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  • edited April 2019
    I’m trying to make a lot of stuff costumable because I don’t want people to get bored of The same thing every time.

    This will be the biggest update yet!!!

  • Thanks for this feedback @Johnny boy , and I think that is a great idea for keeping the players interest! Good luck!
  • No problem @Johnny boy , and 22 pages!
  • Need more views!

    So @Crigence has done, now I need it! Like his review, reaching over 4k views, I'd like to now beat that record! I've already reached the highest amount of comments, so this my next stop! Let's do this, good luck, and have a great day!
  • edited April 2019
    @rcreger look at my game it's called block run (and if you think it's a rip off of Cubed, look at the credits(to look at the credits click the C in the bottom left corner)). Tell me what you think.
  • @rcreger check the discussion link :)

    It's a short story driven game [10 seconds of gameplay]

    It's still a test version, and the story is just 2 small pieces dialogue.

    [Should I continue this project?]

  • Thanks for sending @cthornock and @Simple_doge5 (I'll get to that soon @ToastMaster64 ), and these will be reviewed!... Eventually. I've been having less and less time on my hands lately, so, sorry to say you may have to wait a little bit before these reviews come in. However, that does not mean to stop sending! I will get them in, don't worry, so just wait up, and they'll be there! Thanks again, and have a great day!
  • Can you review my American Ninja Warrior Game?
  • Okay, I'm hoping to get a review or two in today, so here's @cthornock 's Block Run! And he is right, it looks like @Greggo could have ripped it off for CUBED Lite... Here is what I had thought:

    1) Several mechanics are EXACTLY the same as CUBED, mainly in differences in artwork, but they are also very similar, only that @Greggo 's was more smoother.
    2) I'd suggest putting a bit more work in the font-work in the title sprites for the start-up and the menu screen to be more appealing. This also includes making some sprites look a bit better, as the "?" icon with the flares going around it looks a bit choppy...
    3) I really like the obstacles and playing through them, also their diversity makes it a lot more interesting and more enjoyable to play! Nice work!
    4) Maybe add in some more animations? Such as a character idle, maybe the enemies will react to the player landing on top of them?
    5) Maybe add some collectibles throughout?Maybe there could be some hidden coins that you would try to get, and the amount you have gotten would be displayed after the level? Also, you could also make it so you could purchase skins with coins.
    6) One thing I highly suggest for this type of game: A menu button in-game. Maybe the player would like to get back to the screen.
    7) I just realized, when turning up my volume... There is no sound or music. This is also a very high suggestion, especially a jump sound affect would do great for this game.
    8) Maybe make an even larger variety of enemies, such as moving ones? This would give this game more of a sense of timing into it.
    9) Seeing that there is multiple levels, I'd think it'd be great if there was some sort of a level select.
    10) Also, one other thing, maybe a different sprite for the bullets those... Arrows? Shoot. I think it would be more visually accepted with some new sprite work.

    One major thing I noticed was that, yes, @cthornock may have first made this type of game, but I feel that @Greggo had perfected it. This doesn't feel as professional as his, which is a possibility as of why he got the front page, but this was a good game which may have even given him the inspiration to make that game! Of course, he could have thanked you...

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a 7/10, mainly because I've seen the actual potential, which was from CUBED. I know that it may upset you, but this seems to be more in-development. But, 7/10 is not a bad score, as this seems to be older, and hasn't been worked on for while (forgive me if I'm wrong). Anyways, good luck with this game, and thank you for letting me review!
  • Okay, this review will consist of only 5 comments, due to how small it is (it is a test). Here is @Simple_doge5 's game, currently named "test". Here is what I had thought:

    (Due to lack of length, review only consists of 5 comments)
    1) Okay, first off, I wasn't sure where the play button was :lol: Could you make it more visible, or a more eye-catching animation or art design? Thanks!
    2) However, I liked how the play button displayed some text and the animation fit.
    3) I really liked the artwork and animations, but with so many, I'd like to see a run/walk and jump animation, too. Maybe even an attack.
    4) I like how you're using story for this! I'm not the only one!
    5) The last thing is: Yes! Continue it! I want to know what happens next, because this test was so small, it is almost like a teaser trailer for a great movie!

    I really want to see where this one goes, and how the story develops! I want to see some new mechanics and controls, and.. What that small circle in the top left corner was. Anyways, I loved the art, and it's animations! Just try to make the button more visible.

