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(NEW) Flowjam Official Post: Submissions Today Extended to Tomorrow!



  • @XxCarbotxX it's cool. no worries. I'm already elbows deep in a "top down" creation :)

    can a fella get a review around here or what? haha :)
  • Are you asking for a review @todorrobot ? Because I'd gladly! Just post your game in my discussion, Bored Reviews, and you will receive, one, a review, two, a like for your game, and three, suggestions of how you can make it even better! Post the link here:

    Thanks, and like I always say:
    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • or you can also find the Magma Manifesto (reviews) or even the Crignece Critique by @Crigence
  • Im gonna hop in the bandwagon and say I can review it too!
  • edited March 1
    @todorrobot As one of the prizes @Crigence reviews the winning game. Thanks for asking though!

    edit: oops for whatever reason I thought u were caleb lol.
  • This sentence is false, or is it?
  • Quick Reminder
    Just want to remind people that the next flowjam is in 2 days, and the mini-jam ends tomorrow. For whoever entered the mini-jam please submit here in the forums, the discord, or the website. Wish the best of luck to all who enter and i'll see you then!
  • Flowjam Announcement

    Flowjam Announcement

    The second flowjam has started! The theme for this week is Puzzle

    Whether it be a zelda styled top down puzzle game, or something else it will be accepted.

    → You cannot use Flowlab's pre-made sprites.
    → No racist, suggestive, or offensive games.
    → Do not spam registrations.
    → No outside resources (Sprites, textures, music, etc.)
    → Flowlab music, and music by Eric Matyas ( are allowed.
    → (NEW) Any game that has been cloned off of another one will NOT be accepted, even if you say it was all made within the amount of time you had.

    The prize for the winner will be a special review from @Crigence on The Crigence Critique and a custom desktop background (Or something else if requested) based off the game by me. I hope this motivates people to make a good game and get competitive! But remember, have fun!
  • Damn, part of a group with a free account, can't make a game for this flowjam, forgot about the first flowjam as well, srry
  • Hi @XxCarbotxX Here's my "top-down" game. I thought the deadline was today, but whatever. :)

    Enjoy pooping on some cars in "Top-Down Seagull Showdown."

  • @todorrobot The deadline was supposed to be yesterday buy I extended it to the end of this flowjam just cause why not. Thanks though ill take a look!

    @MagmaDude100 all good, but just a suggestion, you could make another free account for flowjam games, but if you can't / don't want to it's all good!
  • Simple_doge here (on my 6th doge account)
    Am i allowed to enter the flowjam?
  • @simple_doge6 yeah! you still have 5 days
  • Flowjam Announcement

    Everyone, remember this jam ends today! Get your games in!
  • last minuite
    its terrible
  • Flowjam Announcemet

    Due to the lack of submissions, I am extending the jam until tomorrow.
  • O... thx
  • Yo, The MAGMA GAME JAM just ended with like, 3 submissions, it doesn't matter the amount of submissions, you don't extend the time (sorry nk) because they're supposed to finish it within the given time limit.
  • I ran out of time because I had too many ideas, but i will post the results of what i ended up working on once I have something playable.
  • @Black Hyena Studios I appreciate the thought but ima go out on a limb here. This is my jam, so I run the rules. Just because I don't run by the norms of a game jam doesn't mean that it isn't good. I just want to allow people to have a fun time challenging themselves to making a game in the time I give them, but when they are busy and stressed over it I don't want to disappoint them when they realize they missed it. The main reason I started this was to see the creativity that can come out of this community, not to divide it with competition, and if its turning out that way I might as well end the jam now. I realize that it hasn't been successful, but as I have seen from the discord and @nkbulider here, I think that they just want to have fun.

    I'm sorry if I came off as a bit harsh, but I just want to say this. This is a place where people can chill and have fun, and not to be restricted to things that are above them. I do have some power over this jam, but I also listen to the community it has built up and see what requests and needs they have, so I can implement them to make a funner, more enjoyable experience.

    ~Sincerely, Carbot
  • @Crigence , nooooooo!... I was going to make another account for a Flowjam so it would be on the site (because I would have won, of course :lol: )... Well, good luck... :anguished:
  • Thanks for recommending my jam, man (next game jam starts Monday)
  • edited May 14
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