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Bored Reviews (CLOSED until further notice)



  • Yep, it really is time for you to get the title.
  • Thanks Guys! By the way, I need help on a vote for it:
    Make a Lepus Boss?
    Make a Pumpkin Moon?
    Anything else? (Let me know what YOU want! :) )

    @rcreger did you ever think about the fact that most people have ALREADY submitted their games, so they have nothing else to send? Maybe make a Game Jam if you want that.
  • Hey play this link instead, it's the HTML version.
  • By the way, WHERE IS MY GAME?!?! I found a game on page 3 with 1 like & 100 plays, but my game has 7x that and I cnatfind it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @grazer !!!1
  • edited April 2019
    I think it is because it is 1/100, one like per a hundred likes... One of my games actually has 882 plays and 13 likes (for now), and I think it is on page 8-10. And also @meburningslime , grazer hasn't been on for quite a bit, so it might be a while till he sees this :anguished:

    My game plays and likes (of 4/8/19)
    A Little Evil: 882 plays, 13 likes

    A Boy in Armor: 320 plays, 8 likes

    A Box (In development): 7 plays, 2 likes

    If you could, if you haven't already, try giving them likes, and if you haven't just try playing them and giving me some feedback. This isn't just my discussion for reviews, you guys can do it too! Thanks, and have a great day!
  • Rise is on page 5 please play it and give it a like
  • You guys can advertise too, as @Johnny boy demonstrated. If it is a game I have not reviewed, please go by me to review it first, as this is still my discussion, I am just making exceptions of advertisements and other user's suggestions in here, IF I have already reviewed. Thanks!
  • edited April 2019
    Rules of Advertising and O.R. (Other Reviewer) Reviewing

    The rules for advertising and for you guys reviewing games is in the description*, so check it out if you want to try! You can review games I have reviewed, no matter how old! Thanks!

    *You MUST know the rules, and follow them strictly. It is important as you do not have permission from the developer specifically, so please be respectful.
  • There is a thing at the bottom that shows all the page numbers @meburningslime :lol: Or are you on mobile? I don't use mobile, so I wouldn't know.
  • @rcreger hope my new game turns out well :)
  • Me too @lolpinkshep ,

    and also, I'm not expecting you guys to always review as well, it is just that you can now. Because you know my slogan, "The more opinions, the greater the outcome".
  • I use mobile so it breaks my phone connection for some reason if i try XD
  • edited April 2019
    I'm sorry to hear @meburningslime , so I will put the rules below so you can read them:

    You can do it too!

    I have recently added the option of also reviewing a game in my discussion. Here are the rules:

    - I have to have already reviewed the game.
    - Do not be rude to the developer.
    - Use constructive criticism.
    - You do not have to use my format for your review/suggestions.
    - You have to give the developer's game a like if you review it.
    - Has to be a rating out of 5 or 10.
    - Be willing to change your review if I have issues with it.
    - Be reasonable with the review, such as if it is a new game or a long-term WIP game.
    - You can review games that were reviewed a long time ago (in my discussion).

    If you send in a game:

    - Be willing to receive a review from someone other than me.
    - Take on constructive criticism, and use it.
    - You may advertise.

    That is all for Other Reviewers (ORs). Thanks, and have fun!
  • @rcreger how do you like the heart is pink as soon as i click on a game
  • What are you saying @lolpinkshep ?
  • Hey @rcreger, I found a bug in A Little Evil, If you go to the health pack's art section and go and play the game, you can hit the health pack infinite times.
  • I'm not sure what you're saying @Polarbeer2019 .. Do you mean if you do into the editor?
  • edited April 2019
    A Box: Update Listing No.1

    I'm going to inform you guys on updates I make on my latest game: A Box. Today I have added a new obstacle which is spikes, one of the most common obstacles in most 2D games. I am not going to use default, as I can't, for it will not fit with the 3D look.
  • edited April 2019
    A Box: Update Listing No.2

    New update for A Box: Added a laser to the obstacles! I should be adding some moving obstacles/enemies soon! Stay tuned!
  • edited April 2019
    This Game of the Week: Pushed Back!

    I know this is my fourth comment in a row, but this is serious: I have no games this week so far. Even if I do get some, I am going to wait for next week to declare the Week Eight winner. This should give you some more time to send in more games, and work on them for the week! Thanks, and I hope this was not an inconvenience! Have a great day!
  • That's what I mean.
  • Well, the player isn't supposed to go into the editor then play @Polarbeer2019 . I suggest not doing that, as that is the reason why the glitch appeared.
  • edited April 2019
    Bored Reviews: Bored Game Jams!

    I finally decided to make a game jam for you guys to send in games you made that week that follows the category, and see who is the winner! I fact, you can also be a judge (Bored Game Jam Judge- BGJJ)! To send in a game*, see the rules, or become a judge, just go here:

    I'm really excited of what you'll send! Thanks, and have a great day!

    *If you send in a game, it will also be reviewed here, and will have a shot at the Game of the Week!
  • A Box: Update Listing No.3

    Updated look and animation of the laser so that it is smoother and more appealing. More updates will be coming in, hopefully on a faster rate. Wish me luck, and have a great day!
  • Well I thought the art was really cool.
  • Alright @rcreger ready to do a re-review for Rise!
    First just a couple things:
    On mobile so can’t post the link,
    Obviously still not done, the intro is temporary I am having a friend do it he just hasn’t got to it yet.

    If there are any bugs please tell me!

    Also you may experience lag please please please don’t take Down my score
    The lag is because of the power ups
    Thank you
  • edited April 2019
    Thanks @Johnny boy , for letting me know! I will get this re-review in soon!

    EDIT: Also, can you please tell me the last rating I gave Rise? Thanks!
  • edited April 2019
    7.5. To 8
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