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Bored Reviews (CLOSED until further notice)



  • Here is the last one on the list that I haven't already reviewed for you @meburningslime ! And this one seems a bit of change in pace! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Well, if there was one thing that was the same, there was no menu, but let's get that out of the way (But still try to make one, please).
    2) Little bit confused as of what to do, no instructions, but was easily figured out, though I wasn't sure as of what to hit. Description?
    3) I really liked the animation for the ball of energy you are able to shoot, and gives it a feeling it is actually bouncing off the walls. Great work!
    4) I really like how this is a strategy game, and I haven't seen too many on FlowLab, so thumbs up on that one!
    5) I like how you are trying to dodge the bombs to hit the bubbles, and requires some REALLY good concentration.
    6) It kind of just gets really hard in the next level, and it feels impossible! Have you beat your own game yet? If you did, impressive.
    7) So you know how Angry Birds has that line that shows where the bird could go? Maybe you should try doing something like that, and it would make this really cool!
    8) It lacks quite a bit in sound..
    9) Yes, very good animations for the energy ball, but maybe some more? The game seems lifeless when you aren't shooting anything.
    10) The art works for the most part, as the purple lets the tank, I think, stand out more.

    One of your better games, and very special! Haven't seen too many strategy games here, relying on you figuring out the angles and how hard the ball will bounce. Very well done! It just needs some more sound, maybe some more animations, maybe a few art changes, and DEFINITELY a menu.

    (Ratings out of 10) I happily give this a 7.5/10, as I really liked that it was strategic, which gave you most of your score there, and I liked the new way as you added an ANIMATION! It looked pretty good too! Add more of those in your other games! Just keep on fixing these, and you will easily be granted an 8/10 to maybe an 8.5/10! Keep on working, and I hope this helped! Thanks!
  • Thanks for letting me re-review @my_name (<_>) ! I had liked this one before as well! Very fun gameplay, very original (For FlowLab)! Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) So, it seems like you have added more to the menu as of game modes. This gives a lot more! Nice work!
    2) It has gotten a lot more laggy for me for some reason. Have you changed something that may have caused this?
    3) The different game modes are very well made, and each have their own special feature! Very well done! I really like that!
    4) I took a look at the shop, and you had misspelled "incomplete", you might want to fix it, unless you would be just taking out that message anyways.
    5) The animations seems better, and the soon-to-come shop seems to give more freedom to the character and makes the one-eyed bat make more sense.

    This game was already unique, and a very great infinite runner. But why did you change the name? If you want a suggestion, I suggest "Arrow Dash", maybe "Barrier Speed", maybe something to do with barriers, speed, unlocking, etc.

    (Ratings out of 10) Before it had gotten a 7.5/10, and is moving up. You have adding much as of modes and a shop, maybe even stuff I haven't even noticed, so I'll happily give this either a 8/10 to an 8.5/10, depending as of what I had missed. Thanks, and good luck! Keep on adding to this, very good game!
  • Im still working on knights questz and I'm sorry I didnt tell you that. Use logs to fill gaps! ;)
  • Yeah, I might want to make an announcement for that @meburningslime .. You know what:


    Hey everyone, please remember to tell me if the game is a work in progress or not, so that I can include it in the review, and it might bring up your score, maybe not, it really depends on the game and how well made it is. Thanks for the cooperation, and have a great day!

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • edited March 2019
    A Boy in Armor: Finished!
    Hey everyone! Just finished my game, A Boy in Armor! You can check it out here:

    I thank you all for all of the support and the help! And, if you do play it, for goodness sake, give it a like! A lot of people have been giving me feedback on how much they like it, but don't "like" it, if your getting what I mean. Please and thank you, have a wonderful day!

    Also, you can leave feedback below as well! Thanks

    Thanks guys for all of the support! It had taken a while to get up just this high! Keep on sending games, and I will most likely get them done tomorrow, since I take off on Sundays. Thanks for understanding, and have a great day!

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • So sad...
    At least PLEASE make a secret good ending? Im gonna cry!
  • Game of the Week: Week Three

    Who would have guessed anything else? This game came in for a re-review right after week two just finished up, and here is @CrimsonBlackGames Starblast 3! Very well made game, and looks very professional! One of FlowLab's finest games! Now, since this game is very well made, it may create a lag, by he supplied us a link to a site that, at least for me, allowed me to use it easier. Here it is:

    Now, just because it is on another site, doesn't mean you can't go over here and give the game a like! And who knows, maybe it will work for you on here.

