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  • Lol i still have a great childhood :lol: and yes, these are nukazooka. Good guess :lol:
  • Coming from someone who liked Fortnite @Johnny boy , that is impressive! Are you forced not to play a lot, or do you just feel like only playing three hours?
  • Apex is the new fortnite
  • I am limited to 3 hours per week because of my parents but I still wouldn’t play a ton more if I wasn’t
  • Fortnite and roblox are kinda dying, slowly.
  • Apex is great and all @JR 01 , but Fortnite hasn't been replaced by it.

    Apex has better terrain, but Fortnite has smoother graphics.
    Apex has more reaism, but Fortnite has a lot of stuff to do.
    Apex has a higher growing play rate, but Fortnite has better gameplay.

    Most of this is of course my opinion, but please here that out :lol:
  • edited March 2019
    Might as well @rcreger :lol:
    Fortnite has better graphics because it's not trying to have realism
    They have allot to do because every update is like 2GB...

    Gameplay is an opinion, literally different for everyone
    Like... I can say the same about Fortnite

    And that is my perspective of apex :sunglasses:
  • I play minecraft...
  • I beat Minecraft :lol:
  • Fortnite is better than apex
  • And Minecraft in my opinion

  • 1v1 minecraft wins

    If you just like shooting people check the most recent update!!!!
  • Hey, hey, hey! We don't judge Minecraft players, we just judge people who haven't played Skyrim!..

    Watch how "special" it is!
  • I only play minecraft in survival mode
  • That was the best skyrim video I've ever seen
  • I know, right!
  • 15. fav game is Brawl Stars. I got into game design from thinking that I could make games that haven't been made before
  • I like clash
  • Wow guys so my name is Jim and I just like to mess around here. That's pretty much it.
  • Have any of you played Alan Wake before? Really GG.
  • I'm a kid who loves making games. If i'm not on flowlab, im either playing Minecraft, Geometry dash, and Terraria. I also have actual game making software and I do that to. Currently, I'm making something that would probably be finished in 2020 or 2021 on flowlab. I am working with my friends with it to!
  • Here is some gameplay of my first story game I had played, Alan Wake:

    Just click the link, since I don't know how to do the other thing that @meburningslime is able to do that shows the screen too (Please tell me how :lol: ). Enjoy!
  • *le undertale weebs*
  • ...What?
  • I was talking about Alan Wake, I have not idea what you're doing, but.. Yeah :lol:
  • I want this discussion to keep on going so, I'm going to state: Things I like to do:

    - I really like to exercise/workout, as it is a very good way to relieve stress. You can do something as small as taking a walk, lifting some sort of weight, just to take your mind off things.
    - I like the feeling of being in a car, you are tired, and it is night out. Outside is quiet but you still here the rubbing sound of the tires of the cars of the highway outside. Some sort of soft and slow country music (I don't like country, but this makes it different), and you have been in the car for a long time. That feeling is the best feeling, and has a sense of nostalgia to me.
    - Texas kolache's.. That is all.
    - Fall is my favorite time of the year, as the temperature is not too hot to sweat, but not too cold to make it painful :lol:

    That is all I have for you right now, and if you read this far, great job :lol: ! Have a great day!
  • what do you want to know how to do?
  • How do you make screens fade to others like in The Graveyard? I couldn't figure it out.
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