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Game with Custom Charcter(in Testing) Repost (pls reply)

yeeaahhh i am reposting this because i got no feedback on the normal one so i wonder if know people will see it,
game link:
original post:

the idea was a custom charcter game where since, when u edit a game in the editor, it doesnt save, i thought maybe i could use that for a custom character idea, hence this. havent done any animations in case i need to fix it, so pls reply ;.;.


  • It's hard to give feedback if there's nothing in the second stage
  • i added in the Cac( custom character base) to the 2nd stage if that helps
  • the point is to see if your custom chrarcter load in game, i will make the actual game later
  • It's a good idea and I can see how it would work.
    Though it's hard to give feedback on ideas and sketches alone...
    let me know if you implement the idea.
  • I've seen someone doing a drawing game, basically copy that but add a done button that will save the thing that someone drew, then in the actual game part, load it in
  • wow, thx for the feedback. i will try my best to implement those ok?
  • also @MagmaDude100 can u send a link to the game?
  • edited June 2019
    @poop10 the game idea is cool (as I said in the original post) but the game is pretty empty. but it will be a good idea when it's finished. Oh, and sorry for not replying in the original post, the post was hidden under the hundreds of other posts.
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