    (Ratings out of 10) Well, from all of I played, I give it a 7/10, because it just started. This is a fantastic score for a game this small in testing, so I really want you to continue this one! You artwork never fails in your games, and I can't wait to see what you do with the story! Good luck, and hope to see you soon!
  • Okay, the last game that was sent to me so far, @Bmarzi 's American Ninja Warrior, which I did not think that anyone would make a game of this! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very nice intro! It looked really cool, but I must ask: Did you really make it yourself?
    2) In-game, I realized some objects are in front of the player, and some are not. Such as the metal bars can both be in front or behind. Also, the bottom of the player is visible still when in the water.
    3) I really like the title saying "Drew Dreschel", as the effect it gave, as if it were 3D, gave it a sense of profession to it. Nice work!
    4) I also noticed a lot of the sprites are based off the default FlowLab sprites. Maybe you should make your own original sprites? Especially if you made that start-up :lol:
    5) I really liked the obstacles, and gave me a challenge trying to get all the buzzers! It also called back to some of the stuff from the show. Great job!
    6) The jump is VERY high, which I did not expect. But you really can't change that now, as some of the obstacles require that high jump.
    7) You should add something like a bar to swing on, having to press a button to grab onto it? It was call up for some of the other past obstacles of the show.
    8) Maybe some moving obstacles, so that it develops some timing to develop?
    9) These challenges can be very difficult! Maybe add some check points, as it isn't that enjoyable when having to appear back at the menu each time you die.
    10) You should add some more sound and music, as when I turned on my sound.. The game had none.

    It was both enjoyable, and not. I liked playing it, and would probably give me several moments of entertainment, but then there is setbacks as you go all the way to the start of the game after you die. I highly suggest checkpoints, sound and music, and some more updated original sprites.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a 6.5/10, as this needs some more work, but was very fun in gameplay! So, you'll just need to try to update the things I suggested, and you should be set! Hope to see you soon after some work is done, and thanks for letting me review, and I wish you luck with it! Have a great day!
  • edited May 2019

    I did create the intro myself, but it is modified from a sprite found online. The player is intended to go "in between" the scaffolding. I'll attempt to make something to swing on, I tried something movable but couldn't seem to get it to work. Checkpoints is a good idea.
  • Good luck again @Bmarzi , and thanks for sending!
  • edited May 2019
    Week Two of the Game of the Week Championship is over! Here comes the final week, everyone! Try to get your games in! I am still willing to re-review as well! Good luck to all!
  • edited May 2019
    Here, I fixed some stuff in Block Run.
  • Just to let you know @cthornock , your game is already placed into the Championship. This will continue as a re-review, and may up your score and possibility of winning the contest.
  • Okay, time for @cthornock 's Block Run, second time placed into the championship (these games will also go against the other Game of the Week winners). Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) I can see that you have updated the menu screen, and from looking at this, I realized what is wrong with it: It looks sloppy. The font and placement of the menu items are very messy, and I'd like to see it more organized. Especially for the start up screen and title and any other place where a character (letter or symbol), I'd like to see redone in a more organized look.
    2) Speaking of the menu, I actually liked the play button you made with its animation. Maybe do something like that for the display of the level numbers?
    3) Maybe make it so that some levels are locked until you get to it, so you can't just go to the highest level, so it makes it so the player has to play through the game before getting to the end.
    4) I liked the animation you gave the enemy blocks, but it cuts off pretty quickly so it is not easily noticed. Could you make it last longer?
    5) Thank you for putting a pause button, restart, and home button in-game! You placed more in than I had asked, and gives the player more options! Maybe make it so you can purchase skins, too?

    I had seen some development, not too much in the levels, but mainly in the menu and some animation differences, and a few things taken away. You are getting there, but I really feel the handwriting/font for the letters and symbols for the start-up and menu, and some of the symbols for the in-game restart could look nicer. Other than that, it is looking up!

