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Bored Reviews (CLOSED until further notice)



  • I just asked him to review it before you sent that
  • After my short break from taking reviews, I now a few to review! Thanks for sending guys, and I will look at them all, and should be able to get most, if not all, of them out. Have a great day!
  • I had skipped this one by accident @meburningslime . Sorry about that :lol: I had not seen it (I wont do, but this one is good. Nothing against, I just don't know what you ask of me to do for it). Here is what I had thought:

    1) A quite odd menu, but can keep you entertained. It just feels too much like a level than a menu though.
    2) The music fits nicely, and sounds adventurous!
    3) One major thing that is in many of your games is the lack of animations. Animations are really special in my mind of games.
    4) The jumps are a bit.. High. Also, the walk animation is a bit off, too.
    5) The tutorial doesn't really give the information you need. Tell them that the down movement is the attack, as it took me a while to figure out.
    6) I like the variety in characters! And that they can do different things, very nice!
    7) It is kind of hard to control the "player 4", as you can only use two keys to move.
    8) I think it is kind of funny as the health falls from the sky :lol:
    9) Maybe make the mushrooms actually touch the ground? It looks weird with it floating.
    10) Wait.. This is also online? Because the other characters don't have health bars..

    I highly suggest making more information in the description, and mainly just fix most of the flaws and this would make the experience more enjoyable! This seems like it has potential, and would be fun to play once this is finished!

    (Ratings out of 10) Well, this one didn't prove itself, but I give this a 5.5/10. I kind of fell short on things, even with the variety of game arenas, but they mostly consist of the same blocks (mostly). Other than that, this game is pretty fun, despite me being confused what the actual concept was, but I think this was supposed to be online. I wish you luck, and have a great day!
  • Time for @todorrobot 's Top-Down Seagull Showdown, the title even makes me laugh :lol: I haven't played too many humorous games, so thanks for that! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Thanks for the Help section! It "helped" a lot.. Get it?
    2) I really like these graphics, and the animations are great!
    3) The concept of this game is hilarious, but this feels SO hard! Maybe that is what you were going for, but it is pretty difficult. Maybe make different difficulty levels?
    4) It is really fun to play, as being an endless runner!
    5) Maybe a few more options for the player can choose? It could be difficulty, different levels, or maybe skins. It makes the player feel more in control and have a choice in the game.
    6) Thanks for showing the score at the end, it is really helpful for the player! Maybe make something as an award if the player reaches a number of points?
    7) Maybe use your own art instead pictures for the menus? They don't look bad, but I think it would look better.
    8) One thing I notice is that you can go off screen and get lost, which can get annoying. Please fix this!
    9) I think you should put a pause in this type of game.
    10) It is really fun seeing the cars fall off the side and crash :lol: This bird has probably killed more than Thanos did :lol:

    I really liked this game, which only had pretty minor flaws which can be fixed possibly easily. The graphics were pretty great, and the animations give it much life and movement! Very well done! The thing I most want to see is more modes, skins, and difficulties!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a great 7.5/10 to an 8/10, as I am still unsure for some bits, but if you have me do a re-review, I will most likely have a more solid answer to which, maybe higher if more extensive improvements are made. I wish you luck, and really good game! Keep on working on this one, and have a great day!
  • edited March 2019
    Before I get into the review, I have been wondering, what does F.P.S. stand for @Caleb Strawberry 3 ? Also, I really liked this game :lol: ! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Is this called "Lost in Space" or "The Cowboy that did in fact go to space"? Not really a big deal, but was wondering.
    2) I really like how there is darkness around the character, like you are seeing from his perspective! Very nice! How did you do that, actually? Impressive!
    3) The character animation makes it feel alive and like it is breathing and active unlike others I've seen (Maybe I should do something like that..).
    4) I really like the icon that pops up for you to interact with objects, and makes it feel more like a professional game! Fantastic job!
    5) I really like that there is crew logs and makes the game more real! Maybe add more of these, maybe not just crew logs?
    6) I really like the new doors, and make it feel more realistic! This game is amazing!
    7) The artwork looks really good for this, and I have seen this game grow just in the small time I worked on it, which I will try and keep on doing.
    8) The only problem I have had so far.. The basketball looks a bit small, not as in the scaling looks off, it just looks strange with the several pixels being so small. And the bounce is a bit to powerful. Maybe make it slow down after a bit?
    9) I like how there is different rooms for different purposes, but they don't really have a different feel or something new that much. Maybe you can let the player shoot a bucket, or swim around in the pool?
    10) Will there be enemies? Just wondering as there is no health bar.

