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Bored Reviews (CLOSED until further notice)



  • 900 comments! I'm trying to get to 1K! Let's keep this going!
  • Here's a quick HINT!!! Screenshot (4)
  • Looks amazing @Johnny boy , and I like the look of the trail, very nice touch! From what it looks, I think I would really like this new version, as the sprites, I think, look much better and smoothed out!

    Can't wait till you submit! Good luck, and have a fantastic day!
  • I want this week's GOTW to be bigger than last one's - so I want at least 3 contestants in this one, so far I have one. I don't want to just have 2 like the last one, as it was not very interesting or had any scale.

    Thanks to all of those who participate, and have a great day!
  • I may extend this week, guys, but I'll be off for a while, so I'll if the numbers rise. Thanks, and have a great day!
  • Announcement!

    If you have not already saw, this review is going to be closed - for a while. It is just not as exciting as it used to be, neither as energetic. People are not really looking for reviews anymore, or just at the moment. Yeah, there's a Game of the Week, but there has been, still, no more submissions.

    So, I'm going to be waiting, even longer, for more submissions till I come back to the reviews. However, I am still using the forums, and will try to continue working on A-Box and other future (or previous) games. I will use the forums to keep you guys updated on the projects, and thanks for understanding!

    It was fun, and I'm sure I will return to Bored Reviews, but at the moment, GOTW2 as well with its Championship, is on a sort of "pause". So, I'll see you all next time when reviews are more popular again, and a few more submissions have entered. Now, I need to stop myself, as I could go on and on with this, but this is the end - for now. Stay tuned to any updates!
  • Hello, everyone. Just for you guys to know, this review will re-open once a couple more reviews come in. So, if you have a game to share, don't be shy!

    I'm also commenting to bump the discussion. Thanks!
  • Rise has level 1 done but I don’t have the menu, intro or shop, completely done yet It will be a little bit before I send it in.
  • My game's not finished yet, and basically never will-- That's the point.
    1K is an ever-expanding game that dives into every single game I've ever made.
    The bad thing is, it's a bug finding machine, and most of which I can't do anything about.
    With one of the bugs, it doesn't let you do the quest in the Fallout level, which I'm really sorry about.
    I'm trying my best to fix them, but nothing.
    But with that in mind, the HaKK3R level mainly works, which is good. Play as either the good or bad guys, and fight against another human!
  • Thanks for the update on Rise @Johnny boy - I will still wait for the submission.

    And thanks for submitting @browngr ! I will try to review this by Monday, so that I can continue the Game of the Week. Thanks again!
  • @rcreger, thanks! I know the game's not much, but it's the little details that count. Each sprite in the Fallout level took at least 30 minutes to complete 100%. Each location is packed full of content.
    I hope you enjoy, even if there's not much to do.
  • I look forward to it @browngr ! Monday is just around the corner, so just hold up! Thanks!
  • i hope you can review my game again, its called ghost dash if you forgot.
  • can i join yo team sho
  • I just finished my first collaborative game with Rigga/Mymomsfavmistake, Mushroom Man.
    The goal of the game is to defeat the evil Pooka King and his Pooka army and save Princess Pear. The game is supposed to be a bit of a joke, but I still put at least 6 hours of work into this and of this account put in at least 5 hours. You only have 1 hp and mushrooms do nothing. Idk really what else to say except I hope you have fun! And if you review yes, I know Moogbas don't kill you, they're only there to be slaughtered >:)
  • Hi, I'm back!!
  • Hello, I've got some things to do..

    Hello, I'm going to be back to review this games real quick (sorry I could not get back to you guys sooner, I don't even know if you guys are still on the forums), and I will be choosing the second week Parva Quinque winner - if you guys are new and don't remember what that was, it's a mini Game of the Week Championship set up after the main, larger one. If there comes more submissions in this thread, I will continue to review. If it doesn't prosper, I'll let this go for a while longer, and possibly try again.

    So let's get this back on and review these submissions which have been waiting way too long!
  • Forgive me if I'm rusty, I haven't reviewed anything in a long time @browngr :lol: Your submission was HAKK3R, which I don't remember if I'd reviewed this already, so I'll use the normal review format - ten comments and a score. So, this is a clean slate. Here is what I had thought:

    1) Nice title screen, very detailed, with a decent atmosphere to it. Some sprites could be more detailed, and some more movement in the screen would be nice, such as some clouds moving in the sky, with a large yellow moon. I'd suggest making the clouds slightly transparent so that they seem wispy.
    2) Very nice! Loved the animation where the building collapses and goes straight into the story of the game! Some more SFX would add to the immersion, but it was a great transition.
    3) Love how there's a story in this, I personally really enjoy games revolving around a dramatic story, and so this one seems to be well planned out and thoroughly placed. Nice work!
    4) One complaint is that the sprites for the buildings themselves could make this more visually satisfying, and also maybe more debris and smoke coming from the crashing building? It just needed something more to it.
    5) Okay, going into the game, highly suggest making your own ground sprites. The other sprites and animations, in the overall spectrum, need some polishing up. Basically, you can make this look even better.
    6) Um.. I don't think you told me/the player how to attack. I'm not sure how to play it. Make sure to tell me how to play IN the game. That's very important.
    7) I must have to complain how slow the animations are for the suit up sequence. I honestly couldn't really tell he was even suiting up.
    8) Why can't I kill anyone in the first level? This game was looking up in the beginning, but the second part seems to be very unprepared and the combat is a bit underwhelming. More SFX, variation of enemies, etc.
    9) When the "You Died" screen pops up, I feel like once I press the button, I should just restart the level with the suit on.
    10) After the suit up sequence, the background music does cut off for some reason, and no more music is played, making the scene very bland.

