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  • Thanks for telling me @Johnny boy ! It makes it much easier for me. Also, thanks for sending in a game! It has been a while! Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) The intro piece isn't too bad. Not taking off any points for it, but I'd just like to see some more detail or something that makes the logo more unique.
    2) I like the addition of the words saying "settings" and "credits" when the mouse goes over it! I thought that was a really cool addition! But the text would look better a bit smaller.
    3) I couldn't help but notice, but are one of those skins Black Manta? :lol: (The 250 to the left on the first page)
    4) I didn't see too many Power-Ups while I played, though the ones I found were fun to use. Maybe make them just a bit easier to find?
    5) Looking in the Editor of the "select screen", I think I found some new upcoming updates... Are they?

    Thanks again for sending a game to me! This felt better than the previous time, but then again, it didn't feel like too much. I know that is terrible to say as I know you have put a lot of work for those Power-Ups, but they were very hard to get. Maybe you can also buy them in the store, and pressing a button, you can use them? You can do that so you can both find Power-Ups or buy them.

    (Ratings out of 10) Though it didn't seem like much more added, it still improved. So I have to say this is either a solid 8/10 or a bit above that (Just not an 8.5/10 yet).You're getting there, but there needs to still be some improvements, which I suggest, still, to change the spike circle things to be more original in the art style. Also, great job! As the lag wasn't that bad! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • Thanks, I'll make the power ups more frequent now
  • If you know anyone who will be willing to be reviewed @Johnny boy , I'd very much like it if you directed them here!*

    *That goes for everyone. Please, I need some submissions :lol:
  • What are you asking for @ToastMaster64 ?
  • @rcreger I know it takes a while to do the reviews but I just did some tweaking and got it way easier to get power ups (I mean like way easier) so can you please try it again and I changed the credits and settings label smaller.
  • maybe more like some suggestions, im kinda lost on what to do next
  • Thanks for sending then, @ToastMaster64 ,

    And tell you what @Johnny boy , instead of a review, I will just tell you what I think, since this is not a super big update (this will still be affecting the rating):

    First, the letter size fits a LOT better. It fits in great with the icon size. And secondly, for the Power-Up increase, I just realized that it was really hard to get to them as the game lagged (a bit) near them, and would make it really hard to turn to get it. Once you add more, the score will still remain the same. Also, this does not count as a review, just a comment/suggestion area. Thanks!
  • 2K Veiws!

    I'm getting up there, ain't I? Not to mention, my comments have shot over even @Crigence 's review! I'm hoping my views will also do the same soon! Wish me luck!
  • I'm going to keep it in a review form for you @ToastMaster64 , so you can go into Game of the Week. I will keep it mostly suggestions, which most of my reviews are just suggestions or just praise of the game. This is a re-review, and here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) First, when playing the game, I don't think the pause button in the game actually works. I suggest to fix that, or make a working one. However, the animation for the mouse being over all of the icons is a very nice touch to the game.
    2) Maybe adding a back story, maybe the reason WHY he is running through a temple. Maybe he is trying to retrieve something? Or something is chasing him out?
    3) Maybe updating some of the artwork to make it more appealing? Maybe some of the default art can be made to be more original.
    4) Maybe add some modes in there somewhere, or possibly a credits scene. Also, maybe find a way so that you could hit things, such as the boulders, out of the way.
    5) Finally, I'd say the last thing you should add is maybe a Power-Up or something like that, as I have also suggested to @Johnny boy before.

    Not much has added, but this was more of a suggestion review, but was more extensive as time has passed, and so my thoughts of the game has changed. This will now have a shot at the Game of the Week, so good luck! You're up against Rise so far. But try to add those, and fix the pause, as I found that to be the only gameplay fault.

    (Ratings out of 10) Thanks for putting all the ratings in your discussion! Last time this had an 8/10, but I know once things are added, this will go up to an 8.5/10, and once art has been enhanced, it will go higher! So keep working, and good luck! The Game of the Week is still next Sunday!
  • edited April 2019
    press C on the main menu ;)

    Pause is working now.
  • That is really neat @ToastMaster64 ! The scene's art might need some smoothing around, but it overall sets a great tone! In the menu, it looks like a sun rise, in the credits, it looks like a sun set. Beginning and end. It looks great! But suppose you could put an icon telling you in-game how to go to the credits. However, great work, and good luck!
  • So I have two games at the moment, and the Game Jam is happening next week, so should I just decide the Game of the Week tomorrow for you guys @ToastMaster64 and @Johnny boy ? Respond as soon as possible, I need both of you to agree. Thanks!
  • edited April 2019
    Tomorrow please rcreger
    Or today
  • I can do it today, and this will be a VERY hard choice. I still have to wait for @ToastMaster64 . He has to respond at least tomorrow. Hopefully I see it if he does.
  • Has everyone forgot about the O.R. thing I made? You guys can review some stuff, too! And it can be ANY game I have already reviewed before.
  • today would be fine @rcreger
  • I thought about it, I just like reviewing in my own discussion
  • @rcreger so today it is?
  • Yes, though one of you may not like the answer...

    Game of the Week: Week Eight

    This weeks Game of the Week goes to: @ToastMaster64 's Temple Runner Retro! It was really close this week, but he had won but slim, and @Johnny boy had put up a great fight over these two games! But Temple Runner Retro just got a few more points in the rating, as Rise was just below 8.5/10, while TRR was at it, and for a good reason! It has something new just about in every level you play in this, and is a great time passer! Go through the courses and obstacles developed by L.A.W.K.S., and see for yourself by clicking this link:

    If you haven't already, give it a like! If you have already, why not play it again? I am also sure the developer would like some feedback on their work! Thanks, and have a great day!

    Honorable mention: @Johnny boy

    @Johnny boy has put a LOT of effort into his game, and so I give this honorable mention for him. His work was massive, but these games were very close alike. If you keep on working on this, I am sure you will get it! Just knock out the competition! Good luck!
  • Not again...

    This day just gets better for the review! Thanks for all of the support, and keep sending in games, working on them, and being your good self!
  • I am sorry to say @Johnny boy ... You were very close. It was very hard to do, but I am trying to keep this as true as possible, so I can't just give you it. But, I am serious, you are VERY close, and it feels ridiculous how close this was. Sorry, and good luck.
  • I’m just gonna let you re review when I actually finish or else I’m gonna just keep losing
  • Just please try to make it by Week 10 @Johnny boy . You've got this.
  • That's 3 game of the weeks I've been it lol. @Johnny boy good game, literally.
  • You actually only have 2, @ToastMaster64 .
  • Caleb's "The Cowboy that did in fact go to space"
  • Oh yeah :lol: I think of that as a team development... I just realized I kind of gave myself a Game of the Week. But it's all of you guys work, so please don't take all of the credit for the Game of the Week @ToastMaster64 :lol: You all did your part.
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