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(NEW) Flowjam Official Post: Flowjam Week 1 is Here!

edited February 18 in General
Welcome back to a new, improved Flowjam!

I wasn't patient enough and people over on the discord seemed interested so here we go! I have made a new discord (link below) for the new flowjam.

What Is Flowjam
If you don't know what flowjam is, every month we send out a theme, or genre. You have one week to make a game that goes with it, making your own sprites and animations (Music is optional). However, for those who think once a month is too long, in the discord there is a new "mini-jam" feature. This allows you to host your own smaller jam for yourself, and so you don't have to wait for the next one. One official mini-jam is announced a week too so look out for that!

Useful Links
Official Website Link:
Official Discord Link:


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