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Admob help

I was planning on making an Android/apple app and was just wondering how I add ads and how to add rewarded adds. And yes I saw the ad block just want some clarification on how to use it


  • edited March 2
    I have a set up In DRIVE in the game (30% randomness)
    and in store as an option for when you don't have enough to buy a character,
    but I don't know how to actually test it...

  • grazer if you could reply it be a lot of help. :)
  • you have to @ him
    so for example:
    " @grazer can ya help with this "
  • Hey, AdMob ads only work in Mobile games. To test it, you can trigger an ad using the default settings. To enable it for real, you need to set up an AdMob account, and create some ads there.
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