    Now, if you care about using FlowLab, you need to play this game! It has some of the best work you can have in this game maker! Very nice graphics, great gameplay, and fantastic sound and music! A must-play, of which I gave a rating of a 9.5/10, one of the highest ratings that I have given!

    So go out there and play this game everyone, and I'm sure he will be excepting feedback on this great game! Give it a like if you haven't already, and if you have, then why now play it again? Go ahead, and great work CrimsonBlackGames! Have a great day!
  • Well, I can't now @meburningslime since I just used my last free level :anguished: Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you still enjoyed the game! It had taken me a while to make, though it may seem simple. Thanks again, and have a great day!
  • edited March 2019
    Hey @rcreger I just created a new game and was wondering if you could give me some advice on it. I saw that Flowlab doesn't have a lot of scary games on it (Or that's just me too lazy to look) so I decided to create a game that could spook a few.
    The Cursed Room:

    The Game is kind of a Demo because I haven't actually finished the end part and since I am running out of blocks (Sprites) to make (Free edition) I had the idea of making the ending on a separate game and when you achieve a certain progress you advance to another game giving you the ending. It will be a lot of work, but it makes the game better.
  • edited March 2019
    Thank you for letting me play your game @SomeGuy542 , and you are right, there isn't many horror games here.. And this is absolutely one of the best games here! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very neat menu! But make it so that you can't skip it till the actual play screen is there, since the "made by" is a bit long, so I thought you meant for us to click it.
    2) The part where they are talking to the parents was genius! Very eerie with the dark, and then the fade in! (Also, you don't have to make parent characters :lol: ) It gave a very good horror feel to it!
    3) The artwork is very great! The animations are fantastic! Did you make these? They are magnificent!
    4) Woah! That thing sliding across the screen was very well done! Though, it didn't feel existent enough. Maybe make it fade before it goes outside the house? It just didn't feel right seeing it just float out there.
    5) There isn't much of enemies when I had played, but the suspense is pretty high (At least higher than many others)!
    6) I like the sense of discovery picking up items, and the empty rooms shows the vastness of the house and makes it feel more real. Nice work!
    7) The rain affect in the windows are a really nice touch! I actually love that! But there is no rain where I see fence..
    8) I want more jumpscares! More intensity! Something filling the whole screen with something horrifying when you are caught! Oh wait, this isn't finished? Then take that as a suggestion. Also, what is the flashlight for?
    9) The sounds and music are very beautifully put together in this, and fit so well into the mood. Fantastic!
    10) The only gameplay error I was able to find is that sometimes after touching a wall you start moving in a direction for no reason.

    Very impressive game! First one I've seen to successfully capture something of a horror in it! The sound and music, with the very eerie art style just makes this so much better! Also, this isn't even finished yet, and is the start of something great!

    (Ratings out of 10) For making the first game to have a decent horror in sense, and just being the demo, I give this a glad 7.5/10 to an 8/10 as I can't decide, as this is a fantastic for a demo, and outstanding as this game is just starting up! From what I played, there was so much environmental storytelling, giving off the mood! This has a great shot for this weeks Game of the Week! Good luck!
  • Can You Review My Games It Called Fang In Techno Planet
    It is A Sequel To Sonic In Ocean Valley And It Has Been
    In Two Year In Development In Work!
    Here Is The Link
  • Though some of the wording is a bit off, I was happy to review your game @hyperthunder16 ! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very neat title screen! The graphics look great, and when I say they are great, I always ask if you made them yourself, so here I ask, "Did you make the art?"
    2) Took a bit to load, and the menu, maybe it is just me, lacked some music and sound. Think about adding some.
    3) The gameplay is pretty fun and enjoyable, though the animations are a bit off and don't react as well as they should.
    4) Why is Z the jump button? It gets a bit confusing as the player.
    5) You should try putting an in-game alert to tell you what the story is and what certain objects do instead of going around blindly confused.
    6) Some of the art doesn't really fit together. It mostly fits till you see the ground blocks, as the appearance goes down.
    7) The look of the background looks really neat and pretty cool to look at.
    8) One thing I noticed is that when you stop moving, the life seems to disappear from the game. Maybe add some animations to the background?
    9) Maybe add some more options for the player to choose, maybe skins, levels, difficulties, etc.
    10) The music seems to fit pretty well with the theme of the game. Great job!

