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  • explains why your getting all the business.
  • You know what @ToastMaster64 .. I'm not going to use these (*) to cuss you out :lol: , but instead, help you as a fellow critic:

    LawkRD Game reviews! They need more business!

    These are one of the founding reviews! You can't just let it go! Go check it out, send those games you sent me! He gives very good reviews that gets right to the point while also being truly honest, also giving some great advice and suggestions which I have personally experienced! So really, go to LawkRD for a review for some of your best game! Just go here:

    I honestly do not know why this discussion started going down! It is great! Go there, guys, and enjoy yourselves with some great reviews! Have fun, and a great day!
  • please, im going homeless.... I havent made a a review in days......
  • Wait... Are you serious @ToastMaster64 ?
  • Also, just realized I'm on page 21! Amazing!
  • Oh of course I am!

    Anything is possible if you lie!
  • ..Okay then. Anyways, I hope that brings in more people for you @ToastMaster64 . Good luck!
  • Well, this next Game of the Week should be very big, so I've made it at least three weeks long! So, if you have some games you'd like to submit, be sure to send them in! If I do not have enough games, or if someone has requested for and extension, I will be sure to extend the week! So, get ready, and good luck!
  • Bored Game Jams!

    Remember, this week has been extended to THIS Sunday! This weeks topic is plat-former, any plat-former you'd like! Just go here to find out more:

    Thanks to all who participate! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • edited April 2019
    Hey.. What's up?

    Welcome to my new discussion! This is for my Bored Fellows who have nothing to do, and don't feel like working on their games! Just come here and chill, talk with the other users, and have fun! You can do just about do anything in here (within reason, y'all)! So come on down, and most importantly: Don't be bored! Just go here:

    Have fun everyone! This is for you guys, so have a great day!

    Its called gravity hop and I've been working on it for a couple weeks. I am planning on adding music and boss fights at some point to.

    Try my old game, Infinite game without a great name. It is completely finished, minus the music.
  • Thanks for sending @my_name (<_>) ! Now something can go against @ToastMaster64 's Bored Game Jam game (this week has been a bit slow..)! Remember, this Game of the Week is three weeks long! Good luck to all, and get ready for the Game of the Week Championship!

    It'd be better if you didn't put links to your review @Josef Stallin , especially in other peoples reviews :lol: It is better just to have it there, and let people discover it. Thanks!
  • Oh, yes @my_name (<_>) ! I've already seen you working on this, and this was so interesting! I'm not going to just talk about it in the intro, so here is what I had thought:

    1) Thank you for a very creative, very eye catching menu, which the movement of the block really helps with this! Great work!
    2) The game play for this game is like nothing you've ever seen in any other FlowLab game! This deals so much with gravity and puzzles, and it makes is so great!
    3) Well, there had to be something bad, right? I just think that some of the default FlowLab sprites should be more customized, but other than that, the other sprites look great, feel organized, and fit together! Very nice job with that!
    4) This reminds me of @Creeper Bones 's Castle Jump, a winner of a Game of the Week! So this has vast potential!
    5) I suggest adding in some animations such as for death, jump, maybe an idle so the screen doesn't seem lifeless even when you stop moving.
    6) It is very cool how you have the arrows in the top right to tell the player of which gravity zone they are in! It is fantastic!
    7) Okay, I realized that when being flipped onto the roof, it makes it hard for the player to understand which way to go. This can be either good or bad.
    8) Also, maybe make the levels a bit longer? Or possibly also a tutorial mode? This also seems like a great mode game. Also, possibly increase the jump height, as it can be hard to reach places.
    9) The use of different blocks is very cool, and exciting, making you have to pause, look at the icon, before you go on and jump ahead. Very great job!
    10) Possibly add some more forms of enemies? Maybe some moving platforms, causing timing to become involved? Also, maybe some more intense problem solving, as some just felt like it was just another platform game, trying not to fall of the side of a platform.

