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  • @rcreger its just a white object in the interface layer controlling its Alpha with an Ease
  • ^
    Fade in with ease and alpha (0 to 100).
    Fade out with once trigger, ease and alpha (100 to 0).

    You can just check the code in The Graveyard to see how it works.
  • Thanks guys! This might help with some of my other projects.
  • edited March 2019
    Keep This Discussion Up!

    Let's keep this discussion going (I think this is a good one, lets us understand one another)! So I will ask y'all a question: What was the best game you have ever played on FlowLab? What was a great idea someone has put into one of their games?

    If you can, please leave a link, as I'd like to see them too! Or at least tell me the name. Thanks!
  • I would say the same for the Arcade challenge but nobody cares about it :cry:
  • @meburningslime I care about it :). I just haven't had time to think about it yet. I love classic arcade games and want to do some super simple stripped down versions.
  • I like arcade games as well, but ran out of games to make one, I wanna try the OG Donkey Kong
  • speaking of infinite, this chat is getting a lot of views, I'm going to post my game!!!
  • Yeah, great game @my_name (<_>) !

    I've reviewed this one before, and you can have yours reviewed too! Just go to Bored Reviews, my discussion, and you will receive, one, a review, two, a like for your game, and three, suggestions on how to make your game even better! Here is the link:

    Thanks, and like I always say:
    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger

    Sorry for the plug, this is my first one :lol:
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