    (Ratings out of 10) I do not think much has changed, so I'll say it is just over 7/10, but NOT yet 7.5/10. I want to see more improvement. One thing I forgot to mention is thank you for adding some music. Also, I have seen its different modes, giving some gameplay variety. But overall, the same score. I'd like to see more of the game later this week, so keep on developing! Thanks, and have a great day!
  • Here you can play this and you must have a lot of time on your hands...
  • Thanks for submitting @TheForgotten , and most of the time yes... Are you calling back to the time I said "I have a lot of time on my hands" in the description of this discussion? :lol:
  • @rcreger I didn't really read the whole first msg I skimmed thro it to see what is going on in this discussion, call me lazy but I knew that this was a place you summit games and you rate them so I sent you a link because I want to see what people think of the game so far. I plan to make a editor where people can make a level within the game which has never been done before so why not try it?
  • Sounds like a great idea! Tell you what, I will get this review in by tomorrow. I haven't looked at the game yet, so it will be a complete mystery to me. Thanks again!
  • Okay, sorry I wasn't on yesterday @TheForgotten , but I'm here now! I remember playing this at one time, so here is what I had thought:

    1) Very nice looking menu! The animations and movement make it very eye-catching, and very nice to look at! Nice work!
    2) Maybe make it so that levels are locked until you beat the previous ones? It would make it so the player would actually and thoroughly play your game.
    3) One thing I didn't really like is that you have to continuously press the move arrow to walk. Could you please make it so that you can hold it down to continuously move? It would make it more enjoyable and less time consuming, and overall easier to control.
    4) The artwork is pretty nice, and most fits great together! Of course, the fire could be simpler looking to to fit more with the blocks, and I don't really like the default dog, but it is overall nice to look at! Great work!
    5) Thank you for putting in a working checkpoint system! I will look at this to actually learn to make checkpoints for my upcoming game: A Box!
    6) It is so cool how you use the TNT and mines! And the affect they give is fantastic! You should also include an explosion to go with it.
    7) The music is very fitting, and the sound affects work perfectly! I've never heard such excellently placed sounds! Fantastic job!
    8) I think it looks great how you display the updates in the top right corner of the menu, just to inform the player how much work you put into it!
    9) I really like the second level and it's use of puzzles! You are getting a good spot in Game of the Week so far! The movement doesn't even feel so affecting anymore!
    10) The diversity of things you do in this is honestly amazing! It is a shame that there is only four levels... But the best four levels, I have to say, I've ever played!

    I really liked this one, and has a great position in Game of the Week! The way you used all of these puzzles kept me, as the player, hooked to the game! Not too many games have accomplished this, so you got somewhere! There wasn't too much to fix, just mainly suggestions in this review. Please consider those, as it is possible this game may get even better!

    (Ratings out of 10) Right off the bat, it's first review is in the range of 8.5/10 to 9/10! Fantastic fist score for this game, and it definitely deserved it! I hope to see more of your games before the Game of the Week Championship is over, so good luck, keep updating, and have a fantastic day!
  • edited May 2019
    I don't use the arrow keys myself so I didn't even notice this. I added arrow keys yesterday without really testing them.The WASD controls did work when you played the game. It should be fixed now. Also the locked level system I did think about adding but never did sense people can very easily just open the editor and skip a level easily. But I have considered adding a medal that would say which levels you've beaten and how long it took.
  • edited May 2019
    Oh, okay @TheForgotten , that would make sense! I didn't even think to use WASD after seeing that the arrow keys moved it. So that part is fine now, thanks for letting me know!

    Here are the competing games and users so far:

    - @my_name (<_>) 's Gravity Hop
    - @my_name (<_>) 's Infinite game without a great name
    - @cthornock 's Block Run
    - @Simple_doge5 's "test"
    - @Bmarzi 's American Ninja Warrior
    - @TheForgotten 's Dog Walk

    Thanks to all of those who have submitted so far! This has been a great joy to me, and I will definitely do a second set of Game of the Week after a break! Keep on sending them in, because this will still be the first Game of the Week Championship!

    P.S., did you notice that I did not number them? It was to stop any suspicion of the numbers meaning the top to bottom of rank.. They weren't, and are still just from the first submission to last submission.
  • Plymouth Interactive Fables: A Box

    I haven't worked on this one in quite a bit, but I have finally worked on a bit of the story, and a possible story arch! I am still writing the story up, so this will not be coming out until a good while, and won't be completely done until I get it reviewed and fix the suggestions. If you want to play the small addition (and please give me suggestions), the just click the link below:

    Thank you all for playing, and please be so kind to like it! The more likes it gets, the more quickly I'll decide to work on it! Have a great day!
  • edited May 2019
    please try my game. It doesn't exactly have a story but the second to last boss is a real challenge! This is my first game, so I'm bad at game design.

    Link is here:
  • Thank you for sending @ISSYABOI ! I will be getting this done hopefully by tomorrow!
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