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My character's Behaviors aren't doing what they're supposed to?!

I checked very carefully throughout my character's behaviors and it's doing things that it shouldn't. First off, I can control it by moving my mouse, and I don't take damage anymore. I need help about this because if you look at the behaviors behind my character, you can probably imagine why I don't want to rework it.


  • edited February 16
    Holy shit man, that's a fucking mess, Used the behavior bundles for the love of god.

    I have no idea why you can move with the mouse, I got a headache just by looking at the behaviors
  • Okaaaaaayyy thanks for insulting my hard work... But I'm glad you addressed it and commented at least.
  • edited February 16
    There is mouse control because you have a mouse mouse input going to position directly (middle-right, top of your behaviors). Also the health works fine for me
  • Oh, didn't see that, thanks! And about the health... I have no idea.
  • You responded very well to @Daniel Folston 's comment @browngr . I'm actually impressed, as that usually would have started an argument.
  • @rcreger I just take proper precautions to make sure I don't turn into the bad guy here.
  • That is great @browngr . I've seen a LOT of things get ugly on FlowLab.
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