    This game was very fun to play, and very entertaining! Of course, there was still a number of downsides to it, and those suggestions are more of, "I really suggest". But, however, this is a game like no other! I am glad to see someone trying something new with this stuff, and you have accomplished something great in game development in FlowLab!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a sincere 7/10 to a 7.5/10, because this is still in development, which is currently placed higher due to that, but the rating is just lower. It is hard to explain. But anyways, this was very fun, and I can't wait to see what you do with this! Keep on working on this one, as it can do great things, and also because I don't want to see it unfinished! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • I will get to the next review in for you @my_name (<_>) possibly by tomorrow. Thanks!
  • its me bigship1. my game still needs an update and for some reason the ghosts turn blue at the same time. its weird.
  • Good luck @Bigship2 ... Er, or @Bigship1 :lol:
  • Thanks @rcreger I drew inspiration for the art strongly from @Creeper Bones castle jump. Good idea for the jump animation, I hadn't thought of that. I am working on more levels, enemies, moving platforms, and the like. Along with a couple surprises.
  • Can't wait to see what is next @my_name (<_>) ! Good luck!
  • Before I review your other game @my_name (<_>) , can you tell me the last rating for it? Thanks!
  • on behalf of my_name, it was 7.5/10
  • Thank you so much @ToastMaster64 , I will start looking at it now, knowing the score it was before. Thanks again!
  • Here is @my_name (<_>) 's other game, "Infinite game without a great name"... It still needs one :lol: But anyways, here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) See you have changed the menu to display the skins.. I'm not sure I like the look of that. It looked a lot better being plain. Maybe if you complete an amount of distance or points, then you unlock a skin, but you (the player) don't get to choose? I know it would be harder, especially trying to tell the player they got a skin, but I think it would clean up the menu better.
    2) It gets pretty difficult, but I think the lag I saw before is gone now! This makes it a lot more enjoyable!
    3) It is very rewarding to get through the section and trying to beat your high score, but why not make the game reward you too? Maybe make an icon put up in bright colors saying "New High Score!" or something to give it more pop.
    4) Speaking of design, maybe add some more obstacles to it, maybe moving platforms that you have to time to get through? Also, maybe have some design changes, either original, or find something that has some colors in some areas, as the grey is a bit bland (I mean as you can keep the grey, but maybe add different levels with different colors).
    5) I have to say, the screen telling me my last high score makes it more enjoyable, not having to look up at the top left all the time.

    Not too much has changed since I have last reviewed it, but of the things that did change, it made some major impacts! Just try taking some of the suggestions, and make sure to look at some of @Johnny boy 's work, who has something similar to this, a game called Rise which also has power-ups and challenges! That should help.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'm not sure of all that changed it can go over a 7.5/10 just yet. It needs some more work, but it is getting there! Very nice concept for the game, using the two separate keys, and like your other game, it broadens the idea of what you can do in FlowLab! I wish you luck, and I can not wait to see what you make of this game! Thanks, and have a great day!
  • edited April 2019
    75 reviews have been completed*!

    I'm am happy to declare that I have gotten this far, and it has been a great time! I hope you guys have also enjoyed my reviews, and I also hope they were helpful! I have tried to keep them polite, and informative on your creations, using constructive criticism! Thanks to all of you, I made it this far! Just wait till I get to a 100 reviews, and as the Game of the Week Championship Week One finishes, and two more to come, I wish you all luck, and a very fantastic day!

    *this includes re-reviews
  • Week one of the Game of the Week Championship is nearly here! Two more weeks are coming up, so get ready! This is the biggest Game of the Week yet, but we only have two games submitted:

    1) @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop
    2) @my_name (<_>) Infinite game without a great name

    As you can see, these are made by the same developer, so we need some more competition, explaining why this is the largest Game of the Week! Good luck to all, and have a fantastic day!
  • Give you suggestions for what now @ToastMaster64 ?
  • edited April 2019
    The Game of the Week Championship is now on Week Two! Get ready, and good luck!
  • edited April 2019
    Still working on Rise, I won’t finish it in time. But I’ll still send it. SOON

    What I’ve added since you last reviewed it:

    New intro( I think I already showed you)

    Credits( way more
    polished now)

    When you press play the stars and your character go up and then starts the game!

    2 new skins in game( i have more than 35 right now( some not in the game)

    Working on customble spikes!!!

    Bundles: you can buy a bundle for a ton of brains and get like 4 skins or so and a custom spike. (I’ve finished the ice bundle I just haven’t coded it yet)

    Still working on challenges need more ideas if you have some!

    Working on mini games( they were gonna be infinite runners but then I tried it and they weren’t very organized so I might not make them infinite runners)

    If you have any more ideas please tell me thanks,

    Ps: I’m not asking for a review right now (soon)
  • Thanks for the feedback for Rise @Johnny boy , it seems like you have had a lot of progress! I really like how there is a lot of stuff you can do with this, as you add bundles and challenges which keep you in the game! Good luck, and I don't have any suggestions at the moment, but I think you got it! Thanks!
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