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Should I leave?



  • Science just keeps on changing its rules. I wouldn't exactly trust it.

    Say, evolution has been proven false, at least for apes to humans. Like all evolution, all apes would have evolved to humans, and there would be no more apes, because all the apes should have evolved into us. Even if that was because they were evolving differently, or not at all, it would be impossible that we evolved this much without apes evolving at all. Science.
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    The only thing that's actually infinite is the edge of space,
    the sandbox that holds the universe in.

    Infinitely nothing, with something here.
    everything is no where and no where is everywhere

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    And that's infinite too
    @rcreger I TOTALLY AGREE
  • This is a deep conversation
  • When you dig a hole in the ground, you also make a mound of dirt beside the hole. When you burn a piece of paper, it turns into light and heat energy. Law of Conservation of Matter. Nothing is actually destroyed.
  • Energy can only be transformed or transferred
  • This is becoming my physics class :lol:
  • It is. The Law of Conservation of Energy states:
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another.

    ...Basically what @JR 01 said :lol:

    I was just trying to say no matter how hard you try to destroy things, everything is still there... Scientifically. Your thoughts will be gone, your life will be gone. It could all just disappear, and you won't miss water till the well runs dry.
  • Then you have Dark Matter
  • Who wants to be inspired? Just tell me something that you want to be inspired about, and I'll do my best to type out a speech for you! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • I want to be inspired about feeling good about detention :lol:
  • the emojis make you sound autistic
  • WOAH!!! @personman don't write that stuff man, thats mean
  • its cool im related to someone thats autistic
  • i got the pass
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    That does not make it right @personman , in fact, should make you defend against what you had said.

    Now, for inspiration for detention @meburningslime , for whatever you did, you will learn for it. You can grow off those moments, and will be a better person. Off of those moments you wait in that room till the chair hurts your rear, your future will have new experiences, and you can change the way others may think. Detention is not about making you feel bad, but to make you learn to make you're future better. In the future, you can have children who are now educated not to do wrong because now you know what is wrong, now they will know what they can and can't do, all because you dealt with your mistakes, they can now learn. The next generation could thrive from what you pay attention to and what you ignore. Pay attention to this. Make sure to absorb every detail of this life. Use those details and thrive, grow yourself and your mind and let them guide your next decisions. Let your mistakes work for you, help you, for the sake of your future, for it only takes one person to do something good.

    Hope that was inspiring enough.. Good luck with detention!
  • Yay im inspired!
    Hope you know im homeschooled and have never seen detention lol :lol:
  • Oh, yeah :lol: I remember you saying that before now :lol: Well.. When you do something wrong, just remember it at experience to help you get through life more wisely.
  • ok... i never do anything wrong but use this forum :lol:
  • just leave no one cares if you are homeschooled and chill out with the fricken emojis
  • Bro, chill out man, @personman there is no reason to be mean
  • I am trying to see if i can get banned
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    in the meantime i will stop if you check this game out
    never mind i decided to delete all of my games because of how politically incorrect they are
    RIP gas the jews, gas the jews part 2, and 911 tribute you will never be forgotten
  • You are a horrible person, but most of us are forgiving. We forgave Crigence, we forgave Folston, and you guys forgave me. We will forgive you.
  • If you'd please stop , of course. I mean, those graphics looked great! But what you did with them was awful. Please use your time for more important things than that @personman .
  • I know we are not talking about this any more but no one should leave Flowlab the community is the best and if you spend enough time you can make some pretty good games. So yes @meburningslime you should definitely stay
  • Thanks @Johnny boy, ive decided to stay and i totally agree with you.
  • 41702045_1130586773774852_2203810971560968192_n

    this minion wants you to stay
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