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Bounce Jam Feedback/Update List

edited July 1 in Play My Game
This discussion is (primarily) for either telling me what you think about the game, requesting a feature or reporting a bug! This is also where i list updates!

Known bugs:

*If you hit a Gravity block and then die, the ball doesn't bounce any more! I have 0 clue why this happens but i'm looking into it! EDIT: Somewhat fixed, but the patch isn't perfect!)
*The 'Fancy Collision system' (As i like to call it) is known to cause lag when pressing S or when hitting a key-block. I'm trying to look for more optimized solutions to this collision system but at the moment i can't find any that don't break the system! So, unfortunately, this will have to stay for a while.
*There's plenty of bugs involving re-spawning. But i'll go over a few here: The ball spawning twice, the ball spawning repeatedly on a loop, the ball not spawning at all. In a future update, i plan to COMPLETELY re-code the spawning system but in the meantime: You'll just have to deal with the bugs! (This is currently being patched via a complete recode of the spawning system. Hold tight!)

Updates: (With fancy names!)

The Future proofing update
*Created a patch for gravity staying reversed even after you die. So now you can finally play Level 3 without cheating!
*To make the game more accessible to more users and because it just kind of made sense: Rolling now allows you to cross 1-block wide gaps without falling through them! (This also uses our fancy custom collision system!)
*I'm not sure what Flowlab did, but the ball now bounces in a much more consistent way! It's about time this platform gets its crap together!
*In order to prevent glitches in the future, iv'e implemented a cap for velocity: You can now only go so fast before the game tries to slow you down now! (You won't notice this system in normal game-play unless you're going way faster than you should be!)
*Fixed a bug where the ball would not bounce after hitting the ground if you were falling onto it too fast!
*Added another anti-glitch measure! The game now checks to see how many balls spawn at the beginning of a level and if it's higher than 2: The game erases them all and re-spawns the ball! Hopefully i can fix the multi-spawn bug someday but this should help maintain normal gameplay in the meantime!
*Cloak and de-cloak blocks now reset upon death
*The music in the tutorial no longer resets, adding to the relaxing atmosphere
*This isn't due to anything I did, but thanks to a Flowlab update: Gravity not resetting properly after hitting the block is actually (Somewhat) fixed and not just worked around! The hot-fix code has been disabled but is still in the game just in-case
*Iv'e reworked the jumping system to now use the "Velocity" tile instead of the "Impulse" tile, which should make the game more consistent and gives me more control over how the ball jumps! If it worked as intended: You should barely notice a difference!
*Made the menu buttons a little more lively (Thanks @rcreger!)

The All-around update
*End blocks now shoot out 1 extra shard upon hitting them, purely cosmetic
*You can now mute the game by pressing "O" ('M' was taken by the optimization binds)
*The collision blocks now use a MUCH more optimized system! (Got the optimization idea when looking around the code :P) Now, you don't have to press L every-time you wanna play the game!
*LOTS of improvements to the main menu! Including fancy NEW animations!
*Iv'e COMPLETELY recoded the fancy collision system! The game should now run a LOT better!
*Removed level 3 (Optimization reasons, sadly)
*Made level 1 and level 2 easier for players who are just... Well, bad at platforming!
*Added the brand new "Mouse block" which basically slides with the ball and can be used as a mobile platform, following your mouses up and down movements! It's pretty neat i'd say, but currently no levels have been designed for it HOWEVER i am planning on including it in the final game as its own mode! You can summon it in by clicking anywhere and can de-spawn it by letting go! Try it out!
*It's finally happened: The spawning system is being COMPLETELY recoded from the ground up! The goal is to make a spawner which is less glitch-y, more efficient and takes up less blocks in the block limit than the previous system!
*Added a "Back" button to the main menu
*Your cursor no longer shows up in the levels or in the tutorial

*"God-mode" in the tutorial no longer makes you actually invincible. Now, upon hitting a wall or a spike: Your ball will be knocked backwards, giving you a chance to redeem yourself! This only saves you once and is only useful for helping you fix your dumb mistakes! At the moment, this effect is only in the tutorial BUT in the future: I plan to implement it else where in the game!

*The ball now goes inverted for a bit when hitting a Gravity block
*Getting to the end of a level will open a prompt, which you can click on to continue to level 2!
*Working on an "Options" menu

Update still being worked on
*Completely recoded the 'manual camera' system. It is now entirely dynamic AND i have more control over how it works!
*Chipped off a corner of the "O" in the Bounce Jam font to make it more in line with everything else
*Added a new possible spike skin, to add just a tiny bit more variety to spike beds!
*Added a credits menu to the game, to properly thank everyone who helped the game get to the point it is now!
*Used the 'manual camera' system to give the Bounce Jam ball a new fancy camera! Now, the camera will smooth itself out a little and hover a bit in front of the ball so you can react to what's in-front of you faster!
*The new fancy camera system now actually uses it's OWN auto-scroll code! Which basically means i now have far more control over Bounce Jam's camera!
*Fixed a bug where one block wide gaps could always be jumped on

*Started work on rebuilding ALL of Bounce Jam's levels from the ground up to give them a more pleasant difficulty curve and calmer music!
*New key block art
*Added BitWit to the credits ;)
*Added patriotism (An easter egg)
*Added a small message to the game for players caught cheating or using the editor.
*Added a customizable upward offset to the main menu camera, to keep consistency.


  • @Crigence this game is actually pretty good and fun, but its really hard.
  • I agree it is hard @Johnny boy , but is REALLY good, and I played it just when he started making it, and it was already good then! @Crigence , this is definitely one of the best games for an infinite runner I've seen on FlowLab, and has a shot for the the first page!

    (P.S., if you want, I could re-review this so that it has a chance into my Game of the Week, nothing really big, but would be fun! Thanks!)
  • but I just found this cheat where you can fly
  • edited March 2019
    @Johnny boy
    You mean clicking? That's intentional! That's the "Flappy Bird" way to play the game!

    Thanks for the kind words about the game! I'll re-submit the game after i finish Level 2!
  • I tried making Level 2 but turns out i made it WAY too hard so now i made that Level 3 and now i'm starting level 2 again!

    If anyone wants to actually PLAY what was level 2 and is now level 3 just go into the editor and select it! It's called "Hell", but don't worry: It's the shortest level in the game >;)
  • I just launched a HUGE update for the game! Check the description to see what's been added!
  • Just launched yet another update. This one is more about polishing the game before i start work on level 3! Enjoy!
  • Its so hard lol
  • Good game, good graphics, good game mechanics! Really good so far @Crigence ! Who knows, maybe the former legendary reveiwer shall have his own game reviewed...

    Keep it up!
  • edited March 10
    Iv'e just published another update! This might be the last one for a little while, though

    I have a YouTube channel to worry about now so i gotta spend my time wisely! Here's a link if you're interested:
  • Just published the final update for a while. I wanna focus more on Crigence n' GWAG, my new high quality lets play channel!

    Here's a new channel artwork we made in-case you need some motivation:Artwork finished2 small
    Till i come back, bounce on! ~Crigence
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