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  • @rcreger I don’t think I can finish it by week 10
  • edited April 2019
    I didnt say "That's 3 game of the weeks i've won", I said "That's 3 game of the weeks I've been"
  • @Johnny boy when do you think you'd finish it (after Week 10)?
  • oooooo, here's a doozy, my first EVER game!, feel free to criticize!
  • edited April 2019
    @rcreger Yeah
  • Well, after the Championship, I may do another five weeks after a break, so yo should have time after that @Johnny boy .

    Also, thanks for clarifying @ToastMaster64 .
  • edited April 2019
    Hey @ToastMaster64 .. This isn't that bad! Would you like a review for it?
  • Not bad at all, actually, it is very good.
  • You can review it if you want @rcreger
  • I'll do it sometime later this week @ToastMaster64 . Thanks!
  • Hey, you know you should finish the game.
  • What are you saying @Polarbeer2019 ?
  • Here is @ToastMaster64 's Generic RPG, and like always, I need another submission so that I can continue Game of the Week till Week Ten! ( @ToastMaster64 , you can't send two of your games :lol: )Here is what I had thought:

    1) Yes! A menu! A bit plain, but it works!
    2) I never realized how much I find it to be amusing when placing a mouse over ab icon and it increasing in size. Also, thanks for a tutorial!
    3) Wow! I've been trying to figure out how to do that, that is, how to make it so that after finishing a conversation with an NPC, it doesn't repeat everything. I will definitely take notes for it and A Boy in Armor! Great work!
    4) It is hard to see the sword. Could you make it more visually better?
    5) An animation for the torches would make it look a lot better! Speaking of visuals, maybe use some more original sprites?
    6) Woah, you made the enemies be able to jump!? Amazing!
    7) There is quite a bit of misspelled words in this...
    8) That bow and arrow animation is the best one I have ever seen! And how it waits a bit to shoot makes it feel more real, and more and more like an official game!
    9) It is amazing how you use these NPC's, and how they react to things (especially the guy in the bush :lol: ). This takes storytelling to the next level!
    10) After playing this, I realized some attacks mysteriously disappeared... Especially the bow attack :anguished:

    A great game, just a LOT of typos. But there is some very well done character development, and as I have also made a story themed game myself, this is exciting for me! I am currently taking notes from this, as this uses visual storytelling as the characters move around, and the way they have a backstory.. I keep going back to the guy in a bush. I might use this stuff, as you have shown me that you can make even enemies jump! This is awesome!

    (Ratings out of 10) I happily give this a high 7.5/10 for great storytelling, and me, who likes a good story and some awesome features for storytelling, will give you a good score for it! It may not seem high, but remember you made this a while ago, with a huge number of typos, and some disappearing attacks. But overall, when especially that bow attack was still there, this was amazing! Great work, and good luck! Start working on this one again, it was fun to play!
  • This game was never completed, that's why there is no sword sprite currently.

    I've actually improved my method of text since then.

    I wish flowlab had spel chek becoose it would be usfulll

    The reason some of the attacks go missing is because I didn't know how saving worked, and since this was never finished, I never bothered with it, i just use some cheat code to unlock things early on.

    I probably wont finish this...
  • This had some great stuff, tho! I even added that dialogue thing that makes it so that it doesn't repeat the full dialogue in A Boy in Armor @ToastMaster64 ! This game had some amazing stuff in it (that bow in arrow animation.. It's the best I've seen!) Please consider working on it more!
  • edited April 2019
    Bored Game Jams!

    Please remember that this weeks Game Jam's theme is Plat-Former, and that it is due THIS Sunday. Just post your game underneath the Announcement in Bored Game Jams. The announcement will tell you to post, so do not post under a random announcement. Thanks, and good luck!
  • Hey guys, can you guys go to my discussion?
  • Post a link to it @Polarbeer2019 ? And, what kind of discussion is it? Thanks!
  • Bored Game Jams!

    Bored Game Jams is ready for you to send in any games you have made for this! All games will be reviewed after the Jam is over, but will be rated when they are submitted. The terms are in the Announcement in Bored Game Jams, right here:

    Good luck to you all! Game of the Week will be moved to next week, so the Game Jam submissions will also have a chance for that as well! Good luck!
  • edited April 2019

    Plymouth Interactive Fables... Tell me what you think!

    P.S. Thanks @ToastMaster64 !
  • Edited my discussion description for Plymouth Interactive Fables (PIFs)! You can check it out, or just enjoy the image right above (that was meant for you @meburningslime :lol: ). Thanks for all the help guys! Did not expect to get this far!
  • edited April 2019
    @rcreger for the game of the week, in the discussion description, you listed my game as "temple run retro", It's temple runner retro, lol. I'm not about to infringe on any copyright ok?

    And your welcome ma lady.
  • Again, not a woman @ToastMaster64 . I will fix the name of your game in the description.
  • lol, sorry ma' man
  • edited April 2019
    Plymouth Interactive Fables

    Have you checked out my new discussion, Welcome to Plymouth Interactive Fables? It gives the background of the story-games I will be making, made, and soon to become! Check it out:

    I will also be releasing new information here, but a lot of it concerning only P.I.F. will be exclusively in that discussion. Go and check it out, and thanks to all!
  • Plymouth Interactive Fables: Logo


    Tell me what you think about my logo!
  • @rcreger confused is my take on it
  • In case you were wondering

    I am not fully going to convert to the Plymouth account, in fact, my major one is still the rcreger account, so you need not be confused. Also, I am not using the Plymouth account fully till I finish my latest Plymouth game that will be on this account: A Box. You can check it out here:

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day!
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