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Heh.. Yeah, I'm still doing this. Got 800 plays, try to get to 1,000!

edited February 2019 in Play My Game
Yeah, it has been a while since I posted a Play My Game for A Little Evil. But it has been on 800 plays for a bit, and I would like it if more people play it (And, c'mon guys, give it a like!). Here is my game: . You can leave feedback, comments, suggestions, whatever below. This game was originally rated 2.5/5 on @Crigence 's review, but I have improved it MUCH, even to me, and got a 4/5, I have also got a 9/10 from @meburningslime 's review. So good luck! I've heard that people think this game is hard, but I have beat it each time I've played it. Thanks guys!
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