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The example picture: What i mean't (Ignore this)

edited March 4 in General
Let me get straight to the point:

in-case you don't know, a couple days ago i updated my discussion "An open letter to grazer" which was a list of suggestions for flowlab! And one of those was a suggestion to add a mature/explicit setting to games so people who don't want to see that stuff won't!

And then a little later i wanted to come up with a picture for it as it was the only one without a thumbnail! And i wanted the game i'm showing as a example to be undeniably racist to prove my point yet at the same time i wanted it to be fake as not to shame anyone! So i put one of the most undeniably bad things i could think of: "All jews must die" as a light reference to the PewDiePie drama in 2016.

(In-case it isn't obvious enough: One, i do NOT think all jews must die. Two, i WAS NOT joking that all jews must die or about WW2. Three, I was trying to give a example of a racist game! and four, i did not intend for it to look like i was bullying that user!)

And i included a bit of a cheap shot at one user by taking his profile pic and adding Sonic.exe eyes to it which i still think IS kinda funny. But i will admit i took it to far by putting his name at the bottom. I tried to make it EVEN MORE obvious that what was being shown is racist and shouldn't be shown by putting a big red X over it! The result? A rather mediocre display of a racist game which i would rather not show here.

But what did Flowlab see?... Good question actually, afterwards i could tell everyone DID see something that day that made them hate me because for 2 days afterward i got 0 notifications! For the record my average is 2-5 and that's on my low days! The problem was is like i said no-one DIRECTLY mentioned what i did wrong but the silence was proof enough for me!

Well i did see 1 notification and it was @meburningslime calling me cringe, the fact no-one came to my defense is also why i think this image is the reason. I would say my thoughts on that comment but i don't want to swear. (I think that should give you a hint)

So i went into damage control and made a quick edit of the image to get rid of anything controversial! Still the damage had already been done so here i am now making a wall of text apologizing to everyone and hoping the community will accept me back in or if i'm wrong all-together about the community hating me and it has just been a slow week tell me so.

In-case there's someone who doesn't care about the example and the community still no-longer accepts me than i would like to tell you that i actually had a pretty successful run on Steam before this and i'm already planning to move back there if this doesn't work out! The links right here if you want to follow my work:


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