    This is one of my favorite games, and is getting up there! It is also very enjoyable! The map is also fantastic, many great components! One thing I didn't say in the review is that maybe add a sprint as it takes a while to get around, and so people don't overuse it, make it so you get tired and need it to refuel. Either way, great game!

    (Ratings out of 10) Great start for Game of the Week, I give this an 8.5/10, as this just knocks it out of the park! Though I know it is not done, it feels like the first level of a finished game. Just great job you guys! I wish you the best of luck!

    P.S. This is my kind of game, very nice art, upcoming story, just beautifully put together.. I just can't stop talking about this game, can I? Sorry, just keep on working, can't wait to see what you come up next!

    (Keep in mind more than one person has worked on this, and the whole F.P.S. team has done a wonderful job at this!)
  • edited March 2019
    @rcreger FPS stands for Flowlab Programming Sector, As came up by the king of acronyms himself, ME.

    - Sincerely L.A.W.K.S Chief Executive Officer, ToastMaster.

    Oh and enemies are coming, second level, we just wanted the tension of the first level.
  • For the game I made, no, it's not online, I'm guessing it's broken from the new updates. Sorry! :lol:
  • Thanks for letting me know @ToastMaster64 , and sorry to hear that at @meburningslime :anguished:
  • I think the darkness around the character was done by Agent Y. You would have to ask him how he did, I am just as amazed as you are.
  • It is a really neat affect. Gives a great mood for the game! Good luck!
  • Keep on sending games guys! @Caleb Strawberry 3 @ToastMaster64 , you guys too! Thanks!
  • this is my Pac-Man game I am working on. I AM NOT DONE FYI! Here's the game :
  • edited March 2019
    @rcreger Yo, here's a game you can review,, I cant edit it because It's already be submitted to a completion im in.
  • @rcreger, I am in desperate need of a critic. Find my game at
  • edited March 2019
    Yo @Polarbeer2019 Im also desperate, but for things to review. That's why im in rcreger's discussion. You can submit your game at LawksRD:

    Please, Im bored
  • If you need a CRITIC not a review go to crigence. Just remember hell tell you to scrap it.
  • What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What what? Unless your grazer he'll tell it to anybody.
  • Can I impersonate Grazer?
  • Lol make a new user and get his pic? @grazer
  • That might not work @meburningslime , because I think you can't reuse already made usernames.

    Sorry I had been out a while, I had some business to attend to. But thanks for all you sending games! I will look at these soon, so have a great day!
  • So the last game that was sent to me before I was away was @Bigship1 's game, Pac-Man, which I have played the original, so I do have experience in this particular game. Here is what I had thought about it:

    1) You should add a menu for this, one similar to the original game. You can try looking at images of some. Also, since this is to replicate an old game, try to show a high score table.
    2) The one thing I wish FlowLab had was a way to make paths for enemies ( @grazer ), as I have realized in this game, since they are bumping around trying to get to the player.
    3) The ghosts don't really allow the character to eat them when they turn blue. I do not know how to do this, but I know that is how the original game went.
    4) Speaking of which, the pellets that which you eat to make the ghosts blue should be more visible.
    5) Really great work with the gateways that take you from the one side of the room to the other. Nice job!
    6) The death animation is pretty close, but should be a bit slower. When I had played, so that the dead character doesn't move, the enemies would have to stay still has the character animation was still in action.
    7) The look is pretty similar and is identifiable as Pac-Man, but isn't exactly how it should look. Same for the ghosts.
    8) The game needs more sound, not music, but sound.
    9) The ghosts are supposed to turn back to the same color at the same time. Also, some of the ghosts don't even turn blue at all.
    10) In the original game, after some time has passed, a fruit would appear underneath the ghost container which gave the player more points. The amount of points the fruit gave varied on the type of fruit (yes, there are different types).

    I think this is a really good attempt for remaking Pac-Man on FlowLab, it just needs to be more like the original. You do have one really good part down, and that as the gate of which you go through one side and go out the other, which I would imagine would be difficult to make. Very impressive start, but just to be more developed.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 6/10, because I am still rating this as a game, with an additional factor that it is supposed to be like another game. I suggest you play the original, if you had not before, and see if you can take notes, maybe if you can find ways to replicate. I also suggest to ask grazer questions, as I am sure he has more answers. Thanks for letting me review, as this was an exciting start for this game. I wish you luck, and have a great day!
  • Game of the Week: Week Five

    So this weeks Game of the Week goes to @Caleb Strawberry 3 's (and many others who have put tremendous effort in this game, too) The Cowboy that did in fact go to space, which the title is actually not fully determined. But anyways, this was a great game, especially to have worked on it for a short period of time. It looks great, feels great, and feels pretty polished! Now, possibly the menu could be touched up a bit more, since it looks like hasn't been worked on for a while, but this game makes it feel like a game that has had much thought into, which it must have!