    Okay, it was very great and inspiring to see a story game come up, but this needs a LOT of polishing done to it. When I attacked the first enemies, they didn't die, or begin to die.. After making them enabled to die, make an animation to show that they are being damaged as well. Anyways, strong start, but ultimately kind of flopped a bit. The menu start and story was well done, just some visual fixes, but the game itself also has to deliver.

    Ultimately, fix sprites, animations, gameplay, and audio, and polish it all up and I think this game will deliver, but at the moment, it feels extremely unfinished and needs some working on. So, I'll give your game, HAKK3R, 5.5/10 to a 6/10 at the moment, since I'm pretty sure it's nothing like the original if I played it (sorry if the score did drop, however). But good luck, especially with the story setup, this has lot's of potential!
  • I couldn't find @Polarbeer2019 's Ghost Dash, so I'm going to review @ManiacPumpkin 's To The North, which I remember liking! So here is another clean slate - mainly because I can't remember your last score :lol: But here we go.. Here is what I thought:

    1) To The North has one of the best intro's to a FlowLab game I've ever seen! *cough* nostalgia *cough*. I really like it, and I think you added some things to the menu in it's design.. It might just be me noticing things I didn't notice a long time ago.
    2) Just a note, maybe redo the fire and it's animation, and possibly let it create some sort of "false light" in the animation. I think it could look better.
    3) You still only have Chapter One done?.. Are you not working on this anymore?.. Well, anyways, I like the Chapter Select menu, it's unique and isn't used too much from what I've seen from FlowLab games.
    4) Absolutely love the objective box in the bottom left! Completely unique to this game, and haven't seen it anywhere else on this site!
    5) Question on the story - why does the main character need to find the other villagers? Did he get lost? What happened? Also, what is the main characters name?? I don't know if I asked this before.
    6) Looking at all the other sprites, I feel the trees in the background deserve more detail than they've got right now. Give it some texture, basically, but not too much because you want it to remain the background and not the center of my attention.
    7) This might just be broken from updates, but why didn't the game restart after I died? I just fell down a hole and just.. Kind of sat there :lol:
    8) The sprites and animations of this game are still pretty good - not sure if too many of them changed, but there still highly enjoyable and pretty polished and nice to look at. Just suggest that the sides of the holes look more natural and "earthy".
    9) Maybe add a way to skip the intro of the game - though it is fantastically made, it'd still be nice for those impatient type of gamers.
    10) Also, I really like the sounds, though the song in the background doesn't seem well looped, I think the SFX are well chosen.

    I don't think too much has changed with this game, but it was still fun to play and look back on, though when I die, I have to refresh the tab because for some sad reason, maybe it's code, it wont restart on it's own. I haven't gone to look at the code, but always a possibility.

    Please, @ManiacPumpkin , if you are still here, continue making this game! I really liked it, and it deserves to be continued since your using things most other FlowLab games have not tried! Anyways, I'll give this game, To The North, a 7.5/10 to a 8/10 (more of 8/10), not counting the broken state of the restart game function. Really deserves to be continued, because I will play it if it is continued!
  • @I want death, I will not be reviewing your game, since it is a joke, though I will say I enjoyed it though it was difficult, and at points frustrating. Thanks for the submission!
  • edited January 11
    Game of the Week: Parva Quinque - Week Two

    It's been more than a week, by far, yes, but I got caught up an I have decided that @ManiacPumpkin 's game, To The North, is the Second Week winner of Parva Quinque! There is now three more spots left in the competition, so, if you want in, and for this thread to keep going, then submit in your games! Also, make sure you try out To The North! It is a fabulous game, however, be cautioned that it seems broken from *possibly* updates, but it's worth to be checked out and why not drop a like on it?

    Make sure to go also check out it's review in this discussion, on page 31!

    You can play To The North here:
    If you have any comments, drop them in here, I'm sure the developer would like your feedback!

    Thanks for all who participated in this weeks competition! Have a great rest of your day, and keep on submitting those games if you want my review to keep going! I'm just doing this to get the unfinished business out of the way! Thanks!
  • CLOSED until further notice... Again.

    So I assume that reviews are no longer that popular on the forum, I will be closing the review again, meaning I will just not be checking it. Feel free to submit, but it'll probably be a while till I see it. Who knows, maybe reviews will come back around.

    But until then, good luck to all of y'all! It was nice to come back for a little bit, plenty of new ones on here, surprisingly very few of the ones I knew are on here... I barely know anyone :lol: Anyways have a fantastic rest of your day, or night, whatever you're having, just let it be FANTASTIC!

    Good bye, I will see you again sometime in this review!
  • Hey thanks. Yeah the game is still in development so there are a lot of things I need to add. Also, i'm only using free edition so it's hard trying to make a fully playable game with limited sprites.
  • Completely understandable @ManiacPumpkin , it's a very difficult task to make a game on free, especially a big and high detailed one. I wish you luck with the game, and I hope the review helped!
  • Hey, @rcreger! Thanks for the review. SO, to explain the problems with the 1st level, the enemies' health systems for some reason disappeared, and with central progress on Fallout Anarchy, I've been putting it off. And thanks for the feedback on the sprites, I'll make sure to get to work on those once I have some spare time not spent on my main two right now. And for the suit up sequence, yeah, it looked a lot better in the old days... XD
    Html5 updates did a number on it, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it. SO, I'm glad you were able to review it, and I'm happy to see what you think of Fallout Anarchy and The Settlement once their in better playable condition! (=
  • @rcreger

    You should review all the flowjam games once they come in
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