    Sorry for what was more of a negative review, especially as you have been working on this for 2 years, it just doesn't feel quite complete for a 2 years in the making type of game. Just put some more work into it, but what you have here is a great start and shows great effort!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 6.5/10, as it just got a bit confusing, though with several other great qualities for the game. It just didn't feel complete yet with story and some art and animation flaws. Just fix these, and you'll be set for it! Thanks and good luck!
  • *evil laughing intensifies*
    thank you
  • You are certainly welcome @CrimsonBlackGames , you deserved the Game of the Week (Though it is not very big or exciting, but it is fun on my part :lol: )! Have a great day!
  • Yeah, I am still working on A Boy in Armor, especially having it re-reviewed by @Crigence (I don't know why I asked, not much has changed except for bug fixes and some story additions) so I have deleted the wisps, and the object will be used for background objects (A bush maybe, also suggested by Crigence :lol: ). Sorry for the false alarm, but I am not done with this game yet. Thanks, and wish me luck!

    Also, have a great day!
    You NEED at least 1 other person to play this.
    You need at least 1 other ONLINE player to play this.
    Remember, i made these about a YEAR ago!!!!!
  • Important Announcement!

    I will be on the review less now, as I am now working in the dev team, F.P.S., started by @Caleb Strawberry 3 , so I won't be able to do your game for a bit @meburningslime :anguished: But you have a great time, and I will get to the games. In fact, keep on sending, and I will get to them. Thanks!

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • So, tell me, do we have to be on the game at the same time to play your game @meburningslime ? Thanks!
  • This game is in, early, early access, but what do you think of it so far?
  • I'm afraid I won't be able to review your game @meburningslime , mainly because I'm not sure how it works, but I can do yours @Corban ! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very nice intro you made there! And the glitch thing looks really cool! Nice work!
    2) The menu is pretty good for a game that is in "early, early" access, though more motion in it would make it a lot better!
    3) I like that there is different game modes, and how some are locked. It feels like an official game!
    4) Also that you can choose the different game arenas is very nice! It gives the player more choice in how they play.
    5) That animation before the level you click starts is AWESOME! Very well done!
    6) I like how the characters have an idle animation, and in fact, these animations are great! You have obviously put a lot of effort in this! (This looks a lot like @nkbulider 's game)
    7) I found a glitch: Sometimes if you catch a weapon, you spawn inside a block, in valley level.
    8) I'm not sure the real-life picture fits will the 8-bit characters. Maybe make backgrounds of your own? I think it would look better.
    9) Most of the art looks great, and fitting in together, but some of the ground blocks don't look as great as the characters.
    10) Oh, I just thought of this: If you make your own backgrounds, make animations for it! (Just make it an object and not-solid, as background objects don't have animations).

    A very cool fighting game! There are not many good ones on FlowLab, but this one can get somewhere decent! It has some great potential, and has a great foundation (well, besides a few bugs)! This was a fun review that I could do with my brothers, proving it to be a good multiplayer game!

    (Ratings out of 10) A very nice, but still has room to improve 6.5/10 (to a 7/10), but this was very fun to play, but there was still some strange bugs to this and some design flaws, but overall, a very great multiplayer, which FlowLab needs more of! Great work, and keep on working! Good luck!
  • Game of the Week: Week Four

    This was selected from a rather small amount of games this week, but at least I got games to review! This one absolutely deserved it, too! It is @SomeGuy542 's The Cursed Room, and I really enjoyed this game! Though it is still obviously in development, it was very well made (this is before you added the boxes, I didn't like those and had caused several glitches (for me))! The art was great, the sound was perfect, and the startup of the game with the dialogue on the screen felt like the characters were really talking to you!

    This game had got a 8/10 overall with a 7.5/10 fall back (meaning if something went wrong with the game), but this was a very well made horror game in the midst, which I can not wait to see done! Come play this game, give it a like if you already have not, and please give him feedback! Because, as you know:

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • I did not see that other game up there @meburningslime , so I will get to that one later. Though I most likely won't do Sorry :anguished:
  • Hi @rcreger Here's my newest game for the "top-down" themed mini-jam.

    Enjoy pooping on some cars in "Top-Down Seagull Showdown." :)
  • Hey @todorrobot not to steal @rcreger business but you can also submit your game to my discussion
  • :astonished: @ToastMaster64 , oh my gosh!... I don't care. You're cool :lol:
  • here is Cowboys Lost In Space if you want to review it. It isn't anywhere near finished though. This game was made by F.P.S., the flow lab community dev team.
  • edited March 2019

    Is this enough?

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