    The game is still in development, like most games I have reviewed, but feels like a finished game that just hasn't been continued on, maybe like a demo. The art looks very well, in fact, looks fantastic! The way you can observe certain objects as well is great, and makes it feel very real! There is some story elements in this which build up more of the story. Also, the way they made the screen do that affect makes this game look much more professional, and is a must play! This game just shows how much work can be done when people work together! Great work, you guys!

    This game had got a 8.5/10 just on it's first review, so go and check it out:

    Make sure to give it a like if you haven't already, and I'm sure they would appreciate more people playing this, and possibly give them more feedback. I have also worked on this, so you can also ask me, too.

    Play this game, guys, a really good one! Keep on developing, and have a fantastic day!
  • Thank you, it is a great honor to receive the game of the week. Our dev team, F.P.S., has put a ton of effort into this game. The game is great all thanks to them. I look forward to keep working on this game with them as well as other projects! If you are interested in joining, you can contact me here in flow lab forums , or in our discord server (sorry rcreger for the shameless advertising)
  • Now for your game @ToastMaster64 . This one is called The Thief At The Museum, and is not as heard of as his other game. Here is what I had thought:

    1) You don't have your intro for this game :anguished: It needs a menu at least.
    2) The music fits pretty well with the game, and is not over-excited, but more of a sneaky and time based. Great work for finding a fit!
    3) Thank you for telling us what is going on! This helps a lot in the mood of the game, and would make me less confused during the game.
    4) The game is pretty hard to beat. Also, it seems to be lagging a bit for me.
    5) I think how you made it use lights to be spotted is really nice, though some of these guards got to be blind :lol: But makes sense in a game.
    6) I like the look of the larger lights shining down, and creates more of a challenge. This is pretty fun!
    7) The animation for the character is just right, and everything else seeming still is great, as it makes you want to ficus. A suggestion, you could make it so red and white dots going around in the background to look like cars off in the distance, which would look really cool. Maybe some distant car sounds, too?
    8) The graphics are fine on the rooftop, could be better, but the museum looks great! It has so much more detail, and the colors work perfectly.Also, is that the Starry Night?
    9) Oh wow! I was not expecting you to let the player choose how to escape! And the change in gameplay makes this so great (for helicopter)!Also, I don't think that you should blow up from hitting lights. Maybe take away the lights, and let both your helicopter and the other helicopter explode. Also, why would you choose to take the street? Maybe let the player take a car, so both ways have a change in gameplay.
    10) The credits look great! Though some movement would make it even better, but I know that is hard to do. But the way you made it, it looks like it was made to be a piece of art, so great work! (Also, maybe a way to restart the game?)

    Very good game here! Has a few fixes, but nothing really major, though the menu or intro should be a necessity. However, the game is very challenging, and looks pretty nice! And, you have done something that I would like to do for my game, though with the lack of objects, I can't do it the way you did. But this is not about me, since I congratulate you, as this uses some new things I haven't seen in many FlowLab games! Nice work!

    (Ratings out of 10) I wonder if you guys can tell when I'm actually excited to see where a game goes.. Anyways, this game gets an easy 7.5/10. Of course, some fixes here and there, some art changes, menu or intro, just a bit more diversity like the helicopter (really nice job, by the way), and boom, you got a 8.5/10 or a 9/10, which you can see it is hard to get a 10/10. But great work, nonetheless!
  • edited March 2019

    The highest score you can get when fixing the stuff I tell you in the reviews is 9/10 to a 9.5/10, which has only gone to one of @CrimsonBlackGames Starblast's, and was hard to get there. To get a 10/10, you must go above and beyond to make your game beautifully programmed and designed, to make it look as professional as possible. You can't just get a 10/10 just for trying, you might want to dedicate yourself, and make time worthwhile. Good luck to you all, this may as well be a challenge to you guys to see who can finally get a 10/10 :lol: Might not be any time soon.. Or will it?
  • You're cool @Caleb Strawberry 3 :lol: You can advertise here. I will probably put something in the description for your dev team, so maybe more people could join. Have a great day!
  • thanks, I appreciate it :)
  • I added a fine print next to your Game of the Week @Caleb Strawberry 3 , which gives them also a link to your discussion, which goes to your Discord (It is at the bottom). Hopefully this helps! Good luck!
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