flash?
    2) One thing that sucks, but you can't do anything about it, is you don't need the animations for when a mouse is over an icon, such as the garage door opening, which I really liked about this game. But, for a mobile game, it makes sense as there us no mouse to be over the icon, and is just click.
    3) There is one typo that really stuck out - when entering the shop, it says "Weolcome to the Shop", which really makes the professional feel go away, sadly. But, this is only a small downfall. The shop still works fine, and is still great to have!
    4) Honestly, that was awesome to have the UFO flying away in the background of the credits. I was not expecting that, but nice touch nonetheless! Just a thought, maybe one of the game modes could be "Night Mode", where it could just be a style, or it could actually be more difficult.
    5) I just realized all of these sound options! I think it is very interesting how you can go through songs, keep the original, or have none at all, as this is not in too many games! Nice work!
    6) Also, the help is really well laid out to be, well, helpful! Using images with it without using those irritating alerts makes it look much better! Maybe replace the alerts with something like those, as they look MUCH better?
    7) I realized that modes will help out this game, because, yes, in the beginning, I would likely play this game many times. But now, it is starting to feel a bit repetitive. So more modes will fit more of the players interests and keep their attention for much longer.
    8) The game still runs smoothly, just fine! So even on mobile, it will still have a great game experience!
    9) The tap for the game is a bit strange, since I'm more use to the Space Bar, but it was still easy to get used to, and the skins are reachable. That being said, I've played this and got three of the skins already, so making more will probably will be a good idea.
    10) I've been just noticing stuff a lot in this review, haven't I? Well, I also just realized I was in the special thanks section of your credits, and thanks for that!

    Like the original, but with some improvements, and some errors which can be easy fixes, so overall, it is not too bad for a remake for mobile! Thought I do suggest since some animations are gone, maybe some more other animations would balance it out. However, the gameplay was still fun and enjoyable and easy to maneuver, even if I was using a touch pad :lol: .

    (Ratings out of 10) At the moment, till things are fixed, it is going to get a steady 8/10, and what really helped the score how it was still successful to be a mobile game, though some things will definitely need some fixing, it was still very enjoyable as the original! Once things are fixed, a 8.5/10, and when some more things are added, maybe some more skins, modes, etc., I'm just going to say it will be even higher.. So good luck, it is only a matter of time until this will be featured :lol: !
  • edited July 2019
    With the export going to mobile, their had to be a few changes and work around's to make it work @rcreger.

    1. The empty loading screen is used whenever you just opened the app. What happened is that I made a
    loading screen for looks and made it into an actual loading screen for mobile. The thing with mobile
    right now is that whenever you load any sound/music, the game will freeze until the music is loaded.
    After the sound is loaded, it could be used any time in the game without any lag. This also caused a
    bunch of word jumbles and all the tips showing up, become one big jumbled mess. Making the "please
    wait" to animate or change alpha would be pointless because none of it would load until I got ALL
    songs and sounds loaded for the game.

    2. Yep, no "over" mouse animations. I go in time to time adding something so more animations is
    possible. (look at the "web link" icon and click it [in the shop])

    3. I'll get that fixed

    4.Try to click the UFO, it's a secret unlock.
    A night mode doesn't sound that bad, I may implement it later.
    I wanted I was wanting cycles of Day and Night but I didn't know how when I started making the game.
    I could SO do that now but adding it now would cause to change a bunch others stuff so it's a little late
    to do that. Definitely in the sequel.

    5. Thanks, not too many games have the option to change music, let alone mute the game.

    6. The help icon works because it shows many different things to show to the player at once. Anything
    else would need to just create my own text box to place after one another and would take time to hand
    make all of them. This will be my only game with alerts, I use them because I was a noob when
    starting this project.

    7. I had other modes planned but I dropped them for the Idea of making a sequel. This will be close to
    the final version for this game. Something short, simple, and already known mechanics for people to
    use. It's a good first game to make on Flowlab AND to be shown on the Google Play store.

    The sequel will have all new mechanics, modes, and everything that's not basically Dino Runner (or T-
    Rex Chrome) as the core game.

    8. Thanks, I tried my best to keep the experience when porting to mobile.

    9. IDK about more but you unlock the 2 Flowlab characters after purchasing 2 cars. I have 1 more truck
    in the works but not too many will be added to the game. This is just a small, fun, game to play on your
    phone when your bored.

    10. Glad to hear it, It's fun to find new things in existing games. Np, knowing you've been waiting for the
    release of the game since the begging was one of the motivations.
  • Your review of my review is bigger than the original review @JR 01 :lol: Thanks, however, for responding to each of the comments, as it helps me understand what you think about each one! Wish you luck with the game, and the possible sequel!

    Thanks for letting me review, as well! Deserves a spot in the featured page, especially if mine got there! Good luck, and have an absolutely fantastic day!
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