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Deletion of Objects

I keep deleting an object that glitches my game because it won't let me place blocks, so in order to do so, I have to delete all of it, but when I come back to the editor, it comes back again and I have to delete it repeatedly. Can someone please tell me why that's happening?


  • Post a link to your game, and which object is causing you trouble
  • (This is a collaboration with my two friends) Use the arrow keys; it shows the greyish-white block in the level that has lava. I didn't place it there, so it interferes my game world blocks by itself. It's called smooth block.

  • @cindy542 Just go to the library, select the object and click on "DELETE ALL" and donezo
  • If that doesn't seem to work @cindy542 , you just might have to refresh it, since this has also happened to me before as well.
  • To fix this, once you are sone editing, just click "My Games" instead of Refresh, as refresh sometimes doesn't save stuff.
  • Hasn't happened to me yet @meburningslime , but thanks for the heads up! Never know where it could happen, and I didn't know it could, so thanks!
  • I've recently found this too yesterday, it only happened once though.
    After deleting the object, it doesn't appear in the library but the spot was in still gives a blue highlight and clicking or dragging brings the object back. It's still not in the library but now the settings on the object doesn't have a delete option anymore. I quickly fix the problem by reloading the page.
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